Welcome to Unbelievable facts about Canada series Friends, today I will talk to you, a very beautiful country in North America. Whose border is with the United States of South. Friends, this country spread over 99 lakhs and 670 kilometers is very beautiful and very amazing. And in terms of area, this country is the second largest country in the world after Rasiya. The population here is around 3 crores and 76 lakhs of which 67.02% people are Christian. 3.2% of the people are Muslim and 1.4% Hindu and friends are also 1.4% of Sikhs in Canada who have gone there from Punjab state of India, Canada's capital city is Ottawa and its biggest city is Toronto and here Toronto city is very famous all over the world. We write about canadian lifestyle facts.

         Unbelievable Facts About Canada

Unbelievable Facts About Canada History

Friends, The Unbelievable Facts About Canada is a country in the world with a majority of its population living in cities, with 84 percent of its population living in cities.

Most of the cities inhabited here lie near the border to its south. The big reason for this is the freezing cold in the north and it is very difficult for humans to live there. This is the basic facts about canada.

Unbelievable Facts About Canada

Famous Cities

The first Unbelievable Facts About Canada. The Canadian capital city of Ottawa is also famous for its Toronto Vancouver and Montreal area. Friends Canada is considered to be the only very developed country in the whole world.

And even so, why not because the lifestyle of the people here is very amazing.

Human Development Index

Canada is also a very good country in the Human Development Index.

And in the case of HDI i.e. Human Development Index, Canada is number 10 country today. At the same time Canada is also the seventh Peaceful country in the world and Canada comes in number 1 in the world in the Quality of Like of Index friends. Isn't Unbelievable Facts About Canada

Unbelievable Facts About Canada

Canada Education

Canada is considered as the most well educated country in the world and 52% of the people here have college degrees is present.

Along with many reports, it has come to the fore that college studies are considered to be of very high level in Canada.

And the study system here is very good. The lowest temperature minus recorded in Canada to date was -16 degrees, which occurred here in 1947. Isn't cool and Unbelievable Facts About Canada.

Unbelievable Facts About Canada

Canada Lakes

Friends, Canada is called the country of lakes because there are many lakes in this country. Isn't Unbelievable Facts About Canada.

Even if the whole world is merged, even then, Canada will have the most lakes in the country.

Mini Pinjab Canada

Friends, every year more than 30000 Indian people go and settle in Canada country and most of them go from Punjab. But why Punjabi people like to go to Canada more, then I will tell you this thing in this blog today.

If I want to explain to you all according to some data, then Punjab is the largest number of Sikhs in India.

And if we talk about the area of ​​Punjab, then the area of ​​Punjab is 50362 square km and is the twentieth largest state of India.

But in this small state more than three crore people live today. Canada is 199 times larger than Punjab in terms of friends area, but there is a population of only 70000.

And the biggest reason forcing Punjabis to go is that there is very fertile land for farming in Canada. And anyway the main work of Punjabis is considered as farming.

Apart from this, it is also a complete order for the people of Punjab to follow their religion in Canada. Which does not happen at all in most countries of the world.

And friends, you know that no matter what the country of the world is, we never forget our religion. Apart from this, the immigration rules of Canada also find some such punjabis who find it very easy.

Also, most of the Sikh people from other countries settle in Canada. And there are already known people of Already Sikhs in Canada. And that's why the people of Punjab prefer to go there the most.

Cultural Pass Canada

Friends, whenever someone achieves citizenship in Canada, then the government of that person gives one year free cultural pass so that that person can go to every museum in Canada for free.

In fact, the government of Canada wants any new citizen to be a part of their country so that they can fully understand the culture there.

Canada Beaches

Friends, if you like walking along the sea, the Canada will like you very much. Because it has a lot of beaches along the sea. and this is a country with 202080 km of coastline.

And it is also the largest long coastline country in the world. Friends, it is also considered to be a rich country due to its reserves of natural oil and uranium.

And to this day it has developed itself very well, due to which it is discussed in many advanced and very amazing countries of the world.

The very famous basketball game of the whole world started from here itself. The largest international border is between Canada and the United States. Which is 8891 kilometers long.

Mineral Water Lake

Friends, Unbelievable Facts About Canada that Canada's water is cleaner than mineral water. 20% of the world's water is found only in Canadian lakes.

Unbelievable Facts About Canada


Unbelievable Facts About Canada is Friends, all of you will be surprised that there are some parts in Canada where you will feel like flying in the air.

Friends, the main reason for this is that in these parts of Canada, the level of gravity is lower than in other parts.

Unbelievable Facts About Canada


Friends, you will all like to eat cheese, but the people of Canada are far ahead in this matter. And most people in the whole world eat only Canadian people. This is the cool canada facts and information.

Unbelievable Facts About Canada

Canada Forest

Friends, you are aware that in terms of area, Canada is the second largest country in the world, but perhaps you would not know that 40% of it is just forest.

And the interesting facts about canada culture is that the forests of Canada are so big that many countries can fit into them. For example, countries like Japan, Italy, Germany can be easily accommodated in its forest.

Canada History

Friends, if we talk about history, history is that America attacked Canada twice and in 1775 and 1812 both times America lost itself.

Perhaps you all will be surprised to know that it is not easy to become a rat owner in Canada. And for this, permission has to be taken from the government.

Simultaneously selling live rats in Canada is also considered a very illegal act. Canada's national park is larger than the whole of Switzerland.

And I found this thing most strange. Today, Canada has the world's largest oil reserves, due to which this country is becoming much richer.

Friends, people in Canada will often find you playing hockey in the sea. Because of the cold, the sea water freezes there completely.

And the people there thoroughly enjoy ice hockey. The average age of people living in Canada is considered 41 points 2 years.

Friends, a very special thing in Canada is that any person there can sell email to the Canadian government for free.

Canada is the best country in the world to live today. And the one thing here is the medical system and study system A1, as well as Canada is considered to be a very famous country to visit. And people like to roam here too much. This is the our Unbelievable Facts About Canada Series Hope You like it.

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