Most Dangerous Places To Travel On You Own Risk

Most Dangerous Places To Travel


Friends, you must have seen in many films how people use magic to turn people into stones. One such anecdote is a cave in England called Petrifying Well. This water falling from a mountain turns anything into stone in just a few days. By the way, let me tell you that some such minerals are found in the water, which can turn anything into stone, but it will take many years for it to happen. But it is something else, some people hang their doll to see it and then when they come a few days later they find their doll turned into stone. Every year many tourists come to see all this, so would you like to go to such a place Most Dangerous Places To Travel.

Most Dangerous Places To Travel


Friends, in 1971, in one area of ​​Turmekistan people were seen flaming a small fire. After seeing that, all the people were stunned and everyone wondered why not see this place. Due to which people started digging here, then a large part of that place was moved, and even more surprising is that the machines working there also got it in the pit. And since then, this pit has been continuously burning non-stop. Friends, people come from all over the world to see this pit because everyone wants to know how a fire pit can be built here without any reason. And due to all these reasons, this pit is also called the door of hell. Friends, this place is as scary as it is mysterious. Because no one came to know about it yet. Why this crater is built here and why it is being burnt continuously. Now you can say most dangerous places in the world.

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Most Dangerous Places To Travel


Friends, this is the beautiful places to visit. The sounds that come from the water fountains are as great as the sounds they make, which people often enjoy by putting water fountains to see them. But friends, we humans can not only build a water fountain, but nature also has so much power to make a water fountain by itself. Yes, water fountains made by friends Prakriti, also known as Geyser in common language. In appearance, we look even more spectacular than a man-made water fountain. And this world's most famous fountain is located in the Haukadlaur Valley in Iceland. And friends, when water starts coming out of this place, you might not believe the water goes up to a height of 70 meters. And so when it is cool, a big water balloon appears on top of it which is blue in color. And if it is talked about bouncing this fountain, it usually bounces to get every fountain every 10 minutes. And now you understand how much power it takes for nature to bounce water every 10 minutes. Comment about this weird places in the world.

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Most Dangerous Places To Travel


Everyone likes to watch the stars and many people like to spend the night watching them. But what if the stars start appearing on the earth itself. Yes friends, we know this is not possible. But it is possible to see exactly such a view and it is possible that you will find in the cave of New Zealand. Friends, this is a cave where a lot of fungus is found and these fungus glow like stars in the night. Whose sight can be loved by anyone. Now think for yourself how nature shows such a wonderful view. The light that is spread by those fungi whom no one asks gives us an atmosphere of paradise. And friends, it is also said that the more fungi are starved, the more light they spread. The nature of meaning is as much torturing this fungus as well. It starts illuminating the nature the more. Which is a wonderful thing in itself. This is an amazing places in the world

Most Dangerous Places To Travel


Friends, when you read this you must say a most beautiful place in the world. You must have heard about different types of rivers, but have you heard about the river flowing in five colors. If not heard, know that the only river in the Columbia Kano crystal flows in 5 colors. This river flows in 5 colors and looks very spectacular. And people come from all over the world to see this. So that he can see this river once with his own eyes. Friends, in fact, five different colored mosses are found in the river, due to which, when viewed from above, this river looks something like this. Friends, the more surprising thing is that this moss is of the same color from the month of December to August. But come the month of September, many of them change their color, whose beautiful view is available to us. By which we can not turn our face even if we want and nothing happens, but this creates one thing that there is no artist bigger than nature.

Most Dangerous Places To Travel


Friends, if we ask you where life was found in more difficult circumstances, your answer will be on space. Space is a place where gravity does not work at all, but still humans are able to live there with their special equipment. But let us tell you that not only space alone, there is a place on our earth where it is almost impossible to live. And that place is none other than Lake Vostok, Antarctica. And it is not on the surface but this lake is composed of many layers under the ice. And it is very difficult to have any kind of life here. But when scientists researched this place, they were also surprised. Because they came to know that life exists in this area too. Because inside this lake where neither the wind reaches it nor the sunlight. Nevertheless, scientists have found different lifeforms of about 3000 bacteria at that place. And he is so strong that he is capable of keeping himself alive under any circumstances. Even he can live comfortably in Jupiter. In such a situation, it is obvious that the Lifespan capacity of any place is more than ours. Which is really very surprising Most Dangerous Places To Travel.

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Most Dangerous Places To Travel


Friends, this place is in the US state of Minnesota. There is a strange waterfall near the northern shore of Lake Superior. Here you can clearly see that there are 2 waterfalls. Which is different from each other because of a rock. One of them is falling straight down into the river. But the water of the second spring disappears by going into a pit. This water is falling down, but after this, no one has been able to know where it goes. The scientist did a lot of research to find out that. But till now they did not find anything of water falling from the waterfall. Even scientists put colorful lyrics and ink in the waterfall so that it can know where this water goes. But the water is far away, neither the ball was found nor the ink that was put in it. So What you think about this Most Dangerous Places To Travel.

Most Dangerous Places To Travel


Friends, if we talk about stones in this world, then you will find many such stones which can surprise anyone. But some such stones are also present in the world which can surprise you as well as make you feel relaxed. Yes friends, we are absolutely right. These stones present in the state of Pennsylvania in the USA make a very sweet sound. Where you hit common stones, their voice will pierce like a needle in your ears. But if you hit anything on these stones in Pennsylvania, cute sound comes out of them. Although earlier this place was not so famous. But when people came to know about these stones, a large number of people started coming to see them from different places. However, no one knows anything about why this happens.

Most Dangerous Places To Travel


Friends, it is present in Kazakhstan at a place called Kalachi. Anyone here ever sleeps. Where people are able to sleep for hardly 10 to 12 hours, the people here sleep once for four to five days continuously. And for some, half the body ie half of the body is sleeping. This was happening on a very large scale at this place in 2013 when people used to fall asleep while doing their work. And this strange situation has been found in people of all ages, whether it is children, young or old. But after some time, the sleeping sickness gradually disappeared. And it left the question with itself, why it was happening. Some people say that this was happening here due to uranium mine. But scientists cannot say concretely that it was due to the uranium mine.

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