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DUND - Interesting Fact

The dund is a soul whose head is cut off and it rides on a horse with a sword in one hand and a head in the other hand. It is said that it is the soul of those who are brave warriors who have died due to beheading in war. And where does it go that these spirits also call other people with their severed heads and those who come to them after hearing their voice, they also cut their heads with their swords. Would you like to meet such an amazing ghost?

Interesting Fact

Asra - Interesting Fact

Some women who have committed suicide by jumping into water at the same place, such as one becomes a hermitage of the souls of such women on the same river well or pond. These souls, called ashara, are found in groups of 3 to 7 and whoever lands in that place, they kill them by drowning them in water. Young women are often at greater risk from these spirits because to increase the number of their groups, these spirits named Asra can kill the women who come alone near the water.

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Boba - Interesting Fact

Boba is a soul who sits on the chest of people sleeping deeply. And due to its heaviness, people cannot breathe and they suffocate. And when their eyes open, they see a terrible form of Boba. Some people say that they saw an old woman and some say they saw a black shadow. People are so afraid after seeing Buba that they neither scream for help nor can move from their place. This spirit of Boba is associated with the name of sleep paralysis disease.

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Puali Ghost - Interesting Fact

These ghosts, the size of small children found in Assam, steal food and other things from people's homes at night time. These ghosts only steal and do not harm anyone.

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Jal Pisach - Interesting Fact

People who kill a pond by jumping into a river well or whose death is due to drowning in water. It is said that their souls become Jal Pisach. And then the soul named Jal Pisach, who lives in the water, makes young boys girls their prey. And they kill them by immersing them in water. These Jal pisacho's hair is always long and wet. And in the dark of night, Jal Pisach can come out of water.

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Acheri - Interesting Fact

Acheri is the soul of a small girl. The one who has been murdered in the forest or who has been left alone to die torturing in the forest. This soul looks like a child to normal children. With whom young children can talk and play, this spirit does not harm young children. But the elders and elders only face danger from cultivation named Acheri. Whom she sees in her terrible form.

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Alaiya - Interesting Fact

Many people have claimed to see some mysterious lights inside the dense forests of the Sundarbans. It is said that these lights attract people. These light circles sometimes appear floating above the water and sometimes floating in the air. And whoever chases them gets trapped in a swamp. According to the belief of Bengal, it is also believed that the souls of the unfortunate fishermen who die inside the dense forests of the Sundarbans become the light of Alaiya.

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Mohini - Interesting Fact

It is the soul of a woman who died in a very painful way or by suicide. A woman who has been deceived in love, after death, the soul of such women becomes a Mohini. This spirit appears near the coconut trees in the forest or near an empty well. Where she wanders weeping and often falls behind men who are walking alone. And to seduce these men can take the form of a beautiful woman. Whatever male Mohini likes, she shows her true form after being subdued. Open hair, black eyes, scary face and walking feet. Seeing such a terrible form, people become unconscious and they die within a few days.

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Brahmrakshas - Interesting Fact

There were some Brahmin pundits who were scholars but used their knowledge to trap people or to commit a great sin. After such bad pandits die, their soul becomes Brahmarakshas. These Brahmarakshas have many magical powers and due to being the soul of Brahmins, these souls are very clever and knowledgeable.It is also said that Brahmarakshas are very dangerous to look like other demons have horns on their heads and Just like animals they have long teeth and nails. Some people even believe that the Brahmarakshas hang upside down from the trees just like a batsman.

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Baak - Interesting Fact

The people of Assam believe that there is a dangerous organ named Baak in big ponds and rivers. After hunting people hide their dead bodies in the depths of the water. This ghost named Baak does not have a head, instead he has two eyes and a big mouth on his stomach. It rarely hunts humans but it likes eating fish more. That's why it often chases fishermen and steals fishes from inside their nets.

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Shakchunni - Interesting Fact

It is the soul of a married woman wearing a red pair and wearing red bangles in her hands. This soul wanders in search of a beautiful and rich woman. And when that woman is found, she enters her body and starts living her life.

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Jilaiya - Interesting Fact

It is a soul that is hidden inside a cave during the day. And as night falls, it takes the form of a small bird and comes out to suck the blood of humans. But Jilaiya's soul can only drink the blood of the person whose name he recites. It is also believed that if Jilaiya goes over the head of a pregnant woman, the child of that woman may be born very weak or killed.

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Pichal Peri - Interesting Fact

These spirits, named Pichal Peri, are often seen in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas connecting India and Pakistan. Pichal Peri is looking for the next lonely wandering men inside the dense forests in the dark of night. This soul is very beautiful in appearance and is wearing a red or white sari, which keeps her inverted feet always covered.

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Kacha Kalwa - Interesting Fact

Kacha Kalwa also known by different names such as Masan Munja and Zirotia. This is the soul of some children who have died in the womb or at a very young age. And after death they are buried in the ground instead of burning. Then the corpses of such children are used by the tantrik of black magic to make soul kalwa. The soul kalva is more dangerous and stubborn than other souls due to it being the soul of a small child. And if it is put behind someone, then he believes only with his life. And as a child, they can also enter inside the temples. If its family gets cursed, then its next generation of children are born dead.

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