Today we talk about Biggest Snake In The World 2020. We found some snake who lives in our earth with us. So sit relax and read carefully. Let us begin the world's biggest snake.

Biggest Snake In The World 2020 Must See


First of all we will talk about Titanoboa which is 50 feet in length and width is 4 feet and its weight is about 1500 kg. And this is the first Biggest Snake In The World 2020.

Titanoboa is a species from about 60 million years ago. Which was present on Earth at the time of dinosaurs.

However, this species of snake was later declared extinct. Many remains of it were found during excavations.

Which are still kept in the museum today. But many scientists claim that this snake is still alive today. Scientists say that even today these snakes can be in the Amazon River of South America.

These snakes are so large that even crocodiles can be swallowed alive. How terrible it would look can be gauged by its weight.

Just think, if this snake comes in front of you, what will be your condition? You definitely tell me in the comments.

Biggest Snake In The World 2020 Must See

33 Feet Anaconda

Now we will talk about 33 feet of anaconda. Workers working on a construction site in northern Brazil flew to the senses when they saw a giant snake.

The workers were working in Altamira. That they heard the loud sound, all started running here and there. On seeing a giant anaconda came in front of him.

The length of this giant snake was stated to be 33 feet and weight 400 kg. This snake found in Brazil is said to be the world's largest snake.

Earlier, a 25-foot-long snake was found in Kansas City, USA. Which was also recorded in the Guinness Book World Record.

After the snake was found at the building site, work was also stopped for a while. A worker on the spot made a video of the snake.

An engineer present there sensibly picked up the snake with cranes and chains. He was very hurt on his mouth.

However, it was not clear whether the snake was killed or not. Many people on social media strongly criticized the way the snake was raised.

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Biggest Snake In The World 2020 Must See

Reticulated Python

Now we will talk about reticulated python. The world's longest snake is believed to be the reticulated python. Its true this is the biggest snake In the world 2020.

It is also larger than the Green Anaconda, its length is about 10 meters and weighs up to 160 kg. It has the status of the world's longest snake in the Guinness of World Record.

When this snake was seen, the hair of the people stood up. At that time it took seven to eight people to lift it. This snake is found in Southeast Asia woodland and around rivers.

This snake is not as poisonous as it is dangerous to see. However, if anyone sees this snake, then the condition of anyone can be down. This snake is mainly found on the ground.

It is golden, black, and green. Different patterns are made on its body. With the help of which it can hide itself very cleverly anywhere. These snakes are very aggressive.

They only go out hunting at night. They hunt animals such as monkeys, deer, and rats. These snakes do not release their prey until it stops breathing.

Biggest Snake In The World 2020 Must See

Boa Constrictor

Now let's talk about that boa constrictor. This snake is also one of the world's largest snakes. Boa constrictors are dangerous to watch but do not contain poison in their body.

Meaning if you bite it, you will not die. But it is not that these snakes are not dangerous. They torture and kill their victims on the strength of their strength.

It is 12 to 18 feet in length and weighs up to 45 kg. It is found in the Americas, Savannah, and the desert. Large boa constrictor snakes are not only dangerous but also very beautiful.

Their skin is very shiny and beautiful. That is why they are also known for their beauty. It is red, green or yellow. Now let's talk about what these prey do.

These snakes hunt wild animals like small deer, boar, monkey, and rat. As we told that these snakes do not bite, but they bury their victims by clinging to their prey.

Boa constrictor swimming is very good. It can swim fast in water. However, not just on water but also on trees, it can be easily run. They prefer to live on trees instead of water.

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Biggest Snake In The World 2020 Must See

Bermis Python

Here comes the Bermis Python. The largest snakes in the world now include the Bermis python. It is the third-biggest snake In the world 2020.

This snake is found in Southeast Asia. Like many large snakes, it is also not poisonous. Its length varies from 5 to 8 meters. It weighs up to 137 kg.

This snake is found in swamps, woodlands and grasslands, and river valleys of Southeast Asia.

This snake is not only the third largest snake in the world but it is also counted among the most beautiful snakes in the world.

They are brown, black, yellow, and red. With which you can get an idea of ​​its beauty. The food of this snake is rabbits, rats, small birds, deer, and pigs.

However, they do not hunt every day or every week, but once they eat enough food, they can run for many months.

Biggest Snake In The World 2020 Must See

Indian Python

Now we will talk about the Indian Python. The Indian Python is one of the biggest snake In the world 2020. However, it is the largest snake found in South Asia.

It is about 6.4 meters in length and weighs up to 91 kilograms. The color of Indian python is black, yellow, brown, or green. These snakes are also good swimmers.

But not only a swimmer, but they can climb trees easily. Indian pythons also hunt at night just like other snakes. These snakes are also not poisonous.

But they capture and kill their prey. And then slowly swallow it.

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Biggest Snake In The World 2020 Must See

Green Anaconda

One of the largest snakes in the world is also the Green Anaconda. Its length is 6-8 meters. And its weight is up to 250 kg.

Which is two times heavier than the world's largest reticulated snake. Green anaconda is not poisonous. It is found in marshy areas and rivers of America.

The female anaconda is larger than the male. A green anaconda spends most of its life in water. That is why it is the best swimmer of all species of snake.

It has eyes and nose above the head. By which it can see and breathe while in water. Like other snakes, it also hunts at night.

It keeps waiting for hours until the hunt comes near it. At the right time, it attacks the prey and captures it and then swallows it.

Biggest Snake In The World 2020 Must See

Yellow Anaconda

There are many species of anaconda in the world. Which also includes a Yellow Anaconda. Which is one of the largest anaconda in the world.

It is between 10 and 15 feet in length and weighs up to 60 kg. It is found in Anaconda South America that lives in swamps and rivers.

They are very beautiful in appearance. It was named Yellow Anaconda due to its yellow color. There are dark spots on its body which make it even more beautiful.

Although these beautiful spots not only make them beautiful, but their spots also help in hiding the marshes from their enemies in murky waters.

After catching the prey, it wraps around it and suffocates it and then swallows it.

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Biggest Snake In The World 2020 Must See

Amethystine Python

The name of amethystine python is also numerous among the large snakes. Its length varies from 7 to 8.5 meters and weighs up to 90 kg. It is also known as scrub python.

It is found in Australia and Papuagini. The scrub python is Australia's largest snake. This snake is also not poisonous.

But it does not kill its victim with its poison but on the strength of its strength. These snakes also attack their predator at night.

They ambush and hunt small mammals, birds, bats, etc. They grab them and then swallow them.

Biggest Snake In The World 2020 Must See

African Rock Python

One of the world's largest snakes. Although this snake is the largest snake in Africa. Like other snakes in my list, this snake is also not poisonous.

It measures approximately 7.5 meters in length and weighs 114 kg. These snakes are found in the marshy tropical forest of western and central Africa.

These patterns are made of black spots in their body which help it to hide while hunting. These snakes also kill their prey like other snakes, slowly swallowing them.

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