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If you like reading interesting information, Some interesting facts, then today we have told you about Some Amazing Facts as well as random facts. Who can teach you new interesting information. You will find interesting information and interesting things in this post. So let's start the post with some interesting facts
    1. Mosquito can fly 3 miles speed
    2. Mosquitoes make human body look like red coals
    3. The horse completes its sleep in stand condition
    4. Ostrich's eye size is larger than his brain
    5. Bear has 42 teeth
    6. Ants never sleep Did you know this before?
    7. The lion is the king of the forest, but he never likes to fight with a huge animal like elephant and rhinoceros.
    8. A man breathes an average of 5 million times in 1 year
    9. There are about 300 bones in the human body at birth till the age of 209 bones are left in the body.
    10. A donkey can drown in a puddle of sand but not a mule
    11. The color of Coca-Cola would have been green if it had not had food colorant added to it.
    12. Your heart stops for 1 second while taking a sneeze
    13. It is impossible to sneeze in open eyes
    14. Thigh bones in human body are stronger than concrete
    15. Earth is a planet that is not named after any deity or god
    16. The oldest chewing gum in the world is 9 thousand years old
    17. The silkworm feeds 86,000 times its weight in 56 days.
    18. The bee has to reach 2000000 flowers for a port of honey.
    19. America on average spends half of its life watching TV.
    20. Elephant is the only isotope that cannot jump
    21. Like fingerprint, the impression of the tongue also varies.
    22. The longest flight of chicken is only 13 seconds
    23. Honey is considered to be the only substance that never spoils.
    24. The great scientist Albert Einstein never wore socks in his whole life
    25. 11.46% of people in the world eat left handed
    26. Stopped or bad clock shows time only 2 times
    27. It is impossible for the pigs to look up at the sky
    28. Crocodile can also digest iron nail, the digestive juice of crocodile is so powerful
    29. The crab found in the sea has a heart in its head
    30. There are still 28% people worldwide who do not yet know how to use mobile phones
    31. The world's first camera had to sit in front of the camera for about 8 hours to be photographed.
    32. The world's first camera was made in 1894 AD
    33. A human can withstand the vacuum of space for about 90 seconds.
    34. Till date scientists have not been able to determine which color of dinosaur was
    35. You can never cry in space because your tears will not fall down
    36. A piece of existing waste in space falls on the earth every day, it has been estimated by NASA scientist
    37. People who are shy early are more kind and reliable.
    38. Fingernails take a full 6 months to grow from their initial parts to the last. Did you know that Please tell in the comments.
    39. Right handed person lives 9 years more than average left handed person.
    40. Around 11% of people in the world use left hands
    41. You will never remember where your dream started
    42. A person can live for only 1-2 months without eating
    43. No human can live for only 11 days without sleeping
    44. Out of 10 billion population of the whole world, only 4 people are more than 120 years old.
    45. The smallest bone of a human is in the ear.
    46. ​​Cats spend 66 percent of their lives in sleep
    47. All insect species have 6 legs.
    48. There are 26 bones in the legs of a human body.
    49. Camel milk does not freeze curd, perhaps you will not know this yet
    50. It is possible for a cow to climb the ladder but does not know how to get down the ladder
    51. The average person spends 25 years sleeping in life
    52. Crocodile's tongue does not move
    53. Elephant baby drinks its mother's milk for 5 years
    54. Do you know kangaroo can swim in water
    55. Our brain weighs 1 kg 300 grams
    56. Our body has a strong eye and one eye is very weak
    57. The shape of a person's eye is the same from birth but the ear and nose always grow.
    58. There is only 1 heart in a human body, but you know that an octopus has 3 hearts.
    59. If there was no moon in the world, then 1 day would have been only 6 or 12 hours.
    60. This information will surprise you. There are some people in America who have never bathed in their lives, they have set a record.
    61. When a person lies, his nose become is red.
    62. The squirrel age is only 9 years old.
    63. Dogs age are 29 years old, did you know this?
    64. All man's heart beats 72 times in 1 minute, maybe you would know this
    65. You will not know that the lizard's heart beats 1000 times in 1 minute.
    1. The animals get to know before the earthquake.
    2. You can draw a 35 mile long line with your pencil
    3. The maximum bones of our body are in our toes.
    4. The most commonly set meanings in an English word are mostly derivative.
    5. Out of 100 people who died due to lightning, 80 are male.
    6. An owl is a bird that can spin its neck at night and see it
    7. The most commonly bought and sold substance is petrol.
    8. The lowest sleeping animal is the giraffe, it sleeps only one hour in 1 day.
    9. Camel can live without water for 27 days, Camel lives in desert.
    10. Unicorn horn is not of bone but of hair, is it wonderful?
    11. Do you know that a woman's hair grows faster than a man's hair
    12. Kangaroos keep their baby in a bag made in the stomach, this will be known to all who do not know yet.
    13. February is the last month of the year, so February has 2 days less.
    14. Do you know that girls lie a lot
    15. If you get very serious while talking to girls, then she will stop talking
    16. Cat's ear has 32 muscles
    17. Dolphins do not chew food, despite the teeth of fish
    18. Human blood can be stored for 21 days and after 21 days, the blood starts to produce impurities.
    19. The fastest growing plant is bamboo.
    20. Due to the gravitational force of the Earth, it is not possible for any mountain to rise above 15,000 meters.
    21. Kangaroo can never walk upside down
    22. When there is no food, there are some forts that eat themselves.
    23. Cockroaches can survive for several days even after their head is cut off.
    24. Rabbits and parrots are creatures that can look back without turning their heads
    25. India has more than 50 million species of monkeys.
    26. India has the largest post office in the world. How interesting was this information
    27. Yoga art training took place in India.
    28. "0" was invented in India by Aryabhata.
    29. The lotus flower is the national flower of India as well as Vietnam.
    30. A boy in China sold his kidney to buy an iPad.
    31. People who talk more than themselves are smarter
    32. People who sleep with associated cards get good sleep, they don't get up even once in the night.
    33. Every 90 seconds in the world a woman dies after giving birth
    34. Women can spend all their time in front of the mirror, all women who are reading this post, please do not take this into your heart and give a thank you
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