Friends, in this blog today, we will talk about the Unexplained Phenomenon of the world, which you will not be aware of, and they will know the same thing in your mind that why I did not know this earlier. So let's start.

Mysteries Of The Unexplained Phenomenon Must Read

Never Ending Lightning Storm

Friends, there is a storm that never stops on the Catatumbo River in western Venezuela and this is the Mysteries Of The Unexplained Phenomenon. Yes, this storm starts at 7:00 pm every night. After which a different form of nature is seen at this place. Because after 7:00 pm, lightning suddenly starts flashing above this place. That too happens for the entire 10 hours and on the maximum day of the year. However, who does not know about this unique incident, why it happens. But some people living here say that such things happen due to the high amount of uranium in the stones. But scientists believe that the hot winds present here collide with the cold winds coming from the other end. And for this reason, lightning starts here. Let us tell you that even scientists cannot claim why this happens. In 2010, this had stopped happening for 6 weeks and the atmosphere here was completely calm. But it started happening back then, here everyday lightning strikes.

Mysteries Of The Unexplained Phenomenon Must Read

Ice Disk

Friends, we do not know if you have seen a movie by putting a CD disc in the DVD player. But yes, we have definitely done this because maybe you have been in the modern era. But we have seen the era where we used to watch movies with the help of discs. And if you too have seen something like this, then you can definitely tell us about it in the comment section. Because the disc is not created just for playing on the DVD player. The nature of rather also forms a disk and that disc is made of ice and this the Mysteries Of The Unexplained Phenomenon. Yes, actually, it happens that around the icy disk is formed at some icy place or you can call it an icy wheel. Which is absolutely round in shape. And it is very rare to see this. And we saw a similar incident in an icy area of ​​West Brook. Where the circular disk was formed and this disk was so strong that if someone stood on it, it could not break. However, in many places, such discs are also formed which are quite weak. But our motive is not on the strength and weakness of the disc. This thing makes us wonder how nature makes ice by making the disk of this sphere. Because neither can it be set in this way nor can the ice be broken by this sphere. However, many scientists say that something like this happens due to the changes in the ice water. But so far nothing can be said with certainty, due to which scientists are beating their heads to understand it. And such discs have been seen everywhere from Russia to Washington

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Mysteries Of The Unexplained Phenomenon Must Read

Sail Stone

Friends, Death Valley National Park is located on the border of 2 states of the United States of America and this is the natural phenomena, Nevada, and California. And today let us tell you that this is the driest area in North America. And it is here that the racetrack escapes where a wonderful natural phenomenon of the world occurs. This place is the bottom of the pond that remains dry throughout the year. This place is completely deserted and at this place, stones move on their own without touching any human or animal. And we are not speaking this in the air, friends, rather we can find evidence of this by dragging behind the common stones. However, no one has seen these stones walking yet. The biggest reason for this is that there is no one living at this place. But yes, the markings behind the stones are proof that they are being dragged from behind. And it is even more mysterious that apart from these marks no other marks have been found. Because if a person or animal was doing this, then its footprints must be at this place. But there is nothing that makes us scientists think as well.

Mysteries Of The Unexplained Phenomenon Must Read

The Boiling River

Friends, you must have heard about The Mysteries Of The Unexplained phenomenon and different types of rivers. But have you ever heard of a boiling river, if not heard then listen? Because the boiling river is not found anywhere else but in the Amazon jungles of South America. The length of this river is 4 miles and the width is 25 meters. And if we talk about the temperature of this river, the temperature here ranges from 50 ° C to 100 ° C. From which you can guess why this river is called the boiling river. Let us tell you that the water of this river opens up so much that the residents living here can make tea and eggs from its water. According to the local residents here, the history of this river is centuries old. The sun which is formed by the heat is known as the rivers. And the most amazing thing about this river is that its water keeps boiling even in the cold winter. That is if it is freezing cold, then even touching its water can burn your hand. Now you yourself understand how mysterious and unique this river is. Which is not found anywhere else but in the jungles of Amazon.

Mysteries Of The Unexplained Phenomenon Must Read


Friends, if you love the glow of the stars, then this natural phenomenon will not be less than a paradise for you. Because if you do not know, then let us tell you that the water shining like stars at night looks very amazing. And it seems that this can only happen in stories. But let us tell you that this is not a story but a unique natural phenomenon. Which you will easily find in many places in the world. Because of which at night, the sea waves on the beach start to glow with blue light. Actually, this is because, within the water, creatures called very short pants are found. Those who have a light inside themselves and when there is a slight movement, the light inside them starts to glow automatically. Such an event can be seen on the Maldives and on the banks of san Diego which is unique as well as spectacular.

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Mysteries Of The Unexplained Phenomenon Must Read

Rain Storm

Friends, if this happens when we change the weather of our city a little bit too. So we call our friends and relatives and immediately sit down to ask their weather there. Hey brother, this person is so much gossip. But think for yourself what happens when the weather changes from one city to another, not just one step away. Yes, friends, it is quite possible to show two different forms of weather in one place. Although it sounds bizarre to hear if it was not strange, how would it be in our list today? By the way, it often happens that if it is raining in one place and not in the other place, light light rain keeps on raining on the path between those two places. But what we are going to tell you today, nothing like this happens here but the weather shows its two colors at a distance of one step. As you can also see in this unexplained photos, how the part of the road is raining and the other part is not happening. And it is not that there is very slow rainfall in one part, but there is a shower of rain. But the other part is completely dry. And this happens not only with rain but also with snow. Where there is snowfall on one part and there is absolutely clear weather on the other part. Now you yourself understand how wonderful nature plays with us, humans. Scientists have not yet been able to find out why this happens.

Mysteries Of The Unexplained Phenomenon Must Read

Mysterious Blood Fall

Friends, there is also a place on the ice in Antarctica from where the red waterfall flows and you must know about this Mysteries Of The Unexplained phenomenon. And looking at it, it seems that this waterfall is bleeding. Although scientists did much research on this, they could not reach any definite conclusion as to why this happens. But yes, seeing this, the human will surely be wondering if this waterfall actually bleeds. However, scientists can only guess. Because of which many scientists believe that some elements are found under the ice of this place which gives water red color. But even if this thing is said right, scientists have not been able to find that element yet.

Mysteries Of The Unexplained Phenomenon Must Read

Wave Arizona

The Wave is a unique construction of sandstone in Arizona, USA. Wherever you go, you will feel like you have come to a new world. The biggest reason for this is that the structure of this place is not only colorful. It is rather unique in which it seems that the sand is moving like a tornado all the time. And will take you away with her anytime. This place is very popular for hikers and adventure enthusiasts. Due to this, tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the amazing views of this place. And friends, seeing this view of this place, anyone will really feel that he can see such a wonderful view in his life at one time or another. Where you will feel a different world.

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Mysteries Of The Unexplained Phenomenon Must Read


Friends, in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, there is a unique illumination of light in the sky at night time that can fascinate anyone. Which is called Arora. Friends, golden light is produced in the sky when the electrically charged particles of the sun hit the earth's atmosphere. This spectacular view of nature is enough to stop anyone's beats. Because when the golden light flashes in the sky, anyone can see and hear them. And you can see this magnificent view very comfortably in clear weather, after seeing that it is sure that you will feel heaven in the earth itself.

Mysteries Of The Unexplained Phenomenon Must Read

Red Crab Migration

Friends, last Mysteries Of The Unexplained Phenomenon. on Christian Island on the North-Western Austrian cost of Indian Ocean, something happens every year that can see the human spirit shaking. Because every year 50 million red crabs surround this entire island at this place. Actually, during the month of October to December, when the rainy season starts at this place, the journey of this unique creature begins. Because when the rains start, these organisms start moving towards the sea to lay eggs. Adult crabs come out of their burrows in the forest and turn to the sea to replenish the depleted salt in the body. In which, when the crabs reach there, the male crabs make holes on the beaches. And the female crabs keep that hole safe from other crabs until bonding. Friends, when the male and the female get into a relationship, the male crabs turn back to the forest and the female crabs stop there to protect their hole. And after two to three weeks the female leaves her eggs at sea. Only then does the struggle of these eggs begin. Actually, friends make larvae from these eggs underwater. And only a few larvae survive until they grow up. After 4 weeks, these small crabs begin to find their way back. And when they grow up, they move out of the same forests and turn towards the sea. And begin the journey to increase the next generation. But the entire process of his lifestyle, between this, looks many scary mysteries on this island.

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