Friends, today I have brought you for you the unbelievable facts about Japan, which you will really feel after reading that Japan has come a full 100 years from us and it is living the life of 3020 that we are still lying in 2020. Do not leave this blog in full half.

        unbelievable facts about Japan


1. Vending Machine

Unbelievable facts about Japan that Japan has the highest number of vending machines. You cannot even believe that our vending machine is very useful in India.

A bending machine will be found comfortably every 200 meters in Japan. That is, if there is a 25 vending machine for each person, then 5.5 million vending machines are installed there.

After all, how would those people eat so much chocolate chips, you must be thinking this. But friends, let me tell you that not only chocolate and chips, but everything is available in those banding machines.

Yes, it means everything, you will get chocolate, you will get chips, you will get popcorn, you will get some veggies and even dogs can be taken from the machine. So is it wonderful.


2. Capsule Hotel

Unbelievable facts about Japan is that the only country in the world with a trend of capsules. Capsules hotels are very compact and small hotels.

They are like pots and are set one on top of the other. Your room is just so big that you can just lie in it and you can have a little mood here and there and you can sit in it comfortably without hitting your head.

In these small capsules you will find everything pillow charging pot hanger and small self. There are bathrooms and toilet communities which you will find comfortable.

These hotels are mostly built near the railway station and the airport so that if someone falls in the night, then you can stop in these hotels comfortably.


3. Robot Hotel

Friends, the unbelievable fact I am going to tell you now. He will also have to pay attention to such a hotel in Tokyo city of Japan. Where only robots work.

Yes friends, the name of that hotel is Henn Na Hotel. And the special thing about this hotel is that only 10 people work here.

Which are only kept for taking care of the robot. In this hotel, you will see only robots, that is, when you enter, you will see only robots in reception.

Even if you come to serve food, it will be a robot. If seen, this entire hotel is surrounded by robots.

If you will go to this city then you must also go to this hotel and see the atmosphere here, then you will understand what is the specialty of this hotel. This is unbelievable facts about Japan.

unbelievable facts about japan

4. Grocery shop and Malls

Friends, a special thing about Japan is that there are no grocery shops and malls here.

Here you go inside, buy whatever you want to buy, and when you come out, put your money in a jar kept on the table in front.

Now you may be thinking that if there is not a single employee working there then it is very easy to steal or give money without paying.

But let me tell you that the people of Japan are very honest and honest. For this reason, you will not find a single employee in any of the malls there or in the grocery shop.

Now you will also think that there will be cameras there. Let me tell you about the unbelievable facts about Japan that there is not a single camera.

Friends, there is a special thing that if you have to take your luggage and if you have too much. So you can keep your luggage in the small cabin kept there.

And after doing your shopping, you can take your stuff out and take it home. And there is one more thing, friends here, you will get to see the watermen in square type.

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unbelievable facts about japan

5. Bluetooth Bra

In Japan, friend technology is found not only in machines but also in clothes. A smart bra is available here.

Whose name is True Love Tester this is the unbelievable facts about Japan. It is made with such technology that every woman who wears it is able to detect the feelings of that woman.

And it is always connected to your phone via smart Bluetooth. And by storing the information of emotions, that application can tell whether the girl wants the boy in front to open her bra or not.

If the girl is not interested then the man is unlucky and if it is, then your luck has become.

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unbelievable facts about japan

6. Restaurant in Japan

Friends, you know about the food, you know that whatever you will go to the restaurant, what you will see in the menu or whose photo will be made, it is difficult to find such thing.

But the unbelievable facts about Japan, whatever you see in the menu or outside the showcase, the food item.

You will find the same thing inside also, whatever you order to eat, you will get the same thing as beans. In which there is no compromise, here is a special thing.

That these people also keep a plastic showcase of whatever food items are outside their restaurant. Like we have a phone dummy here.

In the same way, a food dummy is put in order to come here so that people understand what is available here. So what would you like to go to place.

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unbelievable facts about japan

7. Tattoos

There are many types of tattoos that you may have seen or heard about that shine at night. So let me tell you that there is no one behind these things.

The tattoos that are made in Japan make your night glow even. Yes friends, this is the unbelievable facts about Japan, if you want, you can get such tattoos that shine at night.

These are permanent tattoos. These are not the tattoos found in Uncle Chips. Ultraviolet technology is used in the ink in these tattoos.

Because of which he glows well at night. There are two types of tattoos made in Japan, one which glows at night and one which is seen even during the day.

So what tattoo do you want to get made? If you are fond of tattoos then you must go to Japan.

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unbelievable facts about japan

8. Japan Trains

Japan's bullet train is famous. But in this series of unbelievable facts about Japan, let us tell you that the speed of bullet train here is not only mind blowing.

Trains on Tokyo's Yurikamome line have no driver. This is a fully computerized train run by computer.

Apart from this, many additional facilities are also available in these trains, such as seculaded smoking rooms, baby chairs, and foot baths so that you can make your pleasant journey more enjoyable.
unbelievable facts about japan

The Chiba Urban Monorail in Friends Tokyo also runs a train that hangs above it. And this is the only train in the world that hangs above.

And maybe this futuristic thing will not happen anywhere in the world and if you think it is, then please tell in the comments.

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