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Amazing Fact

Amazing Fact

Amazing Fact

Amazing Fact

Schlosspark Schönbrunn, Austria - Amazing Fact

The artwork of its garden is very unique, which will surprise you. The cimetric design of their trees will surprise you. Unique designs of most of the trees of the world will be seen here. You can see these designs in some photos. In which his art is revealed.

Fact of English - Amazing Fact

In this fact, you will know the fact of English. You know that tomorrow is called tomorrow. Do you know what is called the day after tomorrow? He is called overmorrow. Similarly yesterday is called past tomorrow.

So what is the previous day called? Just as the day after tomorrow is called overmorrow, similarly day before yesterday is called ereyesterday. Isn't it amazing.

Teddy Rosswalt - Amazing Fact

Now what you are not aware of will blow your senses. In the year 1912, Teddy Roswalt was an American President. He was going to give a speech when someone shot him. Then there was a stampede, people shouted.

But then his quote was friends, I want to tell you that keep calm I know that I have been shot. But a gun shot is not enough for a person like me to die. I am going to give a very long speech right now.

And I know that there is a bullet inside me which is in my heart, that's why I will not be able to give speech for much longer. But I will try my best He then spoke for 90 minutes. Without any formal assistance.

Mukesh Ambani - Amazing Fact

The total net worth of Mukesh Ambani is 54 billion dollars. So what is the meaning of this if that daily means that he spends 1 crore rupees every day. So it will take 1000 years for them to spend all their money. And if he spends 10 crores every day, then it will take him 100 years to spend all the money.

Amazing Fact

Amazing Fact

Magdeburg Water Bridge - Amazing Fact

There is a very famous water bridge in Germany, which considers the most ideal design of civil engineering, in which you can see that the water is going down. But the bridge built above it also has water. They are one of the most unique bridges in the world.

Amazing Fact

Avenue George V - Amazing Fact

Paris george avenue The building here is named as hausmannia building. It is also famous as the melting building meaning melted building. And the rest is a different building design, it is different from them.

It is not a miracle but it is a simple house but the sticker that has been pasted on it is cheating your eyes. By looking at it, it seems as if this building is actually melting. Isn't it amazing fact.

Times Person Of Year - Amazing Fact

Do you know that I was voted Times Person of the Year by Times Magazine? I am very serious, but if you are going to search Google, then before that let me tell you one thing. The Times selects Person of the Year every year. But in the year 2006, Times know what was written in the Person of the Year.

The Times of Year are you. That is, he made everyone the person of the year. And you would not believe that thousands of people had written The Person of the Year in their biography on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Isn't it amazing fact.

Amazing Fact

Chips Invented - Amazing Fact

Chips that are making everyone fat because of the test. He knows when it was invented, there is a very intersting story behind it. In earlier times, frying the potatoes used to blossom into thicker pieces. One day a very angry customer came to the restaurant.

He asked for potato chips to eat and the chips were thick. Then the waiter brought it, he spoke and brought it thin, then he further diluted and diluted and diluted those chips became so thin and crispy that he liked the customer. It has since invented chips. The chef's name for reference is George Crum. And this incident happened in 1853. Isn't it amazing fact.

Amazing Fact

Mumbail Sea Link Bridge - 

Who says that there is no amazing structure in India? Look at the Taj Mahal itself, but there are some structures in India which are unknown. Bandra Worli Sea Link This is the largest bridge and it connects Bandra Western Mumbai with South Mumbai.

And in its image the wire you see. When you start opening this wire, if you start from one end of the earth, then you will turn around and come back to that end. Meaning the length of this wire is at least 40000 km. Now this is called amazing fact.

Ricker Island - Amazing Fact

This is the very rediculous amazing fact. Suppose someone is jailed and there is a bail in jail. Meaning if you compensate the money then you will be missed on bail. So it happened in Riker Island. He was an inmate who was jailed for 5 months.

But no one went to calculate his bail and he came out after 5 months. But later when it was not known that when he went to jail, he could get out only on bail of 2 dollars. And he came to know this when he came out after being in jail for 5 months.

Amazing Fact

Biotrem Plate - Amazing Fact

There is a company called Biotrem that makes food plate spoon cups. You can also eat that plate after eating. You can see it on the page of Biotrem's official website where they have clearly written that you could give them a bite. Meaning you can comfortably give a bite to it. That means eat food, then eat the plate also because it is made of rice.

Amazing Fact

Wonderworks Pigeon Forge - Amazing Fact

World Famous amazing fact. There is an amusement park named Wonderworks. And you can see that building in the image above. The science exhibition that happens is also this.

And because science is so reversed and amazing. That is why the design of this building has been made in this way. It seems that a building has been turned upside down.

Amazing Fact

Magic Tap, Aqualand - Amazing Fact

There is a place called Aqualand in Spain and it has a tap on the top. You must be surprised to see what this is. How does it stand without any support? The answer to your question, I tell you, is that there is a pole in the water between the water that is coming in this tap, due to which it is hinged.

Now you must be thinking, where is the water coming from? Actually the water is coming from the pole which is installed in the tap and due to water, we do not see the pole inside. This is why it looks as if it is a magic tap

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