Biggest Pandemic In Human History Must Read

The Plague of Justinian

The Plague of Justinian, which began in 541 Ad, is considered to be the first and biggest pandemic in human history. The Plague the Eastern Roman Empire was destroyed. At that time, at least more than 5000 people were dying every day.

From children to old people, even animals were in the grip of this plague. And not only this friend, Emperor Justinian himself, the king of the Great Roman Empire, was also caught by this plague.

And that's why this plague is also known as The Justinian Plague.

Anatomy Of An Epidemic

But do you know how this plague was born? Justinian did not give birth to it but came because of some grains.

And friends, these were not such grains. The thing is that the Roman Emperor Justinian had won many empires under his rule.

And one of them was this Egypt. And as a tribute, this grain was sent from Egypt to Constantinople by a merchant ship. Where King Justinian had his own throne.

But along with these grains, Egyptian disease rats were also on board. Who had completely corrupted these grains.

And thus before the ingestion of these contaminated grains, this plague spread everywhere, and at the same time the sick rats from it spread throughout the state.

And then started increasing his number. And then from here the plague began to grow even faster. The Plague of Justinian killed 40% of Europe's population.

At least 25 billion people lost their lives due to this epidemic. And whoever was saved from this terrible Pandemic got credit only for his own strong immunity.

Having a strong immune system was the only cure for this disease. And perhaps Justinian is also called the Great Emperor. Because he was able to recover himself from this plague.

But his own whole military and economy collapsed in the entire empire.

Biggest Pandemic In Human History Must Read

The Black Death

Now friends are not such a great thing of happiness. The Plague of Justinian was not actually finished the whole way. He had just shown only one trailer of his own.

Because after 800 years, it was born again and so much of blood everywhere spread mourning only to death. Scientific research links the plague of Justinian and the Black Death.

From a bacteria that was common in both diseases. This bacteria is the identity yersinia pestis. The Black Death was first originated in China and spread through Europe first through trade.

And there it ended the European population more than today. And perhaps humans had not learned from The plague of Justinian at the time.

Because The Black Death also spread due to a sick mouse. And now you too must be wondering where are these rats coming from. From the same merchant ships, these rats travel from one continent to another by merchant ships.

And similarly the Black Death reached Africa from Europe and Africa from Asia. And according to statistics it killed more than 200 million people.

Now friends apparently talk about when the plague resembles Justinian. So why is it named Black Death brother? This is because it creates a black spot in the victim's body.

And friends, now what I am going to tell you, you will understand and feel it well. The Black Death made the quarantine that you have been doing for many weeks or many months sitting at home today.

And how did this happen? Let's investigate a bit in this matter. At that time the medical field had not progressed as much as we see today.

And that's why doctors and medical researchers were unable to find a cure for the Black Death.

But they were finding that the disease is spreading more among common people than being close to people suffering from the black death.

And at that time, ports were urban centers, where fleas and rats could easily breed. So the Venetian official who was among the very forward-thinking people.

He first created a new rule for new sellers of ships coming to Port Ragusa to bring the epidemic under control.

The most newly arrived sellers of this new rule will have to remain in isolation for 30 days. The Isolation period was then given the name Trentino.

And then as time went by, Vance Low added this forced isolation from 30 days to 40 days. And this new 40-day isolation period was named quarantino.

And this is how it is known today as quarantine. And thus strong immunity and isolation saved the next generation from this epidemic.

But by then all the families were separated from each other and the whole village was empty. And all of Sara's business was stalled.

And the state was bankrupt in away. The Black Death wreaked havoc on humanity. and this the Biggest Pandemic In Human History.

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Biggest Pandemic In Human History Must Read

The Antonine Plague

It is now 165 AD when the Roman Empire was at its peak. And not only that, during that time for the first time in history, two kings together were managing the whole empire.

Both Marcus and Lucius kings were spreading the Roman Empire to every corner of the world.

But friends, when the Roman soldiers put their victory flags in the Eastern Region and returned to Rome after getting their thorn in the Parthian War.

So along with that victory, he also brought a big epidemic that gripped the entire Roman Empire. This epidemic is called the Antonine plague.

And sometimes it is also called The Plague of Gallon. Because a Greek physician named Galen first described the disease.

But because the disease spread during the reign of the Antonine king, this disease is more known as The Antonine Plague.

This plague spread rapidly throughout the Roman Empire. And at least 2000 people would die every day.

And this plague lasted for two decades in the Roman Empire, meaning 20 years. And it is believed that both the Roman Empire Lucius and Marcus lost their kingship due to this disease.

Let me tell you one thing, leave the throne, they lost their lives. And likewise, the whole of the Roman Empire merged into the soil.

And those who could save themselves from this epidemic once again had their immunity in them. But this disease had taken more than 50 lakh lives in 20 years.

And it spoiled the map of the entire Roman Empire. Economically and also militarily. What strength does a small virus have?

And being airborne, it spread to Spain, Italy, Greece, Asia Minor, Egypt, and North Africa. And it is believed that once again it is associated with Disease China.

Now you will be surprised to know that most of the diseases are originating in China itself. Biggest Pandemic In Human History.

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Biggest Pandemic In Human History Must Read

The Great Plague Of London

By the 17th century, London faced two terrible disasters. And friends, this is the Biggest Pandemic In Human History. can you guess which Disaster was the first Black Death.

The Black Death again showed its second glimpse after 300 years and that too directly in London.

But why did this happen again and you are not afraid to see that even if the coronavirus is gone, it will not come back again.

So let's do a little investigation in this matter. In the spring season of 1665, the disease first spread in the small city of London where there was a lot of dirt and garbage.

This filth-ridden city attracted more rats and fleas. And from here on again the corrupted rats and fleas led to the Black Death.

And it did not take long until it spread from one person to another because by the time of summer season 7100 people had lost their lives.

And the news of these deaths caused great panic in London. London's Rich Class, and Royal Members, Doctors, Lawyers all took their bags and left for other countries.

And now survived, only poor people whose number was very high. And they were left alone with the fleas and thus the plague did not take the name of stopping.

In order to control this epidemic, lane once again applied the isolation period ie quarantine. England's borders were canceled, trade halted and England also had to face a financial crisis.

The situation in London was getting worse and worse, people were being killed every day and there was no cemetery to dispose of bodies.

People started writing Lord Please Have Mercy on Us at the doors of their home.

And not only that, the house from which the person suffering from the plague would be given a red cross, so that death sentence could be given to the whole family.

Because of the isolation does not work, then the officer deemed it right to kill. And thus, this epidemic killed 20% of London's population.

Perhaps you will be shocked to know that Ringa Ringa roses which we all had nursery rhymes. He actually represents the Horror of the Great Plague.

The first sign of the play was the red spots in the ring shape which are on the body. And that's why the first line of the song is called Ring a Ringa Roses.

And like we said earlier, London faced two disasters. So on 2 September 1665, there was an accident that the whole of London was engulfed in flames of fire.

The fire started at a baker's shop and spread rapidly. At least 70000 to 80 thousand houses were destroyed in this fire.

But it is believed that in a way the fire has controlled the Black Death to a great extent. By Killing Rodents fleas.

Friends, the attitude of seeing this fire, now I leave it to you whether it was a blessing or a curse.

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Biggest Pandemic In Human History Must Read

The Spanish Flu

The twentieth century began with the devastation of World War One. But along with it, the spinal fluid had created panic.

Children, young, old, and even strong immunity did not leave this deadly virus.

This virus would directly attack your respiratory system and in a few days would make humans vulnerable and take them away.

And as you can understand from the name of this virus, it is Spanish flu that means right in Spain. But knowing you will be fond of it or maybe not, this virus has also originated from China.

Some earlier undiscovered records link transmission of this virus to the Chinese labor itself. Who were transported for work in Europe.

And on seeing this virus started spreading everywhere and in Spain this virus was first identified. And because of this the virus was named the Spanish flu.

And because this virus originated in 1918, it is also known as 1918 pandemic flu. Which is create Biggest Pandemic In Human History.

And some people also believe that because of the virus-infected soldiers who came back from the military camp outside the country, it spread to the country and abroad as well.

And it spread so fast that Spain, Britain, the USA, China, all countries were captured. And can you believe that this disease killed 1/3 of the population of the whole world.

From 1918 to 1920, 500 million people, or 50 million people lost their lives. Can you imagine the highest record death rate history by far, the deadliest pandemic in history and the condition was so bad.

Due to World War, the doctors had reduced considerably. And those who survived got this disease themselves.

The school and hospital were converted into MAC Shift Hospital. Medical students had to replace doctors several times.

And to avoid this pandemic, quarantine was once again implicated. People were forbidden to have any kind of personal contact.

Everyone was asked to wear a mask compulsory. And friends, this situation does not look like today. How much similarity we see today in Covid-19 and the Spanish Flu.

This also attacks the respiratory system itself. And we also roam around wearing masks today. And Covid-19 is yet to be shut down.

Could this Covid-19 prove to be as deadly as the Spanish flu or not. Will this Covid-19 also overtake the Spanish flu? Say, something good man.

And that's why it is important that we learn something from our history and take some action as time goes on.

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