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                                   Strange African Traditions

Strange African Traditions

Wodaabe Tribe

Start The first strange african traditions Series. Wodaabe tribe living in West Africa. In a way you can say that much modern thinking takes place. And because of this, their thinking about marriage marriage is very liberal, meaning it is more liberal.

Because in this Tribe it is absolutely legal for a non-male to steal someone else's wife. And if that thief has done this successfully, he also gets praise. Every year a festival named Gerewal is celebrated with great pomp here.

And in this festival, all the crazy men wear very good clothes very mournfully and put on makeup and try to look absolutely beautiful. And why all this ? for impress the wife of others. And yes you hear it right, In this Tribe, white eyes and teeth are considered to be beautiful human beings.

And in the same affair, this Surrey wodaabe lover also applies eyeliner in her eyes and black lipstick on her lips. They paint their entire face with red clay. And to make their hight long, they put feathers of ostrich on their head.

After making up, these men choose the three most beautiful girl from their tribes. she becomes the judge of this competition. And she can choose from whom she wants to marry. And though the eyes of these boys are only on the beautiful girls, but what if they could not get along with them? There should be a plan ahead.

So it doesn't matter to steal the wife of another. But wait, don't even understand that this theft is easy. Wodaabe man has only one day's time and he has a lot of work . First find the wodaabe woman, then persuade her and then woo her and then take her with you to your home. they would live happily.

But every story has a villain and in wodaabe, the villain is the woman's husband. If he caught these two running away then just game over. Fierce battles will be fought, people will be beaten up and sometimes people lose their fighting and dead. Would you like to participate in any such competition?

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Strange African Traditions

Bodi Tribe

Ethiopia is a very cultural and diverse country which is home to other tribes. Of backward tribes. These backward tribes have nothing to do with modernization. And because of this, their customs are so different and strange and ruthless that if you see, you will be illusioned.

There is such a very cruel festival named kael. The Bodi Tribe, which lives on the banks of the Omo Valley, celebrates with great pomp. This festival is celebrated as the New Year celebration of the Bodi Tribe and a match is organized in this joy.

In this match, some Modi groups choose a bachelor boy. Which they think is absolutely right to participate in this match. And then the preparations for the competition begin. The participating Bodi contestant does not even leave his house for six months.

He has to make enough shapes to win the competition at home. In this competition, fleshy and obesity men are considered to be the most wanted and most eligible for this competition. To get such obesity, they have to drink cow's milk and a bowl of blood every day.

Just six months after this, when the competition starts, the selected contestants from Surrey groups have to stand together and check their figure. And guess what they get? They get the praise of the whole trib. Now you must be thinking that all this was done for praise. But let me tell you that they will now turn into brad pitt of the Tribe. This is the strange african traditions.

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Strange African Traditions

Hamer Tribe

The only thing that prevents the boys of Ethiopiae from becoming men, is the cow. In this Tribe, as soon as the boys are young, they have to give a test of their manhood. Which is 7-8 cows kept in front of them in the competion. And they have to jump all of these cows one by one.

They also jump 4 times without falling. If the boy is really capable then without falling he will pass this test. and will become the man of the Tribe. And this new man is given a new title of maza. Because he would enjoy being a man maza, but said so soon.

First of all, he has to marry the girl chosen by his father. And after that he can marry as many girls as he wants. But what if that boy fell down in the competition? then one year will have to wait for him to be elected again.

And it is also taken care not to pass boys in this competition. And that's why that player will get all the support like ipl. During the contest, the hamer girl sings and dances loudly like a cheer leader. But these cheerleaders are one step ahead because it is not about money but of husband.

That is why, leaving a dance in the middle, she kills herself with a rope. And encounters each other to attract the young boy. Hamer women believe that the more she kills herself, the more her husband will love her. Are you seen this strange african traditions anywhere.

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Strange African Traditions

San Tribe

The San Tribe people living in Botswana and Namibia use other types of medical methods to heal themselves and their tribe. Healing dance is common in the Tribe. Which is often performed overnight. With the help of some healers.

The feet of the healers are tied with some kukun dried anklets. They dance in front of a fire all night and women sit in front of the fire and sing songs. Those that are meditative as the intensity of this dance increases, it is said that an energy starts to be generated inside those healers.

Because of all these, the Heelers dance and the gentle song of women, they reach different heights in meditation. Which is called ikea and while this ikea has a lot of power, the healers have to use this energy very carefully.

They cannot finger any child or women in the middle of this dance. Otherwise, all that energy can reach them and kill them. And with this energy, that healer becomes enlightened and knows who is sick. Who needs their healing or help.

And then this healer will first wash his hands with fire, then go to that sick man and put his hands on his chest and back and take out the evil energy that is making him sick. And this dance process lasts all night. And it ends only in the morning. You must go there and see the strange african traditions.

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Strange African Traditions

Nguni Tribe

This is the last Series of strange african traditions. People of South Africa have one thing, but one thing is certain and that is family value. And in order to maintain these values, they take special care that their son should not marry a wrong woman.

And that's why the people of nguni tribes are ready to go to any limits to find a very talented girl. And then even if they have to bring their daughter-in-law purchase. And this friends is very common and it is so common that it has become a tradition and its name is Lobola. In this tradition, the first groom obtains complete information about the bride.

And after getting all this information, after much thought, the groom's family gives a price to the bride's family. Which they think is worth their daughter and if then the bride's family feels that my daughter is worth this price.

So happy groom and bride get happily married. But do you know how this groom pays this price? Not by giving money but by giving cow. These people give at least 10 to 12 cows to the bride's family for lobola and this started because in olden times the wealth of the family was estimated by looking at their cows. And that's why the girls' parents put a price tag on their own daughters in order to increase their wealth.

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