Poveglia Island

There are many islands in the world which are known for their beauty. Today we are going to tell you about one such island which is beautiful.

But despite this, this island is counted among the most dangerous islands in the world. Located in the north of Lake venecia, this mysterious island is known as poveglia island.

Going here or calling death is the same thing. It is said that people who go here are difficult to return. Actually there is a scary story related to this island. 

Because of which people do not want to go here, however, the government has also imposed a ban on people going here.

It is said that hundreds of years ago plague patients were brought to this island to die and left. And those who died were buried.

In such a situation, around 160000 sick people were burnt alive on this island. Since then this island has been considered as haunted.

And it was completely deserted. Although a mental hospital was built on this island in the year 1922, but it was also closed after a few years.

The reason behind this was told that many unusual things started to appear from hospital patients to nurses.

The island remained closed for several years after the closure of the Mental Hospital. After this the Italian government sold it to a man in 1960.

It is said that he was able to stay here with his family for a few days, due to uneven incidents, then he left this island and went somewhere.

After this, a similar incident happened with another person who came to live here, after that he also left the island and left. This island has been deserted since then.

It is said that fishermen also do not go fishing near this island. Many times the bones of dead humans are found in their web. Human bones are present here in plenty.

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Isla Bermeja Island

You must have seen many most dangerous islands in the world which are very beautiful in appearance. Although you may have never seen an island that can walk and disappear.

However, there is only one such island in this world which can disappear. In 1700, an island was found in the middle of Gulf of Mexico.

After the discovery of this island, he was named Isla Bermeza. This island was located 200 miles from Mexico but still occupied it.

Because he was lured by the oil and minerals found there. However, this dream of Mexico receded when the island itself disappeared.

Yes, when people went to see this island in 2009, there was no island there. Its missing report was also written, it was searched a lot but this island was not found anywhere.

Some believed that America was behind the disappearance of this island. Perhaps the US made this island disappear or it got blasted.

However, there is no strong evidence that this island was declared a mysterious land.

Eye Island

You may have seen most dangerous islands in the world, but you will be surprised to see this island. This island is located in the northern part of Argentina.

The special thing about this island is that this island swims and rotates on its own baseline. This mysterious island is named The Eye.

This island has been discovered by a filmmaker. The filmmaker was looking for a location for his science fiction film. Then he came to know about this island. 

Director sergio neuspiller says that the island is like a circle. The one and a half meter is surrounded by a tunnel of water is 130 yards.

The inside and outside of the island look absolutely perfect. He rotates on his axis. The producers had forgotten their film as soon as they saw this island. 

And all their attention was just on this mysterious island. He himself said this in an interview.

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Miyakijuma Iju Island

Do you know that there is a dangerous place in the world where people apply masks 24 hours to stay alive. We are talking about Iju Island. 

Yes, one such Strange Island exists in this world. Where you have to wear a mask for 24 hours to stay alive.

We are talking about Miyakijuma Iju Island of Japan where people wear masks 24 hours to stay alive. The mask this people use is not a common mask. Rather it is called a gas mask.

The Iju Islands are a group of many small and large islands. Only 7 of these islands are where people live. One of them is Miyakijuma Island.

People here are facing a very bad situation. Humans live on this island but they always have to wear gas masks to protect themselves.

The amount of poisonous gases in the air is much higher than the normal level. Actually Iju Island is located near an active volcano.

It is said about Miyakijuma Iju Island that there was a terrible explosion here in the year 2000. The explosion was so dangerous that people here had to evacuate to their homes.

In such a situation, there is always a fear of spreading volcanoes in the minds of the people living here. This place is very famous for tourism, it is mandatory for every tourist visiting here to wear a mask.

Gruinard Island

There are many most dangerous island in the world where no one has stepped up till date. But there are some places where many people lived earlier.

But no one lives there for any reason. One such place is a small island gruinard in the Gulf of Scotland's gruinard.

The gruinard island in Gruinard Bay is also considered quite dangerous. This island is about 2 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide.

This place was first mentioned by Dean Munro. Who went there to roam there in the 16th century. Dean Munro in his book mentioned gruinard island being green.

But today the island is completely deserted. Actually, during the Second World War, Britain tested a poisonous gas of anthrax name on this island.

Because of this, this place has become poisonous. If someone comes in the grip of this gas, then his death is almost certain.

In the grip of this gas, there is first a mild fever, but after some time, a person dies due to internal bleeding. This dangerous gas is anthrax gas.

However, in 1990 this place was declared safe. The no entry board installed here has been removed, but still very few tourists try to visit such a poisonous place.

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Reunion Island

This island is very beautiful in appearance. Seeing the beauty of this place, no human being can tolerate the dangers here.

But you will go on this island, but maybe the living monster there does not let you return. Actually, this beautiful island is home to a shark.

It is located 200 kilometers east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean and south of Mauritius. Reunion Island of Africa is one of the popular visitors here.

But it is very dangerous to go here. And the reason for this is the presence of dangerous shark fishes which makes people sleep in a moment.

The sharks carried out 17 attacks between 2011 and 2015, of which 7 people have died. In the last few years, shark attacks here have increased by 13%.

Keeping in mind the security personnel, swimming is prohibited on more than half the beaches of this island.

Saba Island

In terms of beauty, this island is no less than anyone. The beauty of this island is worth seeing. Friends, although it is as beautiful as it is dangerous.

Because after coming here, you can down the earth anytime. It is one of the dangerous islands. Which lies in the middle of the Caribbean sea.

It is called Saba Island. This island is very beautiful to see. Spread over 13 square kilometers, the island is home to around 2000 people.

There are frequent storms and earthquakes here. After 1997, earthquake tremors on this island increased significantly.

It is believed that a fierce volcanic eruption can occur here anytime. This is the most dangerous island in the world.

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Snake Island

Have you ever heard of any place where snakes rule not just humans. If not, then let us tell you that visiting this place is not free from danger.

There are so many snakes here that even if a person accidentally goes away, he cannot come back alive. This is a dangerous place in Brazil, also known as Snake Island.

It is located 32 km off the coast of São Paulo, Brazil. Which is called Ilah de Koimanda Grain Island. This island looks quite beautiful when viewed from a distance.

But you will be surprised to know that the world's most dangerous snakes are found on this island. In Snake Island, there are 20 sniper species that can be flown.

It is said that the poison of these snakes is so dangerous that even the flesh of a human is strangled. More than 4000 snakes of different species live on this island.

The Brazilian Navy has banned common humans from visiting this place. Only the scientist associated with the snake is allowed here.

They also return to research only in coastal areas. They do not dare to go too much inside the island. Only snakes live on this island instead of humans.

4000 different types of snakes are found here. Who specializes in killing anyone with his poison. There are many snakes on this island that fly in the air and make birds hunt.

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