Rajasthan Tourist Places

Rajasthan Tourist Places-Bharatpur tourism

Bharatpur is located in the Braj region of the state of Rajasthan, about 38 km from Mathura. Bharatpur is home to the Keoladeo National Park, home to more than 370 animals and birds. It is recognized as one of the most popular bird breeding and breeding grounds.

The park was marked as a national park in 1982 and was later listed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1985. This nationally known national park of Ghana was once the winter home of Siberian cranes. Endangered species (today considered endangered birds).

Rajasthan Tourist Places

Rajasthan Tourist Places-Chittorgarh Tourism

Chittorgarh, the capital of the erstwhile Mewar kingdom, is a fort, palace, ruins and land of immortal sacrifice and valor. Chittorgarh is located in southeastern Rajasthan and is known as Chittorgarh Fort, Chittorgarh Fort is the largest fort in India, which is built on a hill and covers about 700 acres.

This magnificent fort is forever remembered by Jauhar, the courageous self-sacrifice of Rau Padmini, defeating the fort of Alauddin Khilji.

Rajasthan Tourist Places-Alwar Tourism

Alwar was the first major city to travel from Delhi to Rajasthan, and is typically located 150 kilometers from Delhi and 150 kilometers north of Jaipur. Alwar is a hub for tourism, with various forts such as the Bhangarh Fort, lakes, nature reserves (eg Sariska Tiger Reserve) and nature reserves.

Apart from being a popular tourist center, Alwar is proud of its popularity in many Bollywood films. It is also known for the annual Mega Alwar trade fair and handmade Papier-Mache (literally "chewing paper") to be held at the Dussehra ground.

Alwar has a unique reputation for temples such as Sariska Tiger Reserve, Bala-Quila, Bhangarh Fort, Pandu Pol etc. And due to the karakanda in the sky, it also plays an important role in the food map.

Rajasthan Tourist Places-Kumbhalgrah Tourism

The city of Kumbhalgarh, known for its huge snake fort, is another wing of the royal family of Rajasthan. This historic city is famous for its majestic monuments, magnificent palaces, series of temples and ornate churches.

Kumbhalgarh Fort is the second most important fort in Rajasthan and is truly magnificent. The attractive location of the fort under the fortified Aravalli hills adds to the overall charm of the area. Kumbhalga Wildlife Sanctuary also offers Lion Safari.

At the foot of the Aravalli, the area has interesting topography and other natural elements. Apart from maintaining the rich flora and fauna, the region also maintains a splendid past that brings these monuments back to life, which have attracted tourists around the city. The Kumbhalgarh fort wall is the second longest continuous wall in the world after the Great Wall of China.

Rajasthan Tourist Places-Shekhawati Tourism

Shekhawati is a semi-arid resort with open-air galleries, attractive havelis and palaces and mythological forts everywhere. The area has been recognized as an open art gallery in Rajasthan. In Marwari, people go to cities like Mumbai and Kolkata to find work and they find it.

There is also a time for success and career prosperity when these luxurious havelis emit. The fact that one businessman continues his wealth to compete with another, and in the end, the family of businessmen from Shekhawati has been generously rewarded.

The residents of Shekhawati are considered brave, sacrificial and hardworking. The area is one of the most populated in the Indian Army, so the place offers an ideal view for all those who seek shelter. Blast from the past.

Rajasthan Tourist Places-Bundi Tourism

Bundi region in northwest India is the Bundi region located in Hadoti region of the royal state of Rajasthan. In ancient times, the area around Bundi was clearly inhabited by various local tribes. Bundi was formerly known as "drizzle-ka-nal", nal means "meeting on a narrow road."

It is said that it belonged to a person named Bundi Meena of the erstwhile Meena tribe. Jaita Meena established a great Bundi in 1342, inviting the surrounding area Hadoti and Hada Rajputs. Chhatris with temples and carved columns.

Rajasthan Tourist Places-Jaisalmer tourism

Jaisalmer is a major tourist attraction located in northwest Rajasthan Tourist Places of India. Which is known as the "Golden City" for its rich golden dunes and palaces covered in golden honey sandstone. Jaisalmer lakes, ornate Jain temples and Haveri are all decorated with amenities. Climb the camel's saddle and experience an unforgettable time at night through this desert or camp on this golden land.

Jaisalmer Fort stands like a palace and is surrounded by narrow streets where generations live. The Jaisalmer store sells colorful handicrafts and havelis that are a blend of exotic desert culture, heritage and adventure in India to bring you back in time.

Rajasthan Tourist Places-Mount Abu Tourism

Rajasthan's only Alpine station, it is a major tourist attraction of the state due to its serene environment and lush green environment. However, the most important attraction is undoubtedly the temple of Dilwala, which is one of the most amazing buildings in the country. If you are a history buff or architecture buff, this is definitely one of those places you should not miss.

Rajasthan Tourist Places-Jodhpur Tourism

Jodhpur is also known as "Blue City", "Sun City" and "Gateway to Thar" and is known for Mehrangarh Fort, blue houses, temples, sweets and snacks. Apart from the fort, there are many temples, lakes and shopping streets, such as the Chir Bazaar building of the bygone era.

Jodhpur, the former capital of Marwar, is one of the most attractive cities in Rajasthan, and its magnificent Mehrangarh Fort overlooks the city. The city is called the "Blue City" because its blue walls and blue houses make it completely blue in the air.

The nearby Jaswant Tada and Umaid Bhawan Palace are also popular attractions in Jodhpur. However, the magic lies in the ancient city itself, where there are hundreds of shops, hotels, places to eat and street vendors, making it a bustling city, especially near the Landmark Clock Tower and Sardar Bazaar.

Rajasthan Tourist Places-Ajmer Tourism

The city of Ajmer is surrounded by the Aravalli Mountains and is known for the Dargah Sharif at St. Muin-ud-din Chishti. Ajmer is 130 km from Jaipur and 14 km from Pushkar, Rajasthan. It is strongly associated with its traditions and culture. Ajmer has a unique charm, which is reflected in centuries of customs and craftsmanship.

Rajasthan Tourist Places-Ranthambore Tourism

It is one of the best tiger reserves in the country, known for its "friendly" tigers, and has a better chance of finding tigers here than many other tiger reserves in India. Not only that, Ranthambore has one of the most rich flora and fauna, so it is definitely a must visit.

Ranthambore is situated at the bottom of the Vindhya and Aravalli hills and is known for its tiger reserves and the flora and fauna found. Ranthambore National Park, as well as Ranthambore Fort and the surrounding hills and valleys, is an ideal place for Ranthambore travelers.

This place is a gospel for wildlife photographers and an ideal place for sightseeing and sightseeing. Safari Rides has increased adventure activities in Rajasthan with popular shopholics. Ranthambore National Park covers an area of 392 km2 and is a natural habitat for a wide variety of exotic species. For bird watchers, it is an absolute delight and an ideal place to see animals in their natural habitat.

Rajasthan Tourist Places-Bikaner Tourism

Bikaner is situated in the middle of the Thar Desert and is a "cultural paradise and a traveler's paradise". Bikaner's grandeur in architecture, art and culture is full of colors, festivals and cultural wonders.

The city will allow you to dazzle camels around beautiful sand dunes, ancient palaces and forts. This dazzling city is said to be one of the three great desert states of Rajasthan, with ancient charm and rich havelis, depiction of Rajput is a pleasant time for the special people.

Bikaner is famous for raising some of the most famous camel riders, known as "camel houses", which are the only two types of bipedal used by Britain in World War I. One of the models.

Rajasthan Tourist Places-Pushkar Tourism

Pushkar is a small temple town located about 15 km from Ajmer in Rajasthan Tourist Places. Every November, Pushkar organizes the Pushkar Karla program, one of the largest camel markets in the country.

Located in the Aravalli range, Pushkar is a great option for a weekend stay in Jaipur. Pushkar is famous for the only dedicated Brahma temple in the world, primarily a pilgrimage place for Hindus.

Spend a few nights sitting on the Western Ghats, wandering in the narrow streets, drinking wood and listening to the carols of the temples around the Western Ghats. Pushkar has shops on main roads, selling street photography enthusiasts, ranging from oxidized silver jewelry to products of all colors.

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