Friends, today we are going to talk about some interesting facts about prison. You must have heard the name of the jail and the same thing comes to mind as soon as you hear the name of the prison. A prisoner has to live his life. In which there is no fun or no, you can do something, just stay locked in the boundary wall. But friends, there is some jail in the world where you can do everything. Everything means there you get all the comforts. So let us know further in this blog which prison is that where you can live comfortably, but that does not mean that you should commit a crime.

                       Interesting facts about Prison

Addiewell Prison
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Addiewell Prison

Another name for this prison is HMP Addiwell. This jail is operated by a private company. And their contract is from Scottish Preserve Service.

The adult male who committed the crime is kept here. This prison is very luxurious.

For this reason, this most interesting facts about prison also remain in the headlines, the facility of personal television computer labs library and gym for inmates is available here.

There is also an electronic kiosk here, due to which prisoners can also order their favorite food. Many prisoners also upload their food picks on their social media.

The administration here says that due to the presence of these features, inmates improve quickly. The jail is also hi-tech from many modern apartments. It was opened in 2008.

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pondok bambu prison indonesia
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pondok bambu prison indonesia

Second Interest Facts About Prison This jail is built to imprison government corrupt officials, but this prison which imprisons the corrupt rich is quite luxurious.

Here a prisoner Fehmi Darma fansya and Andrey Rehmad lived in the room. There was excellent sofa LCD TV water heater microwave oven and air condition facility.

Here the corrupt prisoners give the prison staff a cash and car gift to improve their prison lifestyle. Or you can say bribe.

And instead the staff gives them very good facilities. Freeze internet is also available in jail. If you want to sing, then you will also find Carrie Ok Machine here.

Justice Centre Leoben
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Justice Centre Leoben

This interesting facts about prison in Austria, the world's most beautiful country, is no less than a five star hotel.

Crime in Austria is not much wallet, but robbery is quite frequent. And those prisoners are kept in this prison itself.

Which does not look less than Google's head quarter. Their private TV is private bathroom kitchen for prisoners.

Also, there is a lot of high quality furniture in the room. Door gyms for prisoners, basketball courts and inmates of this place can also wear clothes of their choice.

The security of this jail is very low. it is easy to run from here but who would want to run from such a jail.

san antonio prison
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san antonio prison

Next series of Interesting Facts about prison. In this prison, 2000 prisoners are kept together. It is made in the country of Venezuela.

Looked from outside, it seems like a common prison, but after coming in, it is known what a jail it is. Here you can do anything, it seems to be a club, not a prison.

Where prisoners can do anything, most of the prisoners are drug dealers. He also spends money and gets TV and a.c in his jail.

For the prisoners in the jail, the four swimming pools are available here where the inmates party throughout the day.

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halden prison
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halden prison

Next series of Interesting Facts about prison. It is Norway's most luxury prison and Norway's second largest prison.

Here security is very low. Guards are not given weapons. The guards become friends with the prisoners and chill with each other.

Prisoners here have private TV refrigerator designer furniture. Apart from this, the gym library is also available for inmates, even the recording studio.

Calling his family member here, the prisoner can detain them for 24 hours. Prisoners also get an incentive of around ₹ 561 per day.

The administration believes that inmates living in such a good environment reduce crime and this is true because there is very little crime in Norway.

Interesting facts about Prison
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san pedro prison

Next series of Interesting Facts about prison. It is quite a luxury prison. 1500 extremely dangerous criminals are imprisoned here.

This prison is in the middle of the capital of Bolivia. Here prisoners can also roam outside by purchasing a Freedom Pass for 1 day.

The atmosphere inside this prison is like a small town. Bars here Resturant is everything. The mayor is also chosen here.

If the inmates have money, then by asking the mayor they get a lot of luxury facilities like LED TV and WiFi here.

Interesting facts about Prison
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otago corrections facility

Next series of Interesting Facts about prison. Here, they are taught to change the behavior of the prisoners, the prisoners have their own prison room in which they are given all the facilities like luxury bed TV gym library.

They are also taught a lot of life skills like cooking food, managing dairy and extras.

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Interesting facts about Prison
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pay to stay jail california

This prison is in the US state of California. A lot of luxury facilities are available here but only a few prisoners.

Only those prisoners who have committed a crime for the first time are kept here. And very few days are punished.

But if the prisoner wants to get more luxury facilities here in this jail, then he has to pay 100 dollars a night. In this they get everything LCD TV telephone fridge laptop.

Interesting facts about Prison
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Prison de Champ-Dollon

Beautiful prison of a beautiful country. Prisoners can earn money by farming here and can go on horse rides in free time.

He can also go fishing in the nearby river, go ice skating, play tennis. Here the Prisoners live in a private prison and they are made food by the chef.

The things that are grown in the field are cooked by eating them there.

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Interesting facts about Prison
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la catedral prison

Peblo Escobar, the world's largest mafia, had this prison specially built for him after his imprisonment. Because money can do so much, he built this prison like his luxury home.

There was also a helipad for him in this jail, in which his own guards were engaged in his protection.

He built this jail right in front of his house on the mountain and it is said that telescope was also installed in the jail. With the help of which he used to talk to her daughter on the phone while watching her live.

bastoy prison

If you are a resident of Norway and want to go for a vacation, then you do not have to spend money. You just have to break some rules, I am telling you this because the bastoy prison in Norway's bastoy island is not less than a tourist place.

Because here you get a separate room, here you can play tennis with the other prisoners, you can go horse riding, fishing, you can take a sun bath as well as you can work in the field here too.

Now think that in such a jail, the guest who will not want to enjoy. This prison has a capacity of keeping 100 prisoners and has least security as no one wants to escape from here.

aranjuez prison

When any person in the family gets jailed for some reason, that family is broken. The father is in jail and the mother is alone with her child.

The entire family has to suffer the punishment for the crime committed by one of them. This kind of prison did not come on anyone's family, that's why this prison has been built in Spain.

Whose name is aranjuez prison. If you are married and your age is maximum 35 to 40, then your family can live here with you.

Your family can stay here with you in the morning and evening. Here you get a separate room. Playground has also been made for children to play.

Many of Disney's characters have been put on the photo to give children a home-like atmosphere.

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