Shocking Facts About World That You Don't Know!

There are many shocking facts about world that surprise people. For example, do you know about a person who could not even kill an atomic bomb? Today we are going to give you some such true interesting facts information, knowing that you will also say, we did not even know this.

Varuna is a planet whose condensate carbon in the atmosphere causes diamonds to rain there. However, even if a human ever reaches this planet, he will not be able to collect these diamonds, because he will freeze there due to extreme cold. Are you know this shocking facts about world.

Shark fishes found in Greenland are one of the oldest living organisms in our world. According to the researchers, the carbon dating of a Greenland shark caught four years ago revealed that it was about 392 years old. Later it was found out that they can be up to 512 years old.

Germany is the only country in the world where people help frogs cross the road. To protect them from damage while crossing the road, many organizations have built over 800 fences in association with the roadways.

Jellyfish is the only creature in the world that never dies. If it is also cut into two parts, then its two parts become two separate jellyfish.

Japan's Tsutomu Yamaguchi was known worldwide as a man who survived both atomic bomb attacks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. He lived for 93 years.

shocking facts about world

There are many shocking facts about world that surprise people. For example, do you know about the woman who caused typhoid fever worldwide? Today we are going to give you 10 such unbelievable but true facts information, knowing which you will also say, we did not even know this amazing facts of people.

You will be surprised to know that the total weight of all the ants on earth is equal to the total weight of humans.

Often you will see that young children, they ask a lot of questions. You might not count it, but according to research, children ask around 300 questions a day.

Do you know that bees sometimes sting other bees? Yes, it is surprising, but it is absolutely true.

The Atacama Desert in Chile is considered one of the oldest deserts on Earth. It is also the driest. You will be surprised to know that there has not been a drop of rain here for thousands of years. This desert is considered to be similar to the surface of Mars.

Dogs are considered the most obedient and loyal among animals. They understand the teachings of humans very quickly. You may be surprised to know that dogs can learn to recognize a vocabulary of about 165 words, including many English words.

Koala is an animal whose fingerprints are exactly like humans. These are so similar that many times even experts who recognize fingerprints are deceived.

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs living on Earth lived on all continents, even in Antarctica. Actually, scientists have come to this conclusion after their fossils were found in every continent.

You must have heard the name of Dracula. The same Dracula who drank the blood of humans. Famous writer Bram Stoker's novel character. The Dracula novel was originally based on the Transylvania region of Eastern Europe. A historical book was written on one of the king Vlad Tapes. Bram Stoker played the character of Dracula, on the lines of Vlad Dracul, the father of the same king, but you would be surprised to know that Bram Stoker never went to Transylvania, although it is a very old city.

Napoleon Bonaparte was one of Europe's most powerful rulers ever, but suffered an unknown defeat at the hands of rabbits. Once he was attacked by thousands of rabbits.

'Typhoid Mary' was an actual historical woman. An Irish woman, named Mary Mallon, immigrated to the United States in the 1880s. Although he had no symptoms of typhoid fever, he had typhoid bacteria in his blood. The doctors tried to explain this to her, but since she did not have a fever, she was not ready to accept it. She used to work as a cook. It is said that he infected many people with typhoid bacteria, many of whom also died.

The dictators are generally known for their brutality and barbarism, but there was a dictator in the world who was not only dangerous but also with what he did for the people of the country, he is hardly the ruler of any country or The Prime Minister-President has done it. Let's know about this dictator, whose people will not even know many things.

The name of this dictator is Muammar Gaddafi, who was the former ruler of Libya. Gaddafi had waived the electricity bill of the people of the entire country under his rule. The government used to spend all the electricity that people used.

Gaddafi had decided in his reign that it is the government's responsibility to give every citizen of Libya his own house. Gaddafi is said to have vowed that he would not build a house for his parents until every person in the country found his own house.

After becoming a Libyan dictator, Gaddafi opened his own bank. The biggest feature of this bank was that the people of the country did not have to pay interest on taking a loan, only they had to pay the loan amount taken.

It is said that Gaddafi was given 50 thousand dollars, or about 35 lakh rupees, to every couple married in Libya. Apart from this, around three lakh rupees were given to the woman and her child at the time of birth of the children here.

Muammar Gaddafi was also known as 'Colonel Gaddafi'. He ruled Libya for nearly 42 years, but in 2011, on 20 October Gaddafi was killed in a suspected military offensive in the city of Sirte.

Did You Know This shocking facts about world. Angela Merkel is the world's most powerful woman, but life is very simple

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor since 2005, is the world's third most powerful figure. She is also called the most powerful woman in the world. Knowing all this about him, it seems that his standard of living will also be very different. But it is not so, she lives a very simple life. He is believed to have taken advantage of governmental facilities with little to no.

Angela of a royal family of Poland was previously known as Angela Kasner. Merkel was the surname of her first husband, whom she married in 1977. But they divorced after four years. Angela's supporters call her Muti, which means mother. She used to work as a bartender for her pocket money during college days. She has a degree in Physics.

Angela was refused the position of Assistant Professor at Stacey (East German Secret Police) in the year 1970 due to her talk. Like Angela, her husband Joachim Sauer lives a very simple life. He works as a professor at Berlin University and stays away from publicity. He was not even present when Angela became Chancellor.

Despite being included in the list of powerful personalities, Angela is very common in terms of money. Among the powerful personalities, the highest net worth of 2597 billion is held by President Vladimir Putin of Russia. The net worth of US President Donald Trump is 1649 billion. Explain that this amount has been released by Trump. Angela Merkel's net worth is just Rs 74 crore. It also includes Angela's house and car. These figures have been released by Celebrity Networth.

Angela does not live in government housing, she lives in her apartment in a four-story building. Hoyte Wokhe, a local women's magazine, published photos of Angela's house. His house is very beautiful. Angela is quite ordinary even in terms of fashion.

She wears a Bosnia brand watch, which is worth less than Rs 7000. Angela owns cars from Ford and Bentley besides the German brand's Mercedes S class. Which is worth 8 crores. At the same time, a black car has been provided to them by the government.

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