World Most Expensive Food dishes Or Most Expensive Meals

Most Expensive Food dishes


Friends, in Most Expensive Food dishes you must have heard the name of cavier and it seems like a very new food item. But do you know that it is one of the old food. It is older than Champagne. the old century King of Rome, Greece and Russia ate it with great fervor. But what exactly is this caviar? Caviar is basically like black beads that are eaten on top of a pancake. It is made from fish eggs, and people who eat eggs of these fish are ready to pay a lot of money. The name Kavier was first used for the eggs of white sturgeon found in the Caspian Sea. Later other fish were also put in the category of caviar. The most surprising thing is that the most expensive caviar is found in 100 year of old fish. And now you will think about the cost of caviar. So the cost of caviar of any ordinal fish is 4000-10000 $ kg. So Beluga fish caviar, also called black gold, has a price of 2500000 rupees kg. Thinking all this, you do not think how strange it is that there are so many people in the world for fish eggs. And people are ready to pay how much. But the taste of these eggs is also unique. have you ever eaten.

Most Expensive Food dishes


Tuber magnatum found in South Europe, also known as white truffle and one of the Most Expensive Food dishes. One of the most expensive mines in the world. It is a kind of mushroom used in many types of dishes. And tangliolini is a very popular food in which uses white truffle. But what is there in this that people become ready to pay so much money for this fungus. The fruit of this rarity, white truffle is very rare which is found 2 months a year and that too in a small place in Italy. And do you know that this white truffle has a slight fragrance? The scent that smells before the rain is exactly like that. And that fragrance is absolutely yummy. I want to know how many people are interested in eating it. You must comment it, and if you want to know what is the cost of white truffle. Winter white truffle, which is also called Alba white truffle, has a market price of 20000 US $.

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Most Expensive Food dishes


Yubri King is a Japanese watermelon and Most Expensive Food dishes. Which is grown in a small town in Japan and this fruit is known for its sweetness. The outer surface of this fruit is very SLIMY . By the way, very expensive fruits are also available in Japan, but the price of this fruit reaches the sky above the ceiling. And it is no joke. It is auctioned for sale. And the person who is willing to pay the most money gets this fruit only. And the price of this fruit has reach up to $ 250,000. That is, you can eat fruits of about 18 million rupees by selling whole house.

Most Expensive Food dishes


Now all of you must have eaten pizza. Do you know that the pizza for which people do not give more than 500. Some people are willing to pay $ 12000 for the same pizza. But this pizza is not an ordinary pizza. This pizza is Italy's most authentic means real pizza or Which you can say Most Expensive Food dishes. Arabian DOUGH is used in this. And a lot of caviar is put into it. In this pizza topping, everything is put in excess which brings a taste to your mouth. And by the way, this 12000 dollar pizza has only two slices. So this means that only two people can eat pizza. you and your friend.  who would be willing to contribute dangerously. Means each one person will to give 6000 dollar to eat.

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Most Expensive Food dishes


The Bombay Brasserie Samundri Khazana Curry costs $ 3500. Mumbai Brazier is a chain of London's best hotels that specialize in Indian mines. And his specialty is in India's multicultural practice. His dishes have the taste of goan Parsi Bengali and Gujarati food. And it is very popular among foreigners and NRI. In the joy of the success of Slumdog Millionaire, this curry named Samundri Khazana Curry was invented. And this dish is made of caviar sea snail and whole lobsters. And sometimes gold that is eaten in it is also added. And you can eat this dish any time for 2.5 lakh rupees. This is called most expensive food dishes.

Most Expensive Food dishes


The popularity of Mexican food is worldwide and it is the most expensive food dishes. Taco Bell is one of the favorite food of the people. But the price of this taco bell can go up to $ 25000 if you eat at the imported hotel all over Mexico. And there will be something different in eating such an expensive meal. Made of Kobe Beef and Caviar, this food stands on top of a gold-soaked maize tortilla. And is full of Mexican flavor and essence.

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Most Expensive Food dishes


Have you thought that these can be the most expensive food dishes? There is no shortage of rich people in this world. And in this world you will also find many people who will be ready to give $ 1000 for a bagel. Bagle is a small round bread-like food that ordinary people like us eat at sometimes Breakfast. And for something like this bread, which is often found in the market for 20- 30 rupee, why would a person be ready to give 70000 for it. The Bagel of the Western Hotel is like any other hotel. The only difference is truffle cheese cream and goji berries. The presence of these expensive items makes this dish so expensive.

Most Expensive Food dishes


Friends Kopi Luwak is an Indonesian coffee with a market value of rs 34000 for just 1 kg. But it is not a shock, the most unique thing about it is that this coffee is actually made from the potty of an animal. Now let me tell you this completely, when Indonesia was a colony of Netherland. Then some Dutch people notice that Indonesia's climate and temperature were perfect for coffee production. He then started manufacturing a large number of coffee grow here. In these coffee farms, they definitely hired Indonesian farmers and workers. But he did not have to permission break coffee and harvest in his personal use. Now the poor Indonesian farmers decided to stop the oppression. A mind Blowing Solution figured out for drink lot of coffee. He notices that an animal eats The Asian Palm Civet Right Coffee Fruits. And because he cannot digest his seed, the seed comes out of his potty. So they have started find that potty and, collected the potty. And after making a little clean and bound to him, he started making coffee. The copy looker coffee has a very unique and unique flavor. Which comes only due to a stomach-based fomentation of that civet cat. And because of this it did not take much time for this coffee to become famous worldwide. so It costs so much because to make it, it takes a lot of effort to find the pot of the civet cat and then process it cleanly. Now what you think about this Most Expensive Food dishes.

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Most Expensive Food dishes


In The Final Most Expensive Food dishes. Biryani kheer pulao sevaiyan in all these as if taste is not available without saffron. But man, there is a problem, if you eat food in a big hotel, why not add saffron more than a pinch. But why is this so? Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, for which you will have to pay 140000 OMG for half a kilo. Saffron is a sigma of a purple colored crocus sativus, ie the female reproductive part. And it is a matter of great pain that a flower has only three sigmas. That is, there are only 3 saffron particles. You understand the meaning of this is extremely rare. Therefore, to make only half a kilogram of saffron, saffron has to be collected from 170000 flowers. It is obvious that it is very labor intensive work and very hard and time consuming. And just because of this saffron is so much more expensive and its taste is also different.

So friends, these were the most expensive food dishes in the world and if you have a lot of money, then you can definitely try them and then let us know its taste in the comment section below.

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