Here we are coming with new article Strange Facts About Extinct Bird. In our world, for several thousand years, there were species of different birds, which have now become extinct, out of which about 200 species of these creatures have been completely eradicated from this earth in the years from 1900 till now. Some of these are such creatures whose number was in lakhs but due to human activities, destruction of forest, attacks and hunting, they could not save their existence.

The species of many birds have ended in prehistoric period, apart from this, around 10000 species of birds are found in the world today, out of which a total of 1200 species are on the verge of extinction. Let us know about in this article some such species of birds which have become extinct or are about to happen.

       Some Strange Facts About Extinct Bird

Strange Facts About Extinct Bird

Some extinct birds of the world. Strange Facts About Extinct Bird Before starting the article, know about specific issues.

 1) Why do species of birds become extinct?
2) Archaeopteryx
3) Dromornis stirtoni
4) Dodo bird (Raphus cucullatus)
5) Tasmanian Emu
6) Carolina Parakeet
7) Arabian Ostrich
8) Passenger Pigeon
9) Vulture

Some extinct birds of the world. Extinct Birds Facts Let us now talk about it in detail.
Why do species of birds become extinct?

Let us first know how the species of birds become extinct? What kind of logic is that? The extinction of birds is many, but its basic reason is that we are human beings who live like animals instead of living like humans. The pollution caused by humans and destruction of forests is the main reason in this, besides hunting is also a reason.

The change in wind and weather is also due to the destruction of some species of birds. Sometimes this change of weather makes the entire species of whole species to be destroyed. Apart from this, due to lack of adequate food, its species also goes extinct.

Like today, we humans use medicines to cook cereals and it proves fatal for grains and culinary parties and they are unable to produce eggs, due to which new children can not be born. Whole species of whole are extinct.

Today, just like we are moving forward in human technology, that too is a reason for the end of the species of birds. The rays emanating from the internet and mobile towers are fatal to birds.

All the causes mentioned above are the main reason for the extinction of birds. Let us know Strange Facts About Extinct Bird. the species of birds which have become extinct or are going to happen.

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Strange Facts About Extinct Bird


This is the first series of Strange Facts About Extinct Bird. This bird was the first bird in the world, which was known on Earth during the Prehistoric period, whose origin was 140 million years ago. This bird is called proto or archaeopteryx. Archeopteryx bird has found only 2 fossils in the whole world, out of which it is present in Jaipur, India. One of these fossils is kept in the Royal Museum of the UK and the other in the Maharaja College of Rajasthan University.

Strange Facts About Extinct Bird

Dromornis stirtoni

Dromorni, a bird weighing 500 to 600 kg, was one of Australia's unique giant birds that existed between the time of 15 million to 26 thousand years ago. This bird looked like the present Emu, although this bird was like Emu but was not Emu. This bird was called Mihirang bird. Some of these present emu were slightly larger, but Stetoni was close to 3 meters.

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Strange Facts About Extinct Bird

Dodo bird (Raphus cucullatus)

The dodo is the most prominent of extinct birds. The dodo (Raphus cucullatus) was a local bird from the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. It was the largest in the Udaanhin sides. This bird was a close relative of the pigeon but its height was 3.3 feet while the weight was about 20 kg.

 We are human because of this bird's delicacy. In 1598, when the Dutch seafarers arrived on this island, they started hunting this bird because the dodo was the most hopeful prey due to not flying. In the same way, Dutch travelers hunted all the species of this bird and these fish became extinct from our world.

Strange Facts About Extinct Bird

Tasmanian Emu

Tasmania emu is a species of emu bird. This bird was also found in the island of Tasmania like the Tasmania Tiger, it could not fly, it was found in large numbers in Tasmania, but later on, the Kishano of Tasmania, like the Tasmania Tiger, used it to destroy a crop. Believed to be a bird, it was hunted and almost all the birds were killed. What about you know this Strange Facts About Extinct Bird.

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Strange Facts About Extinct Bird

Carolina Parakeet

The Carolina Parakeet was a species of parrot in which different colors were seen in the feathers. It looked very attractive because of the green, red and yellow colors included in its wings.

Carolina perakit was the only parrot species found in North America, it was found mainly in the state of Alabama, but it also migrated to the states of Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, etc. They were hunted in large quantities to make hats for women. Due to which their number continued to decrease and the last Carolina Parakeet died in Cincinnati Zoo in 1918.

Strange Facts About Extinct Bird

Arabian Ostrich

Ostrich birds were earlier found in the Middle and East, but now only in Africa. Earlier it was also found in the Arabian desert. Emu, kiwi etc. are counted in this species. This bird can run at a speed of 70 km / h.
The rich people of Arabia started hunting this bird in the form of game, this bird was also hunted for its mass and eggs for its wings. They were killed only for entertainment, as a result of this, today the entire species of Arabic ostrich has been eliminated from the world.

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Strange Facts About Extinct Bird

Passenger Pigeon

The passenger pigeon, the pigeon, was once heavily populated in North America. This pigeon was like our Indian pigeon but its color and shape was slightly different from our pigeon. These pigeons were found in the forest of North America.

Later, people of European countries started settling in North America and they started hunting them due to the temptation of cheap meat, due to which their number gradually reduced. Nevertheless, the people here did not stop and continued hunting for it and in this way all its species became extinct.

In this way, this species became completely extinct with the last pigeon Martha's death (1914) at the Cincinnati Zoo. The main reason for the destruction of this species is also human.

Strange Facts About Extinct Bird


This is the final series of Strange Facts About Extinct Bird. A vulture is a predatory bird that is very large. It eats the dirt around us, the flesh of dead animals, etc., due to which the dirt around us was less. But now we don't get to see the vulture due to our development. During the 1980s, the number of white-tailed vultures in India alone was around 80 million (800 million), which had reduced to less than 40 thousand by 2016. Vultures in India, Pakistan and Nepal in the last one century. There has been a decrease of 95 percent.

Due to the decrease in the number of vultures, about 25 billion US dollars have been spent in India for environmental sanitation by the year 2015. Vultures are bird-eating birds that eat carcasses of large animals and therefore have an important role in cleaning the environment.

So friends, similarly we are losing the species of birds every day due to the atrocities of humans, because of the base hunting, due to the destruction of the forests running in the development. If we do nothing and this way
If we keep on persecuting the birds, then at one time it will come that we will be able to watch the birds like dinosaurs only in TV.

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Friends, if you have liked some extinct birds of the world, extinct species of birds, Strange Facts About Extinct Bird, then do share it so that everyone can be awakened about birds.

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