Today I have write a new blog The Real facts about horror movies i hope you all read this and think about the paranormal activity. After read please share your experience if you feel real activity in your life.

   This Is The Real Facts About Horror Movies

facts about horror movies

IT - facts about horror movies

Start my first series of The Real facts about horror movies. Many horror movies have been released in Hollywood, but IT is still one of those movies which is considered very scary movies. Which is one of the hit movies of 2017. In this movie there is a clown named pennywise who lures people and children to him with different things and then hunts them down. Stephen King is a famous American horror and super natural writer. He has written an IT movie story inspired by a true incident. In 1972 there was a man named John Gacy who used to take many people home in his car under the guise of Joker. At that time, people considered clowns or clowns as very funny people. So people did not feel any danger from him. And those people used to sit comfortably in his car, after which he used to take those people to his house. There he would kill those people and bury their bodies under own house. and he used to shed some body in the river nearby. John murdered more than 33 people from 1972 to 1978, after which he was caught by the police in 1980. When his medical checkup was done, the doctor said that his mental condition has deteriorated, which is also called psycho. After which he was given the death penalty in 1994. Stephen King wrote a book called IT on it and then made a horror movie with the same name which is inspired by true events. When this movie was about to be released, many real joker and clowns wanted to stop it from being released, saying that this movie is creating bad images of clowns and clowns in people. Because it was a movie inspired by the Sathya incident, those people could not stop it. Now whenever you will see this movie, seeing the clown in it, you must know that in fact there was such a clown or clown in the world. who was very scary to hear and see.

facts about horror movies
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Annabelle - facts about horror movies

In 1970, a girl named Dona was found in a doll gift on her birthday. Whose name was Anna. Dona might not even know what she got in the birthday gift. Although Dona was 20 years old at the time, but still she got it in the doll gift, so she loved that doll very much. And she often spent time with that doll. One day while she was kept in Doll Donna's room, only then Donna saw a small piece of paper near the doll with Help Me written on it. Dona finds it strange that she felt that someone is entering her house and doing such a prank. So he put small tape on the doors and windows of his house one day that no one could see. But if someone opens the door or window, that tape will come out, so that they will know that there is someone who is sneaking into his house. But the other day the tape was the same. Meaning nobody had opened the door. As before, another piece of paper was found near the doll in which the please help me was written like this. After that, many strange things started happening in that house, many times strange sounds were heard, sometimes the windows and doors automatically opened and closed. After that the doll was seen in many places in the house. After this Donna called Paranormal expert Ad Lorraine at home. He looked at Doll for a long time and tried to understand. Both of them told Donna that This doll is in the possession of the devil. After which Dona called the Priest and together they decided that this doll should be kept in a museum. If you have seen the Annabel movie, then you must know that at the beginning of that movie it is written that this movie is based on the true event. This doll may look slightly different from the Annabelle movie doll, but that doll is absolutely real. So how did you like this series of real facts about horror movies.

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facts about horror movies
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Robert Doll

Anaballe is not the only doll on which the movie was made. A child named Robert Eugene gave a doll gift to her housework maid. Eugene also named the doll Robert. But from that day onwards, strange incidents started happening in Eugene's house. People say that Eugene's med gave the doll to Eugene after doing some black magic on that doll. When Eugene was alone in the room with that doll, a voice other than Eugene was heard. When Eugene is asked who he is talking to, he says that he is talking to Robert. Even after that there were many such incidents in which Eugene used to make a mistake or get angry. He says i,m not done, Robert has done it. Many people have seen that doll walking in the house. Robert has many owners for the last 100 years. And all of them have to say that there is definitely some extraordinary black power inside Robert due to which this is happening. After which the doll is kept in a museum in Martello. Whenever someone in that museum tries to take a photo very close to Robert, then there is some defect in his camera. A movie has also been made over Robert Doll named The Curse of Robert. This movie is made entirely on doll which is inspired by the real incident. you like this series of real facts about horror movies please comment.

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facts about horror movies

Deliver us from Evil

This Is The Real facts about horror movies. Right now the man we are going to tell you about was a police officer. On top of which a movie has also been made called Deliver us from Evil. There was a police officer named Ralph Sarchie. he is to say that he has seen many such accidents in his many years of service which were beyond his comprehension. He believed that it was a paranormal activity. Because Ralph was a police officer, he initially ignored all these things. And did not pay much attention to them. But when many such incidents occurred in front of Ralph, he got into thinking that there is really such a thing as paranormal activity. Eventually, he left the job of a police officer to find out all this and became an assistant to a Priest and started researching paranormal activities. And today Ralph also believes in paranormal activity. Ralph says that the horror of watching this movie based on my life, I have actually seen more scary things than that. He says that often a part of this movie is an accident in his life which has many paranormal activities and events. Ralph has written a book called Beware the Night. In which Ralph has written the incidents and experiences of the incidents with him.

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facts about horror movies


this is the last series of real facts about horror movies. Stree(स्त्री) Movie, must have seen all of you which was released in 2018. This movie was one of the most successful and most horror movies of that year. Now you must be wondering why the name of this movie is in this list because it is also based on the Satya incident. People say that many years ago a witch used to come to a village in Bangalore at night and give voice to a man from outside anyone's house. And that witch gave her voice to that man in the voice of an identified or family member. One who is a member of the family was not at home at that time. After which the witch kills the man when he opens the door. After which the people there started writing Na-le-ba on the doors of the houses which means in Kannada language (come tomorrow). People say that on writing this, witch does not go to the houses on which the Na-Le-Ba was written. After many years, people may have forgotten this story too. but even today, outside this house many people write Na-le-ba. You are not believe on this, but the people of the village of Bengaluru still believe in this.

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