Today we are going to talk about our country India Some facts about India Which we have never heard before.

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The culture of our country is famous all over the world, But there are some secrets and outrageous facts Which are beyond your imagination.

So let's see:

Fact in India

1) Highest place of India - Fact in India

Highest place in the world There was a time when India was very famous For his fame around the world, Hence it was called the Golden Bird. However, the situation has changed now and today Our country is not counted among the richest countries of the world.

But at the forefront of height. This place is nothing but Siachen Where India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan declare their rights. Except Earth's best combustion zone, Its height is 5700 meters above ground level.

Fact in India

2) People who speak English - Fact in India

Most people in India speak Hindi, but The number of English speakers is also very high here. After America, India is the country where 12.5 crore people know and can speak English. This figure shows that 10% of the world English speakers live in India.

Fact in India

3) Gold Country - Fact in India

India is not called such a country of gold. Does anyone understand that the women of the Republic of India have the most gold, which is not even in the big countries of the world? It was found in a survey that 11 percent of the world's total gold Was found with women from India.

Like mixing the big countries of the world America, Switzerland, Germany and even International Monetary Fund is Overall, India has more gold than these countries Wearing gold is considered auspicious for all in our country.

Fact in India

4) India's first rocket launch - Fact in India

India's first rocket launch was brought in a cycle and you would be surprised to know that the first rocket launch in India took place in 1963 in Thumba, a small village in Kerala. Surprising that rocket was Light enough to transport it to Thumba by bicycle.

This was a successful rocket launch in India Which happened in a church. It is worth mentioning that this rocket was launched as per ISRO Chairman Dr. Sarabhai, but his entire team also included our former President and Indian Missile Dr. Kalam.

Fact in India

5) World's longest sandstone cave - Fact in India

Surprised to hear this? Do not panic It is true that the world's longest cave is Exists only in India. Yes really, India is a country of expensive and rare things And in Meghalaya is considered a stable order It is the longest sandstone cave in the world.

You would not be so sure that its length Is about 24,000 meters, which is also Largest in Venezuela, considered the world's highest Cava del Samah You will also be surprised to hear 9 out of 10 Big and deep caves in India are found only in Meghalaya.

Fact in India

6) Largest tree in the world - Fact in India

Yes, you heard it right, In Andhra Pradesh, a banyan tree has made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records, are you surprised to hear this? But this is true.

Thimmamma Marimanu in the villages of Andhra Pradesh Is a 550 year old banyan tree With 1100 branches And this tree is spread over 2.1 hectares. It is the oldest and largest tree in the world Has stood in the same place for over 500 years.

7) Most rainy place - Fact in India

Do not be afraid to hear this. Meghalaya receives the highest rainfall in India. Everyone knows this but do you know At which place in Meghalaya does it rain? The name of this place is Mavasinram.

It is said that it rains so much That the workers wear raincoats to cover the entire body. It receives 467 inches of rain every day, Which is more than anywhere in the world

8) Magnetic Hills - Fact in India

Ladakh is the dream of every Indian and Many of you have also gone to Ladakh. But have you heard of Magnetic Hill? Yes, this is a place in Ladakh, Which can also pull your stalled car UP. Magnetic Hill has now become a tourist destination.

Where people now know how much Electricity is in a magnetic field and How can it climb with gravity? It is one of the wonders and Wonderful place in the world.

9) Shani Shingnapur - Fact in India

Many people will hear about Shani Shingnapur because This is the most famous temple of Lord Shani. But do you know there is no door outside Home in any of these villages? Yes, it is surprising but it is also true.

People here believe that their house Can never be stolen and if it is done, the person will Definitely curse from Lord Shani (Lord Shani). There is no police station of this villages.

10) Human Computer - Fact in India

You all must have heard the name of Shakuntala Devi. He is known as a human calculator because She was the first female mathematician who did Two 13-digit number products at Imperial College London in just 28 seconds.

Shakuntala Devi is known as human computer and His name is also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records She has written many books and the name of Shakuntala Devi.

Is famous all over the world. We hope you like these facts Amazing and unique india Write your thoughts and opinions below.

11) Northern Sentinel - Fact in India

Northern Sentinel is a small part of Andaman and Nicobar Islands The people of these places are called sentinalis It is said that they do not know much about the outside world.

Access to this place is prohibited by the Government of India. When outsiders occupy their land they keep attacking / resisting. That is why no one is allowed to enter there.

12) UNO-in-Hotel-Bangalore (now closed) - Fact in India

This hotel was opened in 2012 Only Japanese were allowed entry before the government on racial grounds India were working in this hotel before the shutdown

13) Bhangarh Fort - Rajasthan - Fact in India

Ok, you can visit this fort but with some conditions Permission has been granted to this fort after sunset and before sunrise by government. Due to paranormal activities / ghosts There is a board that says this. If you want to set foot on this place, make sure not to travel at night time.

It is also one of the dangerous places to visit in the day time. You are allowed to go on a different path during the day, which is prescribed by the government.

14) Some segments of the Nicobar Islands - Fact in India

Unlike the Andaman Islands, the Nicobar Islands are untouched and ancient. UNESCO has called this place BIOSPHERE Reserve The place is also home to birds, and other marine animals.

The Nicobar Islands are known for this. So to protect it, entry is banned Entry is given for research It is difficult to obtain a permit to travel in this place. It is a good thing that nature is protected

15) Siachen Glacier - Fact in India

It is the highest military point in the world and ordinary people are not allowed to leave. This place is also a hiding place of terrorists. So traveling to these places is dangerous Also for the common people

16) Chambal River - Madhya Pradesh - Fact in India

It is one of the beautiful places that displays the natural beauty of India. This place has been chosen for its beauty in Bollywood films. This place has been avoided by visitors due to native dacoits.

17) Bastar - Chhattisgarh - Fact in India

District Bastar is famous for Maoist activities By redgroup, this is the reason It is dangerous to go here. This place is famous for its greenery and sanctuaries.

18) Kollam Lake - Fact in India

It is also another place in India, where the common people are not allowed to go. But according to our research permits are only given to military personnel.

The main reason for this is the location near the China border. This place is famous for the beauty of lakes and rivers.

19) Barren Island-Andaman - Fact in India

 This place is famous for its volcanoes. You can see the smoke of volcanoes from far away. So for security reasons you are not allowed here.

20) Aksai Chin-Jeandke - Fact in India

 It is a separation between the India and China border. This separation is called the Line of Control (LOC) It is dangerous to go here.

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