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interesting fact india

Tajmahal Or Tejomehal - interesting fact india

Most Interesting Fact about tajmahal. Taj Mahal which is a symbol of love. Shah Jahan built it in memory of his begum Mumtaz. Which was built with the help of 20000 workers for 20 years in the making. According to the professor P.N Oak Before the Taj Mahal, there was a temple of Shankar Ji, which was named Tejo Mahal.

According to the professor, Shah Jahan broke the Tejo Mahal and built the Taj Mahal. In the era of the Mughal Empire, the king had the tradition of breaking the temples of his enemies and building mausoleums there. So, did Tejo Mahal also fall victim to this tradition.

According to historians, during the 20 years when the Taj Mahal was being built, all the travelers from outside came to India. According to his travelogue, no grand building was being built in India at that time.

So whether Tejo Mahal was really a victim of any prostitution or is it a baseless theory. What do you think about this secret of Taj Mahal? Must Comment If you want more information about this, then you can search about it in Google.

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interesting fact india

Bullet Baba - interesting fact india

Amazing Fact But True. A man named Om Banna loved his bullet a lot. One day at the time of election, he was going to meet his friends on his beloved bike. Rider Om's accident happened on the way. And he was killed in the accident, the police took Om's bullet bike in his possession and put the bike in the police station.

The next morning the bike was missing from the police station, after a lot of effort, the police got the bike back. But on the second day, this accident happened again Om's bike was missing again. Police again found the bike.

This time the police emptied his fuel tank and locked it. But again on the second day she reaches the site of the bike accident. It is believed that Om's soul returns to drive his bullet even after he dies. A temple has been built in Rajasthan in honor of Om Banna.

Om that this bullet bike is kept in this temple. Not only this, people also offer beer in honor of Bullet Baba.


interesting fact india

Magnetic Hill - interesting fact india

Interesting Fact about India. You must know that if you park your car on a hill, it starts moving downward due to gravity. But have you ever heard that a car parked at the bottom of a hill will automatically climb on top of the hill.

There is one such mysterious place in India where the car starts climbing on its own on a hill. There is one such magnetic hill in Ladakh, on top of which if you neutralize your car, it automatically starts climbing on top of the hill.

Not only this, your car moves at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. Therefore this magnetic hill is called the magnetic field of the Himalayas.

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Adams Bridge(Ram Setu) - interesting fact india

This is the most Amazing fact india. Adam's Bridge, which we also know as Ram Sethu in Hindi. According to Ramayana, this bridge was built by hundreds of monkeys. This bridge, 30 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide, connects India to Sri Lanka.

This bridge is mysterious because this bridge is made of stone floating in water. According to the story of Ramayana, two apes Nala and Neela who wrote Rama on the path. These stones automatically floated in the water in a magical way.

The construction of this bridge is still debated among scientists today. Even the American Space Agency NASA has put a question mark on the bridge due to the construction of this bridge. Do you think this bridge is a monkey built or a normal bridge built in some way.

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Rust Free Pillar - interesting fact india

No one know this interesting fact India. A nearly 7 meter high pillar is installed in Delhi. This magnificent pillar is sixteen hundred years old and is made of about 98% iron. The specialty of this 1600 year old pillar is that it is a completely rust free pillar.

Many famous scientists have examined this Pillar, according to those scientists, a chemical named iron nitrogen phosphorus has been used in the design of this pillar. It is not a question of why this pillar does not seem to rust, but the question is how the use of such modern chemistry would have been possible 2000 years ago.


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Gyanganj - interesting fact india

You never think interesting fact about India. The Himalayas are always associated with mystery. We believe that the climate of the Himalayas is not habitable. It is not possible for a normal person to live under the harsh conditions there. An ancient story is mentioned in India and Tibet, a city there is called Gyanganj.

It is said that very knowledgeable and peace loving people live in this city, one of the biggest features of these people is that this people is immortal. No normal man can reach this city of Gyanganj. This place named Gyanganj is so well hidden in the Himalayan Mountains that no man has been able to find it.

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Prahlad Jani - interesting fact india

Outstanding amazing fact. At a place named Ambaji, 200 km from Ahmedabad, there is a person named Prahlad Jani. People also know this man by the name of Chunari Wala Mataji. The special thing of Prahlad Jani is that till 1940, till date he has not eaten both food and water.

Pralhad Jani who is a staunch devotee of Amba Mata is alive for 75 years without eating and drinking water. How Prahlad Jani is alive without eating and drinking water is a big puzzle. Stirling University professor tried to solve this mystery.

In 2010, they kept Pralhad Jani under strict surveillance for 15 days. 24 hours and seven days a week, 3 cameras were keeping a close watch on Jani. The professor used to test every little thing known to Jani. After all, this 15-day series ended but they now had more questions than answers. Prahlad Jani could not solve the riddle of how he is alive till today without food and water.


interesting fact india

Reborn Shanti Devi - interesting fact india

Shanti Devi, born in the small city of Delhi, behaved like an elderly woman when she was 4 years old. This 4-year-old girl used to tell her parents that she was married and her husband was waiting for them in Mathura. But these things of the little girl were ignored by the family members.

She used to repeatedly tell her teachers and her parents at home in her school that she was married. And he gave birth to children and died 10 days later. If the teachers of the school are to be believed, this girl used to speak in the regional language of Mathura and used to name her husband Kedarnath repeatedly.

The headmaster of the school showed interest in this and found Kedarnath, the husband of Shanti Devi's previous birth, from Mathura. Kedarnath confirmed that his wife Mukti Devi died 10 days after giving birth. After this incident, Kedarnath and his children were called to Delhi.

When Shanti Devi saw Kedarnath and her child, she immediately recognized them. Kedarnath asked many questions to that little girl and Shanti Devi answered every question very well. In connection with this question, Kedarnath later became convinced that it was the reincarnation of his wife Kunti Devi.

Mahatma Gandhi formed an inquiry committee to find out the truth behind this sensational incident and this inquiry committee conducted several tests of Shanti Devi and stood the test of every test. And finally in it, the report said that Shanti Devi is the reincarnation of Mukti Devi.

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