Today I tell you about The Most Dangerous Place On Earth. India is the second-largest population in the world. But have you know that there are very dangerous places. Here you can see the second cold place on earth the most beautiful but dangerous desert and strange places on earth. So let's start mysterious places in the world.

the most dangerous place on earth


By the way, you would think that the coldest and most dangerous places in the world could be Antarctica which is covered with full snow. Although this is true, but the second coldest place which exists in this world is not anywhere else but in our India. Yes, Drass is a small town located in the Kargil district of Jammu and Kashmir. The city lies between the Zojila Pass and the Kargil district. This small town is also known as the Gateway of Ladakh. What to say about the beauty of this city, Friends, during the summer season, the greenery here looks green and the entire valley is filled with beauty. But the winter here can be very harsh due to the fact that it is the coldest city in India, the temperature falls so much that people are usually afraid of the winter here. It is not just India's unique tourist destination but it is the second coldest city in the world. Pollution and dust away from the soil can be seen in the most unique scenes in this city. The city remains completely snow-covered during winter. And even if it is called the North Pole of India, it will not be wrong. It is one of the most dangerous places in India. Now think how the most dangerous place on earth. So let us tell you that as we said that it is the second coldest city in the world. The reason for its dangerous is that the temperature here has gone to -60 degree temperature. This was the war fought during the Kargil War.

the most dangerous place on earth

Kishtwar Kailash Road

There is a saying that the well dwells behind the well we think this saying fits perfectly for this place. However, there is nothing in it, but there is a danger in the side. This dangerous place is not located anywhere else but in India's paradise i.e. Jammu Kashmir. Which is known as Kishtwar Kailash Road. Here a deep ditch on one side and this dangerous rock on the other side means if you are escaping from the ditch, then this dangerous chatter is enough to get you in trouble. The road is so thin in many places that only one vehicle can pass at a time. Going here for driving is nothing less than going to death. And if you hurry on this road, then God is the master of your life. However, this route was closed to the Mountaineers in 1990.

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the most dangerous place on earth

Kailash Mansarovar

Kailash Mansarovar, located near Mount Kailash, the center of the earth, is full of many mysteries. It has many beliefs on religious and scientific grounds, which is quite interesting to hear. This place is also called Access Mundi. Which means the navel of the world. Its beauty is worth seeing, although you are fond of trekking and if you want to go here then you should avoid going here. Because this place is very dangerous, to walk on this track you have to climb 18000 feet above this path. This route is considered very dangerous. High mountains and cool temperatures make the way here difficult. May have. No one has climbed Mount Kailash till date. It is said that Shiva Shankar Bholenath lives in the lap of this beautiful nature. Many more secrets are hidden on Mount Kailash.

the most dangerous place on earth

Khardung La

The fact about the beauty of Ladakh is unique. Who does not dream of going here, everyone wants to feel the beauty of Ladakh once in their life. Now, no matter what the beauty of this place, the beauty is seen in its own color. Ladakh is a place where not only people like to visit, but for trekking and adventure enthusiasts, Ladakh is number one. And where people like to trek the most is Khardungla. Tourists are allowed to drive up to Khardungla but it is advisable to spend at least the peak time. Because it is very high, people coming here may have headaches and difficulty in breathing. The peak of the pass here is usually snow-covered for most part of the year. The temperature in Khardungla varies regularly. So it is difficult to guess the weather. However, in summer the average temperature reaches 20 degrees. While it can fall below -40 in winter, it is the world's largest motorable road. Khardungala is a cold place, as well as the oxygen level, which is very low which makes it a more dangerous place.

the most dangerous place on earth

Prabalgarh Fort

This place is located between Matheran and Panvel in Maharashtra. This fort is built on a 2300 feet high hill. One has to go through dangerous paths to reach this fort. Although some people come here but it is really very difficult to climb this climb, this fort is counted among the most dangerous forts of India. Although there is no prohibition to come here, but whoever comes here, it is considered good to go back before evening. Actually after sunset, the area around it becomes completely deserted.

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the most dangerous place on earth

Thar Desert

You must have been convinced of its beauty by looking at this desert, it should also be seen far and wide, this sand makes it beautiful. But it is as beautiful as it is dangerous. The heat is so hot here that you will die thirsty here without water. However if you have enough food or water, you can stay here for a while. But it is not just the heat here but also the danger hidden in this beautiful sand. Actually, snakes like black cobra and sand boa hidden in this sand are enough to kill you. The Thar Desert is located in the northwest of India and southeast of Pakistan. It is located in most of Rajasthan but some parts of Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, and Sindh of Pakistan, and also in the province of Punjab. It is called Thar Desert but do you know why it is named after it. Actually, desert means a death zone where thirst can kill people, animals, and plants. Due to severe water scarcity, death can occur here. Therefore, it has been included in the most dangerous place on earth.

the most dangerous place on earth

Pamban Bridge

It is the most dangerous sea bridge in India. Which connects Central India to Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu. The bridge is spread over 2 kilometers and the 6776 feet long Pamban Bridge started on 24 February 1914. Pamban Bridge situated in Tamil Nadu is built over the sea and is very beautiful to see. Shahrukh Khan's film Chennai Express was also shot on this bridge. This bridge took 29 years to build, it rests on 145 concrete poles. The view of the train emanating between the waves of the sea is very exciting. It has been 104 years since this bridge was built, ships pass under it, and trains from above. This journey is considered very dangerous due to the strong winds running here. People like to sit on the window seat of the train but people get nervous when passing through this bridge. Actually it poses a bigger risk than storm with sea waves, hence it is called the most dangerous place on earth in India.

the most dangerous place on earth

Gurez Valley

Jammu and Kashmir is called heaven on earth. Surrounded by beautiful litigants from all around, Jammu and Kashmir, whose beauty once seen, once again wants to be stared at. The plains between the snowy hills and the serene environment make this state located in India the most special. Gurez Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Jammu and Kashmir. Situated around 8000 feet above sea level, this valley is 125 km from Srinagar. As beautiful as this valley is, as much as the disputed area is terrible, there is always a danger of land mines here. Also, there are many avalanches here and sometimes there are chances of avalanche 80 times in 3 days. However, the beauty here is unique and attracts everyone else. But due to the dangers here, it is not so easy to go here.

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the most dangerous place on earth


Now we will talk about this small district of Chhattisgarh of Bastar, the tribe is 70 percent of its population. It is full of natural beauty, there is also a river of natural beauty, companions of good forests. This place is considered one of the most dangerous places in India. Or it is absolutely forbidden for the common people to go. Actually Naxalite activities take place on a large scale here. Therefore, it has declared the Naxalite area. This place is considered the most dangerous place on earth due to the Naxalites living here.

the most dangerous place on earth

Roopkund Lake

Roopkund Lake, situated at an altitude of 5029 meters in the mountains of Uttarakhand. On one side is famous for its natural beauty but this beautiful lake is called a skeletal lake. Now you may be wondering why in fact many different skeletal secrets were found in this lake. Whose mystery has not yet been solved. Roopkund Lake was first discovered in 1942 by a British Ranger. When the snow melted in this lake, a lot of male skeletons were found. Whose mystery still remains. Many stories have been hidden about this, many believe that the skeletons who found were victims of some epidemic. So some say that they were army men who got caught in a snow storm.

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