Hardly anyone will deny that we are the most powerful humans in this world. Now whether to build big dams on the earth or go to another planet and search for life. Nothing is impossible for a human being today. But no matter how powerful a person may become, but there is one thing that we can never face. And Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything, it is a power that rules this earth even before humans are born. And even today, from time to time, it makes humans feel their own presence. Today, friends will learn about some such things in this blog, which will also give you a sense of the power of nature. Let's start.

Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything

New World Mall

Let's start with this mall called New World Mall. Which does not sound like its name at all.

Because if you turn your eyes around it, you will see Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything.

Which seems like a bad accident has happened here. Actually, the story behind such a ruin of this mall is something like this.

This mall was built in Bangkok almost 40 years ago. Where at that time, if not millions, at least thousands of people used to be present all the time.

At that time, no one can imagine how this building which is packed with people will one day turn into ruins.

This mall had to be closed 20 years after it was built. Because the company that built this mall did not follow all the necessary rules.

After which, due to a fire in this mall, its roof falls. And then due to lack of roof, the mall takes the form of a pond due to rainwater coming in.

After which a new trouble arises for the people living here. Large numbers of mosquitoes start to breed in this water.

Who were spreading many kinds of diseases in the entire area here. Then people here think of a solution.

That some fish are released inside this water. Well, the fish have eliminated the mosquitoes.

And on seeing this, the number of these fish has increased so much. That today the fish is the rule inside this entire shopping center.

Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything

Green Lake

To see this next miracle of nature, it is necessary that you wear your diving suit. Because now you are going to see a world which has completely subsided inside the lake.

And this is not a world of fish, but a human world settlement inside this lake. Where there is also a bench to sit along the road and lawns.

This place exists in a village in Australia. Which is covered with forests and mountains on all four sides.

Because of the green color of the water of this lake, it is known as Green Lake. During winter, the snow falling on the nearby mountains starts melting as soon as summer comes.

Which takes the form of a lake in this garden. And as the weather starts to change, the lake dries back. And then people start using it as a park.

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Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything

Bicycle In Tree

Let's take a look at this bicycle this is the Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything.

Take a closer look at it and you will get an idea of ​​the power of nature. How this tree has absorbed it inside itself.

Seeing this cycle only shows that it must have been at least 100 years old.

After seeing such a bicycle inside a tree in the middle of dense forests, a lot of questions start popping in the mind.

After all, how did it get inside this tree? There is no visible cut or mark in the tree around this bicycle hanging at a height of about 2 meters from the ground.

So who would have put it here? No one has the answers to these questions.

Whatever the truth, but today this amazing view of nature has become a tourist point for the people here.

This place is present in Washing Island, Washington, USA. Where people come from far and wide to get their photos taken with this strange bicycle.

Most people believe that this tree must have been quite small. Then some children must have forgotten about this place by keeping this bicycle with it.

But over time, as the tree grew. This bicycle got hit by that tree. And today it has become a part of it.

Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything

Ice Thunderstorm

Every person has a dream that he too has a beautiful house of his own.

Where, when he looked out of his window, he could hear the sound of the waves of water and the bird flying in the cold air.

This view is something that can relieve the stress of a day just by looking at it. Well, it was a dream but in reality, it has a different aspect too.

Human beings are often seen spreading dirt from place to place while tampering with nature. But friends also do not repay their revenge.

We sometimes get to see and hear some such incidents. When nature enters the city, breaking her boundaries.

And the waste spread by humans is returned. There is another such incident of nature occurring at sea and Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything.

Which freezes everything that comes in the way. In the winter season when the seawater reaches inside the city.

So the temperature is so low that the water freezes over there. And everything from people's trains to the house turns into snow.

Even if you look beautiful this view. But people have to suffer a lot due to this. Fighting with this force of the sea does not seem to be a matter of human strength.

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Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything

Tunnel Of Love

Friends now go to Ukraine were a very beautiful view of nature is waiting for you with your arms extended. This place is also called the Tunnel of Love.

Which is completely made by nature. The tree plants that grow on the side of this railway track have themselves taken the form of a tunnel.

Which is spread over an entire 5-kilometer area. The train can be seen going inside this tunnel 3 times a day. Its second name is also Vish Tunnel.

It is also said that if a couple asks for anything while passing through this tunnel. So their wish is fulfilled.

Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything

Old Car City

Not every car is destined to be recycle destined. Some cars are also given the opportunity to rot in the garage of this Old Car City named Georgia.

After seeing them, it seems as if someone has built a museum of cars here. On which nature has also put four moons.

There is no accident behind these cars being assembled here. Rather they are collected here one by one by the owner of this garage.

At first, this place was completely empty. Then Walter Dean Lewis thought. He wants to see what happens if nature is left on its own.

And what can Nature do with these cars? And today Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything.

Lewis has accumulated 4504 cars here one by one in the last 50 years. Even if you find this place scary to see. But for those who love nature, this is nothing less than paradise.

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Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything

Gun In A Tree

Pawnshop is a place where old things are bought and sold. The workers working there are aware of almost every antique thing around the world.

But one day a human being presents such a thing in front of them. Which he would never have even thought of in his dream.

This is a unique gun that somehow got inside the tree. Which later gets the person who cuts that tree. It is a Ramintan gun that was very famous in America in 1862.

It was used in the time of civil war. Apart from this, this gun is still fully loaded today. There are a lot of secrets hidden behind this gun.

And there is a question as to how this gun reached inside this tree. And how to put a price on something that has never been seen before.

Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything

Abandoned Chimney

Now let's move towards East China where once upon a time this sugar mill used to happen. Which today nature has made its home.

The local people living in Fujian find out by asking. Due to some unknown reason, the people here left this factory.

Then which was captured by nature. This factory is the only desolate factory in the world with giant trees growing on top of four fireplaces.

And there is no human hand behind this impossible feat of nature. Rather it has been possible due to the seeds made by the birds here.

Which sprouted due to raindrops and later they turned into trees. This chimney looks quite attractive when viewed from a distance.

After seeing this, it is known that if nature wishes, it can submit its rights on anything. and Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything.

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Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything

Chandelier Tree

Let's have a look at this strange looking tree. The Chandelier tree is written on the board above it. Which is about 2400 years old.

If you go to this city of California in America, you will find lots of redwood trees there. These trees live several thousand years and grow up to several meters wide.

On the other hand, if we talk about their length, then they can be up to 100 meters long. One of these trees is the Chandelier tree.

In the 1930s when the construction work of the road was going on at this place. So people thought that it is better to cut such a big tree.

Why not make a tunnel inside it and it happened. Surprisingly, even after cutting from the middle, this tree is still alive.

Which is constantly increasing every year. This tree once again shows the strength of nature.

Just because of this feature of this tree, this tree has also been marked in Google Maps. And today this tree has become such a mourning for people.

Where people come from far away to get photographed.

Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything

Temple Of Nature

The temple of Cambodia is a Living Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything. That nature can also change its form by claiming something.

This temple was built in 1186. It took many years to become one. Which has been attracting people's attention for many centuries.

Today nature has completely captured this temple from all sides. There will not be any wall left in this temple which does not take possession of the roots of the trees.

People come from far away to see the mixed workmanship of humans and nature.

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Please comment on how you like our blog Proof That Nature Has Control Over Everything. man forgetting to think of himself as very powerful. And blinded by the same power, wants to gain his authority over everything. He forgets that he is born of this nature. And one day it will merge. Just to be left behind, only and only a few traces handled by nature.


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