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Unique Restaurant In The World You Must See

kayabukiya tavern

Till now we feed the animals. But if I say that there is a restaurant in Japan in kayabukiya tavern where monkeys feed, what would you believe? But let me tell you that yes there is a restaurant in Japan where the waiter is not a human but a monkey there. And their owner says that they have not given any training to these monkeys, rather they saw them doing it and learned it themselves. And these monkeys are not made to work for much longer, these monkeys work for 2 hours which is applicable according to their law under animal rights. And these monkeys can do everything easily. So would you like to go to such a unique restaurant?

Unique Restaurant In The World You Must See


There is a restaurant called O.Noir in Toronto where you are fed in the dark. And the fun of eating at such a place is different. Before going in here you are given a menu card and after that you have to order food and after that, a blind man will take you inside the restaurant and will sit at your table. After that you have to eat your food without electricity. Meaning there will not be any light inside the room and there you are not allowed to carry mobiles nor to carry matches. The concept of this restaurant is that if you eat food in the dark, then your test buds become very active. And because of this, you start to eat even tastier. So would you like to go to the Unusual restaurants in the world

Unique Restaurant In The World You Must See

Lepland Hotel Snow Village Restaurant

Friends, you must have seen various cold areas like the Arctic. And you must have also seen how the people live in an igloo and you have a thought that how the people there eat food live in those snow houses. And you must have felt that to take such an experience. So friend, let me tell you, you too can take the experience. So friends have come to fulfill this experience, a hotel named Lepland Hotel Snow Village Restaurant. In this hotel you will find everything made of snow. Means snow beds, ice glasses, ice tables means everything will be found in ice. And the design here is taken from Game of Thrones so that you will get a good feel. And the staff here will give you such warm clothes that you do not feel the cold and you can take full experience of this place. So, friends, would you like to go to such a unique restaurant? And one night you get a diploma certificate here which proves that you have spent a night here

Unique Restaurant In The World You Must See

Dinner in the Sky

Friends, there is no shortage of thrill people in the world, and if we see it, there is also no shortage of hunger. So how to fill these two shortcomings. The answer is with David Ghisels and Steven Kerkhoff. Because together they have given birth to Mind-Blowing Concept Dinner in the Sky. In this type of hotel, you have to place your order first. After that, you will be seated on a chair in the dining table, that too with safety and then it will be lifted directly up to one hundred feet in the air. This table can only pick up to 22 customers at a time. And there will be 4 waiter staff present here for your complete care. The seats that are in it rotate in full 360 degrees and apart from this the restaurant hanging in the air keeps moving slowly. So that you can have a good feel and eat your food well. So, friends, you must definitely go to such an amazing restaurant.

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Unique Restaurant In The World You Must See

Ithaa Conrad Maldives Restaurant

Ithaa Conrad Maldives Restaurant located in Rangali Island, 5 meters below the coast of the sea, is built underwater in the depths of the sea. This underwater restaurant gives a submarine-like feel. And colorful fish floating around you and delicious food decorated on your plate. Although this restaurant is famous for its seafood, you will also find vegetarian food here, but leave the food here and think about how unique the experience will be here. You are sitting in a restaurant underwater and the fish are going on top of you, seeing how much fun you will have, a thrill comes inside you. Now you definitely would like to go and comment in such a unique restaurant and tell me what you think.

Unique Restaurant In The World You Must See

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

If summer vacation has started and you are confused about where to go to the water park or restaurant to eat. Today I will give you the solution of these two. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant Here a waterfall has been made by diverting a dam. And this restaurant is built near the same place where you can sit and enjoy delicious food as well as a bath. And the food found here is all kinds of seafood. Which is surveyed on banana leaf and after eating food, you can also take a comfortable bath here. So there is double benefit means enjoy the restaurant along with the water park. So what did you think about this unique restaurant and tell us by commenting?

Unique Restaurant In The World You Must See

soneva kiri eco resort

Friends, you must have seen the bird's nest. And it must have seen how the bird sits and eats its food. Have you ever thought if you can eat food sitting in a bird's nest in the same way. But if you have not thought, then let me tell you that there is one such restaurant that can give you this experience too. The soneva kiri eco resort of Thailand gives you this experience. As soon as you reach here, you will be seated in the ground level slurry. He will take you straight up with the help of a platform and after reaching the top, there will be a view in front of you which will make your senses fly. And here the waiters do not come in a simple way but they bring your food through the zipline. And they do not take much time to bring food. Because it is also taken care that the order of the customer should be warm. If you want to enjoy that restaurant, then go to this unique restaurant in Thailand and sit in a bird's nest which you have seen since childhood.

Unique Restaurant In The World You Must See

Toilet Restaurant

Friends, do you want to have an experience in which you have to eat food sitting on the latrine seat. If yes, then you can go to a restaurant in Thailand where the theme is based on the restroom. Here you also get food sitting on the toilet seat and at the same time, the food plates are made in the shape of the bath tub and drink urinal. This mill is also very good. If you go here, you will get everything unique here. That is, food will also be given to you in a unique way which is in the shape of the potty. So if you have enough courage that you can sit here and eat, then go to this toilet restaurant in Thailand. So how did you like this weirdest restaurant.

Unique Restaurant In The World You Must See

Central Jail Restaurant

Friends, if you also want to eat food like a convict sitting in jail, that too without committing any crime, then go to this restaurant in Bangalore, India. The name of this restaurant is Central Jail Restaurant, inside this restaurant you will get the full feel of a prisoner. Here you can sit and eat comfortably and enjoy the meal. Here the waiters come in uniform of a prisoner and the policemen taking orders are in uniform. And after eating, you can also do photo suit by handcuffing and prank with your friends. Once you come here, you will realize yourself how unique this place is. So friends, how did you like this wacky restaurant, please tell us by commenting.

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