Antarctica is called the last corner of the world. This is such an area where only the snow is seen there. If you talk about all the continents except Antarctica, then there are 8 different types of people living there.

There are many places in our world which along with being attractive, are considered to be very dangerous and life-threatening. So today we know you about a continent that is situated in the southern part of the earth, this continent which is not considered for humans to live, is considered a mysterious and wonderful island, it is surrounded by four other oceans. It is the 5th largest continent of the earth with 140 square kilometers.

do people live in Antarctica? Do you know that there used to be a human civilization at that time? Yes friends, it is a fact that thousands of years ago there was a human civilization in the Antarctica continent. And its inhabitants were far ahead of other human civilizations.

Yes, you heard right, those people were ahead of all the continents of the world. In everything, whether it is suffering or health. So today we are going to tell you some interesting things and unexplained mysteries about Antarctica facts, which will make your senses go away after listening.

Unexplained Mysteries About Antarctica No One Will Tell


If someone asks you which is the happiest and barren place in the world, then the desert will come in your mind. But let me tell you, it is not right for you to think so. Antarctica is the coldest place in the world as well as the happiest place.

But this is not mentioned because life is not possible there. Called McMurdo Dry Valleys, this valley is one of the happiest and roughest places. Where you will neither see any water source nor will you have any luck to see any snow.

You will find only four and barren by going there. It is a matter of thinking that there is a place like Antarctica covered with snow, there is also a place where there is no snow. It has become such a thing that a mountain of snow surrounds the desert.

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Unexplained Mysteries About Antarctica No One Will Tell


The unexplained mysteries of Antarctica's trailer glacier from where the red-colored water flows, which had remained untouched for the last 100 years. But now scientists have succeeded in removing the curtain from that place.

Earlier, scientists used to say their point with their different theories. Colorado College and Alaska University of America found this in their recent research. The water has been surrounded by a large pond, the special thing is that this pond was buried under snow for many millions of years.

Scientists believed that as the water freezes, it releases its heat. This heat heats the frozen ice all around, due to this process there is a red color formed through a special chemical reaction. Geologist Griffith Taylor of Australia, who was called the discoverer of this waterfall, first came here in 1911.

And they saw something that no one can even imagine. Usually water or waterfalls flow from the glacier but here there was a bloody waterfall. The red color applied to them is due to the microscopic red Chevelle. In 2003, Taylor's Chevelle theory was proved wrong by scientists.

After that a research was done again and new research revealed that there is a lot of iron oxide in this water. Oxidized iron causes water to turn red. This claim of the people was also proved wrong in which people believed that it was a waterfall.

But according to scientists, it is just a chemical reaction that happened due to being frozen in ice for many years. and unsolved mysteries solved.

Unexplained Mysteries About Antarctica No One Will Tell


Three-quarters of the world is covered with water. In every way you will get to see big sources of sea and water. But the sad thing is that despite having such a large amount of water, we humans only love sweet water.

Apart from that, we cannot quench our thirst with any other water. And drinking any water will not be good for our health. He can make us sick. Antarctica has 70% of the world's fresh water source. In addition, 90% of Antarctica's frozen ice is freshwater ice. Really, the thing related to Antarctica is quite interesting.

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Unexplained Mysteries About Antarctica No One Will Tell


This vast Unexplained Mysteries continent was discovered by mistake. You will find it very strange to know that Antarctica was discovered by mistake. But it is true that until 1820, Antarctica did not exist in the world. Meaning, nobody knew that there is any such continent in the world.

It was first discovered in 1820 but sadly it was given the title of the Continent 40 years later i.e. in 1860. We had seven continents after 1860, before that we had 6 continents. Despite being discovered in 1820, nobody dared to go there for 90 years.

Norway inventor Roald Amundsen was the first person to enter Antarctica and became the first person to visit there. And accidental discovery has given us the opportunity to open some pages of our past today.

And today the way the human population is increasing day by day. In times to come, a time will come when humans will have less land to buy. And at that time, such islands will become the support of humans.

Unexplained Mysteries About Antarctica No One Will Tell


Friends, this Unexplained Mysteries of the pyramid is the biggest proof of this, even there life was once live. In 2016, some researchers claimed to have discovered an ancient pyramid in Antarctica. This time scientists also showed some pictures of Google Satellite.

In which pyramid-like shades were seen. The same researchers claimed that it was the work of an ancient civilization. We are now finding evidence of this. In fact, from the year 2009, NASA started a mission to explore many parts of the earth from satellite images.

Many scientists in their research found that at some time there were human settlements at this place. And the evidence of growing grains here will also be found soon. In 2012, the Mewara Desert Research Institute took several samples in Antarctica, and scientists found that life once existed here.

Journalist Krisshofter Kollin even stated in his article that the historic city of Atlantis existed nowhere else but at this place. And due to natural disasters, there was destruction of civilization here. Many archaeological texts said that there was a human civilization at this place.

But due to the shift of the magnetic center of the earth, this place was not liveable. Every 12 to 20 thousand years the Earth's magnetic center is sifted and this brings tremendous changes in the weather. Because of which terrible destruction has to be faced.

Some theories released by NASA in 2012 saw the pyramid in Antarctica giving tremendous strength to this theory. Their shape looked like a fully man-made pyramid. And its location still exists on Google Earth, which you can see on Google.

You can check the location of this pyramid. Friends, Conspiracy Theory believes that the government is trying its best to hide it from us. But many generalists and many senior citizens completely deny this. He considers it to be just a mountain covered with snow.

Evidence of this is also found in the British Antarctica Expectations of 1910. In which the pyramid of Antarctica was mentioned. But this file was kept secret for 100 years. In this also it was called a mountain. In many parts of the world today, you will find pyramid-shaped mountains.

It is likewise a series of mountains that are covered with snow sheets and its upper end is visible outside. So much research is calling it man-made and many are calling it natural. Friends, what do you think about this pyramid, please tell your opinion in the comment section.

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