Friends, today we start new blog some amazing and interesting facts. do you know that there was a person in the world who was alive but his heart was not beating? Or do you know why a diesel-powered bike is not made or do you know what it is like to get stuck in the swamp and how it gets out of it, if not then read this whole blog. I will tell you.

Some amazing and interesting facts information

Some Amazing and Interesting Facts Information


Friends, do you also believe that like many other people, when you get caught in the swamp, you get trapped in the ground. And in case of not getting help, it can also swallow you. If yes, let me tell you that this happens only in films. Because swamp or what is also called quicksand in English. It is formed when the amount of water in the sand becomes too high in someplace. This moisture does not allow the sand particles to stick together and that is why when standing up, you start sinking downwards. Although looking at its surface from above, you will feel solid but in reality, it is not. Friends, do not worry if you ever fall into the marsh because it will not leave you completely. And it is not so difficult to get out of it as we are shown in films. Seldom are these marshes deeper than a few feet. So even in a very deep marsh, you cannot drown more than your waist. Because the density of the human body is less than that of the quick send. Where the density of quicksand is about 2 gm/ml. The density of the same human body is only 1 gm/ml. For this reason, friends, it is not possible to drown yourself completely in the swamp. Yes, you can get out of it with the help of any wood, etc. Comment below and tell me what you thought about it earlier. And if you get to learn anything new today, do not go without liking this some amazing and interesting facts blog.

Some Amazing and Interesting Facts Information

Diesel Bike

Friends, we see vehicles running on both petrol and diesel in everyday life. But when it comes to bikes, all the bikes run on petrol. You have rarely seen a diesel bike. Yes, you must have heard the stories of the old Royal Enfield running on diesel. But have you ever wondered why there is no diesel-powered bike? If not though, then I tell you many reasons. The main reason for this is the high pressure produced in diesel engines. Actually a diesel engine generates far more power and pressure than a petrol engine. Because of which these engines are heavy in size. If they are made lighter like petrol engines. So in a high-pressure situation, it can also burst like any cylinder. Along with being heavy, they are also much more expensive than petrol engines, which is not suitable for the sale of any bike. Apart from this, the vibration, noise, and pollution of the diesel engine also do not make it suitable for a bike. And so friends, you do not see any diesel engine bike on the road. Yes, in the 90s, Royal Enfield definitely launched a bike named Taurus with diesel engines in India. Later, production stopped. But even today, this bike can be seen in some parts of the countryside in our country.

Some Amazing and Interesting Facts Information

Man Without Heart

Friends, a person does not die as long as his heartbeats and keeps on breathing. But if I say that there has been such a person in this world. Who was alive but his heart was not beating. So maybe you don't believe it. But friends, this is the true story of America's Craig Lewis. Whose heart stopped working right. According to doctors, Cragg was just a few hours a guest. When his wife took a difficult decision. Two doctors named Cohn and Frazier performed an artificial heart success trial on 38 calves. And he was now ready to try it on humans. He replaced the left and right ventricles of the crack with two separate ventricular assist. Now, these rotor blades were able to maintain blood flow from the heart of the crag. But Cragg's heart was not beating. His wife said that he could not hear any beating when he was beheaded in his chest. Neither did anything come on the EKG machine but he was alive. Like any other person, he could sit in a chair and talk. However, even after the initial recovery, crag disease reached the kidneys and liver. After which Cragg was alive for more than 1 month without any pulse. But then he was answered by the organ and he died in the hospital.

Some Amazing and Interesting Facts Information

Expensive Bat

Friends, today I brought for you the story of the most expensive bat sold in the cricket world. This is the same bat that was hit by a winning shot at Wankhede by Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the April 2011 World Cup final. This was apparently not a common bat. And it was sold for a record one crore 21 lakhs. It was purchased in auction by an Indian form named RKglobal during a charity event in London in July 2011. Charity became charity and collection of collections. The bat was named in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's most expensive bat. please comment on my blog some amazing and interesting facts.

Some Amazing and Interesting Facts Information

Japan Phone Camera

Friends, the click sound of the camera is likewise set. But on repeated picture clicks, she also starts harassing us. So usually we go to the camera settings of our mobile and turn this shutter sound off. But you would be surprised to know that people living in Japan do not have this freedom. Know why. Actually, it started with a mobile phone named Kyocera Vp-210. Which was launched by Japan in 1999. This phone had a decent quality camera. Which made the people of Japan among those first people of this world at that time. A camera mobile came in his pocket. But friends like we humans have nature. Along with the correct use of any new technology, its missuses can also be learned quickly. The same thing happened in Japan, in crowded places like the metro, girls started hiding pictures. And the Internet made it even more frightening. Then Japan's mobile company Docomo took this decision. That the mobile manufacturer must add a sound to any activity associated with the camera. And there should not be an option to silence it. It was seen as a campaign to save Japan's culture. And all the manufacturers followed suit. And since then friends, every mobile phone sold in Japan has camera sound. Apple also makes iPhones for Japan that cannot mute the camera sound. So what do you understand?

Some Amazing and Interesting Facts Information

Dangerous Mountain

Today I will tell you some amazing and interesting facts about the mountain. Friends Everest is the highest mountain peak in the world and for mountaineers around the world, it is like a pilgrimage. But if I tell you that the average is definitely the highest but not the most dangerous. Because Annapurna Peak, located in Nepal, is considered to be the deadliest mountain in the world. Annapurna Forest is the tenth highest mountain in the world with a height of 8091 meters above sea level. But it is so dangerous that we humans have been sent to space more than twice as many people have not reached the top. Till date, only about two hundred fifty people have reached the top of this mountain. It is 757 meters lower than Mount Everest. But its direct climbing is not possible without advanced rock and ice climbing techniques. Annapurna is also infamous for its sudden deteriorating season. The risk of Everlunch from above also remains constant on the climbers here. Due to these challenges of nature, about 200 people have lost their lives on this mountain till date. That is, out of every 100 people who climbed it, 34 have lost their lives. While 66 are back alive. Friends, in contrast to this 34% Mortality Rate of Annapurna, Everest's 4% Mortality Rate is nothing. Nothing more dangerous and life-threatening.

Some Amazing and Interesting Facts Information

Free Wifi

Friends, I will tell you some amazing and interesting facts about Taiwan. where a large population of our country is still struggling to meet its basic needs. At the same time, there are many countries in the world where governments have taken major steps from time to time to improve the lives of their citizens. Today I am talking about Taiwan. Which has been in contention about its political status. But the wave of development on this island shaped like Kerala, which once made it a major tech power of the world. Friends, you will be surprised to know that Taiwan has become the first country in the world. Where the government is providing free public Wi-Fi to both citizens and visitors. In 2011, more than 4500 thousand hot spots have been installed on this small island under this project named Taiwan. Which anyone can use by registering with their local mobile number. And can run the internet and that too at a speed of 1 Mbps.

Some Amazing and Interesting Facts Information

Film Certificate

We all have seen the certificate appearing on the screen at the beginning of the Friends movie. But have you ever wondered why films show this? Or what is the meaning of these signs? Otherwise, I will tell you now. Friends, this certificate that is given to every film gives the censor board of our country. Whose full name is the Central Board of Film Certification. That is, this censor board working under the ib industry decides what can be shown to the public in TV and theater and what does not. Any film has to get this certificate from the censor board before its release. Which needs to be shown for a few seconds at the beginning of the film. This sensor board gives a different type of certificate like U, UA, A, S by watching any film before its release. For example, if you look at the U letter of English on the certificate of a film, then understand that the film is made for people of all classes and all ages. And if you see this UA, then understand that even the 12-year-old children can watch this film but only under the supervision of the parents. And if you see only A in this film certificate, then understand that it is made only for people above 18 years of age. And kids don't see it. The S certificate is also issued for some special films. And these films are made for a special group of people. Like doctors, technicians. Apart from the category, you get much more information related to films in this certificate. Now I am sure that before seeing a film next time, you will definitely see its certificate carefully.

Some Amazing and Interesting Facts Information

Cactus Leather

Friends, can you belive this some amazing and interesting facts. The leather industry is a very big industry. Which kills millions of lifeless animals. But Adrian Lopez and Marte Cazarez, who live in Mexico, have run such an initiative together. Which can save the lives of these mortal creatures who die in the name of fashion. Actually, they have started making this special leather made from cactus on the market production scale. The cactus plant is naturally ruff tuff. The same features are also found in this fabric made from its leaves. This fabric is named Desserto. And when it is fully processed. So the looks are the same as the leather and the feel also gives the same. And most importantly, it is also partially biodegradable. So when you get a leather-like look, feel, and durability at the same price, then who would want a creature to be killed for its fashion.

Some Amazing and Interesting Facts Information

Species Name Trump

So friends finally introduce your own fact some amazing and interesting facts on this blog. You may be surprised to know that a newly discovered species of friends is named after US President Donald Trump. But if you are thinking that this will be the work of the US government, then you are wrong. Actually, the yellowish-white of this insect matches the golden hair of Sir Donald Trump. That is why the Iranian Canadian scientist Vazrick Nazari, who discovered it, named it the biological name Neopalpa Donald Trump. Such is the relationship between America and Iran.

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