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Most Dangerous Cyclone in The World

Most Dangerous Cyclone in The World

Fani, India

The storm that hit at a speed of 200 kilometers caused havoc in the entire city of Odisha. And friends, you also know very well how the entire Orissa was ruined when this storm came.

Here the sea was completely uncontrollable and took the form of heavy destruction. The telephone poles present in the same way were uprooted in such a way as if they were made of thermocol instead of iron and started flying with little air.

They were uprooting the doors of houses and strong buildings, as if they had no life. That is, this storm was so terrible that it started showing itself everywhere.

The Meteorological Department had predicted that the coming morning would be a morning of doom before this storm.

After which we all saw the scene because the whole of Orissa was in such a bad condition. Whose thought still comes in the mind of the people living there, they are shivering.

Friends, this storm had completely destroyed the Puri town of Orissa.

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Most Dangerous Cyclone in The World


You probably do not know how dangerous Tornadoes are for the EF-5 rating. Because it looks really beautiful. But this does not mean that it is not dangerous because of their beauty.

Rather it is Most Dangerous Cyclone in The World that if you have seen them, then you should run away from that place as soon as possible. But if you enjoy watching such adventurous things, then, first of all, you should sit at a safe place and enjoy this fantastic tornado.

And two people did something similar. He recorded the 2011 Tornado, which you can see in the image above. After driving for some time, these people were now moving closer to Tornado.

And then he reached near where he shot this magnificent and very dangerous view from his car. Great because it was showing a different beauty and dangerous because it looks good only from a distance.

And all this was being recorded in his camera. After which, a moment came when these people realized that Tornado is moving towards them.

After which he decided to turn off the camera and turn the car back which was perfect. Because you cannot say for sure that such storms will not change their attitude.

Because the job of the storm is to spread destruction everywhere. And when he, whom and his devastating winds, he himself does not even know.

After this storm, there was havoc in the entire area where many houses, along with the roof, also started moving around with that wind. Whose sight was very dangerous.

Most Dangerous Cyclone in The World


If you look at the EF-2 Tornado which came to Colorado in 2016. And this storm was moving at a speed of 130 mph. Friends, this storm was also recorded sitting inside the car.

Where the person recording it was recording it while chasing this storm. In the photo above you can clearly see how the storm is spinning in such a terrible way.

And whatever is coming in this tornado is starting to revolve with it. The storm was the largest storm in Colorado's history. Which caused a lot of havoc in 2016.

Due to this storm, many houses were destroyed and many people suffered heavy losses. Which you can see clearly in the image. How this storm, moving fast, destroyed everything that came before it.

Let us tell you that the camera and this tornado were present at a very long distance. But still, you can clearly hear the sounds coming from this Tornado.

Which is so fast that one can close the eyes and get a sense of wind speed. This is the Most Dangerous Cyclone in The World.

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Most Dangerous Cyclone in The World


On 19 May 2012, the entire group of Tornadoes and the largest of these Tornadoes was coming to the North West of Harper's Town. And this tornado was rated ef3.

Because it caused a lot of destruction. Due to this tornado here, many fields were destroyed. If we talk about its speed, then you will be surprised after listening to it.

Because its speed was 160mph per hour. And this tornado was going up to 300 feet above the ground. You yourself guess how dangerous this sight will be seen in Harper.

Friends, as you can clearly see with your own eyes how the tornado is causing havoc at high speed. If any person gets scared after seeing this, it is a distant thing to go near it.

He shrieks this cameraman who dared to record such a huge disaster. Otherwise, according to the way the tornado was going, it seemed like it would never stop.

The rest will certainly tell you what you think about this very Most Dangerous Cyclone in The World.

Most Dangerous Cyclone in The World


Friends, in 2013 there was a Tornado that got its name recorded in history. Because it was the most widespread tornado in the world.

That is, there was no other Tornado than this Tornado which came in such a huge form. Yes, we are talking about the same tornado that came to Oklahoma in 2013, which surprised everyone.

Because this tornado was initially small and had an EF-1 rating. But gradually it started expanding and after which it did not even take the name of stopping.

And this tornado grew bigger. When it has grown so much, then obviously it will create havoc. For this reason, the rating of this Tornado went from EF-1 to EF-3 and its wind speed was not less.

Where it was running at a speed of 300 mph. If we talk about its width, it was 2.5 miles, which was the largest width ever.

And the eyes of every person who saw the magnificent and towering Tornado were opened with astonishment.

Because he had never seen such a wide-ranging tornado and was surprised when he saw it. Because its view was such that it could completely surprise people.'

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Most Dangerous Cyclone in The World


Even after seeing this much, if you still have a grudge in your mind that what good nature can ruin you.

So just look at the photo above, where nature showed such a huge form that even humans could not stand up in the manner.

Humans leave big houses and buildings slowly start flying. Even the car was being flown two to three times. Now you can understand the weight of a car.

And how awful it would be to have a storm with such a heavy car. You can guess it yourself. That is, if it is said in clear terms, what tree, plant and house, or human being, everyone was going to fly in the grip of the storm.

This clearly shows why you should make a lot of progress in life and no matter how much technology becomes a model. But when nature shows its wrath, nothing will be left. This all is Most Dangerous Cyclone in The World

Most Dangerous Cyclone in The World


Friends, now see this scene of destruction and Most Dangerous Cyclone in The World. Where Tornado caused so much devastation that the person who was making this video.

He himself was watching his house being destroyed. Due to which he started crying making videos because his house as well as his entire farm was devastated by this tornado.

And this storm was destroying this place so fast that this area was destroyed in a blink of an eye. That scene was really dangerous.

Now you must have understood that when such a severe storm comes, nothing can happen. That is why if you ever see such a storm in your life.

So if you are in your house, first pick up a steel vessel from the kitchen and cover your head with it. And then sit in peace at the place where the door is placed.

Because of the wind is too strong then the door will blow. But the wall near the door will remain, which you can avoid.

And if you are outside the house, instead of going under a big building, first of all, find a ground surface that is slightly padded.

And lie down in the same pit with the head till the storm is gone. Till then keep lying in the same place, this is the best way to avoid such storms.

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