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Amazing Fact 1 

What is the short form we write for anything. This is why we write so that we can speak quickly. Just like the Union Public Service Commission UPSC Good Night GN, the World Wide Web has a short form of www that takes more time to speak. Amazing is amazing fact

Amazing fact

Amazing Fact 2

There is a fact about dogs that most of the dogs dream about 70-80% of their owners while sleeping, according to Harvard, dogs dream this while sleeping. you believe this amazing fact?

Amazing Fact 3

Right now the population which is on earth is around 700 crores. Do you know that there was a time when population work was done on earth. Can you tell when that time was? Meaning, at that time, there was no increase in population on the earth, but work was done.

A Giant Volcano erupted in Indonesia about 70000 years ago. And its effect was on the earth for a thousand years, and this led to such an offensive incident that many of the species of the earth died and the human population was only near ten thousand.

But no one has the full confirmation of this. People who have done this theory, they named this theory Toba catastrophe Theory. this is called amazing fact.

Amazing fact

Amazing Fact 4

Jumbo which is a word, we use it to tell a big thing but do you know this word came from. Jumbo which is the name of an elephant who lived in the UK in 1800. And it was the world's first celebrity animal, so it was called Jumbo which was quite big in size. Did you know about it.

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Amazing fact

Amazing Fact 5

Benjamin Careathers, an American human, in the year 2015, he did a very strange thing. He went to court and complained against Red bull in court stating that I have been drinking Red bull for ten years but till date I have not got wings.

And at that time a tag line of this red bull give you wings means drink red bull and your wings will come out. And the strange thing is that this was not a joke case. The Red Bull Company had to pay thirteen million dollars to the person believing this amazing fact.

Amazing Fact 6

Have you ever thought that people in the air-force fly the plane. How much will the helmet they wear Never would have thought so, but I tell you. Think for yourself how much a helmet of a bike is worth a thousand rupees.

But if it is the latest, then its fifty thousand will be one lakh or it will be one million. But in reality, its price is 2.5 crores, yes the plane helmet like F-35 has the same price.

Amazing fact

Amazing Fact 7

A person named Bobby Pearce knows the meaning of Roar Roar. Means racer of boat. So a strange incident happened in his time when he was running a race. So he was at the forefront and some ducks were crossing the water at the same time.

So when he saw this, he stopped his boat and let everyone else go. All those who were racers had gone ahead of them. But they let the duck cross and then started the race. You will be shocked to life. That despite all this, he came first in the race.

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Amazing fact

Amazing Fact 8

A very strange incident took place in the 1936 Olympics. A lot of countries came to that Olympics and their flags also came to light, then the two country flags were face to face and they were the same.

And now it has become difficult to explain what the flag of Haiti and Liechtenstein is like. Liechtenstein added the crown picture to his flag, making it easy to identify. Isn't this a surprising fact?

Amazing fact

Amazing Fact 9

Do you know how old the cat is, but if you do not know, then I tell you that the age of the cat is only 10-15 years. Now you will think that this angle is a fact, but friends, it is not a fact. Fact is that there was a cat named Creme Puff who lived till the year 1967 to 2005. And its name is also included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Amazing fact

Amazing Fact 10

Your hand can also senses up to 13nm gaps. Meaning if your hand is as big as the earth, then your hand can easily senses the gap of the car in the earth. The hand is known that you have bacteria in your other hand, which you do not even see. Isn't it amazing fact.

Amazing fact

Amazing Fact 11

A Volcano named Krakatoa was erupted in the year 1883. And when it was erupted, then the sound of its erupt was heard even from 400 less far away. On hearing that voice of the people, only the ears were cracked. The highest boost in history was a world record, a sound that Exist should not have done.

Amazing fact

Amazing Fact 12

When a leopard runs, he stays in the air for 80% of the time, meaning 20% of the time he touches the ground. Isn't it amazing fact.

Amazing Fact 13

Once, a group of twenty thousand honey bees followed a car for two days. Because their queen was trapped inside that car. This means that in their world, there is a king queen.

Amazing Fact 14

No human being can count to one million, if he tries too much, he will count to one lakh but not one million. Even if you count by the seconds. So you will take thirty-two years to count.

Amazing Fact 15

You must have heard the name of poison. Many people may have seen this but do you know what is the name of the most dangerous poison in the world and what it can do. So let me tell you that the most dangerous poison in the world is Botox, whose only 4 grams of poison can kill 2.5 lakh people. What things are in the world that we do not even know.

Amazing Fact 16

In 2011, the engineer created the world's most advanced robot. When the scientist asked the robot whether the robots would rule the humans. He asked in jest ye joking. Then that robot responded that you don't worry, we robots will not harm you humans. We will keep humans safe in our zoos ie cages.
After this line, immediately cut off her electricity and dissembled her. Isn't it amazing fact.

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