Red Clouds

Now you first know about that event which you may have never seen before. Because you know very well what kind of color the clouds of friends are.

But have you ever seen red clouds? If not, then look at this photo. Where the red clouds come and shoot.

And as soon as the photo came on social media, it immediately went viral. About which each person has a different opinion.

Some people say about this incident that this thing is due to fog and storm. And due to their mutual reaction, the clouds turned red.

But here the question still arises that if the clouds were to be red. So why not the entire cloud, why only such a small part turned red.

Which leaves all of us with question marks. If you do not know the answer to which, if you do not know anything about it most mysterious natural phenomenon, then please tell us by commenting.

Black Ring

Now we talk about Lahore in Pakistan. Because here in January 2020, something was seen that the people of Pakistan were shocked. This is the most mysterious natural phenomenon.

Because the people there saw a black ring type structure flying in the sky or you can say that they saw a black ring.

On seeing this, people were completely confused that if it is the end then what is it. Many photos of it were also taken and this news became very viral on social media too.

After which someone was calling it a evil cloud, while some was referring to the activity done by the aliens.

So at the same time some people also said that this is a sign of bad times on Pakistan.

But now what do the people there know that a similar sight was seen in England some time back as well.

Where a black ring appeared among the clouds. Because there too a huge black ring emerged and disappeared for a while.

And a similar ring was found in Disneyland, California, after which people of the meteorological department also denied it being a seasonal event.

Because he had not seen anything like this due to natural weather. Although many people have said many things about this, which is the most accurate argument so far.

That is, such a ring is made only when smoke is removed from a spherical object.

The biggest example of this can be taken by the person who took the ring out of the mouth by drinking hookah where the boys of today make a ring of smoke by drinking hookah. And take it out of your mouth.

And this too was something like this. So this shows that either it is made of a chimney or it is the result of fireworks. But it is very difficult to say anything about this right now.

Cloud City

By the way, many incidents happen in China because more than half the work is spoiled by China itself. But once the whole city of clouds was seen in China.

So people were surprised that this city appeared in China on October 7, 2015. It is said that this scene only appeared for a few minutes.

Which people were constantly going to see. Because they had never seen anything like this before today.

But after a few minutes, it also disappeared from there. And there are hundreds of people present who witness this magnificent scene in their camera.

And when this thing became very viral, the scientists only commented on it. In which he said that this thing is an optical illusion.

Which was visible to people like a cloud city. However, some believed it was a work done by the BlueWin project of US.

In which there was a chance to control the weather and prepare such things to find out the reaction of the people. In the rest of the way, no one has anything about what this thing was.

Blue Sky

Friends, that day was as beautiful as ever. By the evening, the sky suddenly started turning blue and in just a few minutes, the whole of Norway was covered with blue.

Seeing this, no one could understand what was going on. Because at that time, looking at Norway, it seemed that the whole of Norway has been painted blue.

Because the sky had turned completely blue, which would never happen. But this was just the beginning, there was still more mystery to be done.

Because blue light started to appear from the sky, which suddenly started taking shape of a round circle.

And after a while, that light took such a big round shape that all the people present there were surprised.

This incident was indeed a shocking event in history. Which happened in Norway and the people there saw it with their own eyes.

But scientists did not even know about what it really was. But whatever it was was very supernatural. What do you think about this most mysterious natural phenomenon.

Sky of Arizona

A most mysterious natural phenomenon very strange light was seen in the sky of Arizona. After which everyone was left wondering what it is.

And scientists used to say that it was an attempt by some ufo to come to Earth. But no scientist has told anything concrete about it.

When and where did it come from. And looking at it, it does not even seem like it is a normal thing. But many internet kings said that this video is completely fake.

Because they are not yet able to know which person has uploaded it from which place and at what time.

And until this thing is known, it is wrong to say anything firmly. That is why its mystery still remains a mystery.

Strange Light

Last most mysterious natural phenomenon. In the year 2017, people saw something similar above the skies of Southern California. Seeing which they could not believe their eyes.

Because a strange light was moving in the sky and its smoke was leaving behind.

Many people took a photo of it and spread it about it to people through Twitter and Facebook.

After which even the big celebrities got worried about what has happened.

Some were even wondering whether it was an attack by an alien or a secret weapon testing by Trump.

Because anything can happen. Yet Elon Musk, owner of the Tesla company, reported that it was due to a rocket dropped by his SpaceX.

That is why there is no need to panic anyone. And when Elon Musk announced this thing, people were relieved after that.

Otherwise, people will see light flying in the sky in this way, then it is obvious that anyone's breath will stop.

However this was not the first time such things had happened by Elon Musk's company. Elon Musk has done this many times.

The reason for this is that we all know very well. Elon Musk is insistent on establishing a world on the moon. Now this stubbornness is fulfilled, it must be known above.

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