35 Amazing Facts Super Funny Facts and Interesting Facts

    35 Amazing Facts Super Funny Facts and Interesting Facts

1. You must know that Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. But do you have any idea how big it is? Even if you mix all the other planets, Jupiter alone is double of them. And if only compared with the earth, then if the earth is a grain of grapes, then Jupiter is a basketball.

2. While walking on the roads, you take care of the traffic signal… stop on red, get ready on yellow and run on green…. But can it ever happen that you see red and yellow light but the green is missing? Yes, in Japan's traffic lights, you will see blue light instead of green light… Actually hundreds of years ago there were only names for black, white, red, and blue colors in the Japanese language…. And for green also, people used to say blue… that's why blue light came in place instead of green.

3. Like this, we remember many incidents happening in life. But according to psychologists our sharpest memories are of our early adulthood. We remember life events of our teens and twenties as clearly as no other time… because this time is very important in shaping our identity and life story… This phenomenon is also called the reminiscence bump.

35 Amazing Facts Super Funny Facts and Interesting Facts

4. You must know about KFC i.e. Kentucky Fried Chicken… but you will be surprised to know that a marketing campaign conducted by KFC in Japan in 1974 was so successful that to date it increases the sales of KFC during Christmas…. Actually, at that time KFC had run Kentucky For Christmas campaign, in which people were mobilized to eat Christmas Chicken for dinner. And even today in many Japanese homes, chicken is served from KFC for dinner on Christmas day.

5. Friends, you must have heard about computer viruses… these are actually programs written in a computer language… The first computer virus in the world was named Creeper the virus was developed by Bob Thomas in 1971. Another interesting fact associated with computer viruses is that most virus developers are aged between 14 and 25 years…. Today, very few females have been reported developing the virus.

6. Friends, although the delivery of pizza is free, for a pizza delivery done in the year 2001, not a few hundred, thousand or lakhs had to spend full 7 crores rupees. Actually, this special pan pizza was sent to the International Space Station by a resupply rocket on the demand of astronaut Yuri Usachev. Pizza Hut prepared this six-inch pizza. And became the first restaurant to deliver to space.

35 Amazing Facts Super Funny Facts and Interesting Facts

7. Everyone gets excited at the Olympic Games as soon as the Olympic Games come, but you may be surprised to know that in the very first Olympics there were games that are hard to believe… Yes, first of all, targeting the pigeons alive in these games, tug of war There were many games like the long jump of horses, jumping deep in water, in which you could win the gold medal.

8. Usually, the internet runs smoothly but one day it came when three big giants of the internet, google, twitter and Wikipedia crushed in a single day… .the day was…. June 25, 2009…. Pop King Michael Jackson died that day and the whole world was desperate to know about him, which is why it happened.

                          35 Amazing Facts Super Funny Facts and Interesting Facts

9. If I ask you how old is the oldest hotel in the world, then you probably think 100 -200 years… but you will be surprised to know that Nishiyama Onsen Hotel near Japan's Akaishi Mountains holds the world record for being the oldest hotel in the world. … And this hotel is 100 200 not full 1300 years old. And so far it has remained in the hands of 52 generations.

35 Amazing Facts Super Funny Facts and Interesting Facts

10. Often people do evil of food found in airplanes… but according to a German study, the blame is not on food but on our test buds… due to dryness and low pressure when we are traveling at an altitude of 35000 feet. The sensitivity of our test buds decreases by 30%. Also, our ability to smell also decreases, and food starts to taste tasteless.

11. Whenever we go to the cinema hall, we are shown trailers of some movies before the movie starts. But have you thought that when they are initially shown, why are they called trailers? This is because they were shown only after the end of the movie almost a hundred years ago… but when it was seen that most people leave the hall after the movie is over and no one stops to watch the trailer, then they showed it at the beginning of the film. Started to go

12. People are troubled by repeated spider webs at home and keep removing them again and again, but doctors in ancient Greece and Rome used to prepare bandages for patients from these nets. This is because these webs are believed to have natural antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, which can keep the wound clean and prevent infection.

13. Astronaut Neil Armstrong, who first stepped on the moon, knew that he might even die on this mission. That is why he wanted to secure his family financially… but due to the high risk, he was not given life insurance by any company… That is why he signed hundreds of autographs before going on a mission so that if he did anything, the family would sell his autograph money Could earn.

35 Amazing Facts Super Funny Facts and Interesting Facts

14. Looking at the clouds, it seems as if the light balls of cotton are floating in the air….But you would be surprised to know that researchers have estimated these clouds based on the water density and volume. That their weight can be up to four and a half lakh kg. But still, they are able to float in the air because the air under them is even heavier.

15. Recent research by Germany's University of Freiburg and Imperial College has revealed that people who have six fingers on their hands and feet do the job better than those with five fingers. His brain works faster than five fingers. Also, they maintain a better balance in every task.

                           35 Amazing Facts Super Funny Facts and Interesting Facts

16. It is common to have tears from the eyes while cutting onions, but do you know if chewing gum is chewed while cutting onions, tears do not come out. This is due to the diffusion of the smell that causes tears. While eating chewing gum, we breathe through our mouth and chemicals are not able to enter our nostrils, hence the tear glands are not affected.

17. Bill Gates, one of the richest people in the world, is also known for working for social issues… Once he talked about malaria in TED Talks, he did something that made everyone wonder… he put a jar full of mosquitoes Took it, and left it to the audience saying… there is no reason that only poor people have to face malaria….

18. There is a belief in many places in India that if a cat dies due to you, then a gold cat has to be donated. But could it happen that hurting the cat would result in the death penalty… Yes, in ancient Egypt only the King Maharajas were allowed to raise a cat… and then there was a law that if a known and unknown cat was harmed If given, he was given the death penalty.

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19. Like this, crying means shedding of tears, but can it happen that someone cries and their tears do not come out… Yes… When a newborn baby cries, its tears do not come out…. It may be two to three weeks after he is born because his lacrimal glands, that is, the gland of Asu, have not developed by that time.

35 Amazing Facts Super Funny Facts and Interesting Facts

20. Rivers are an integral part of our life, but can there be countries where there is not even a single river… Yes, there are not one or two but 17 countries in the world where not a single river flows. Saudi Arabia is the largest country among these countries where there is no river… Apart from this, Qatar, UAE, Oman, and some island nations such as the Bahamas, Malta, and the Maldives are countries where there is not a single river flowing.

21. The cockroach is an organism that can live for several days after cutting the head because the cockroach's circulatory system is open and they do not depend on their head or mouth to breathe, but can breathe through the pores in their body. Huh. They die just because they cannot drink water without a mouth and eventually die of thirst.

                        35 Amazing Facts Super Funny Facts and Interesting Facts

22. Often we get upset due to the quick spoilage of food and drink but do you know that there is also a food item that never gets spoiled? Yes, honey is the only food that does not spoil even after thousands of years. It is said that the honey found in the tomb of the pharaoh emperor in the pyramids of Egypt, when tasted by scientists, was still as tasty as it was, he just needed to heat it up a bit.

23. If I ask you whether a dead person can ever win a race? So maybe you think this is such a stupid question… but you will be surprised to know that on 4 June 1923, a jockey named Frank Hays won his last race despite being dead .. Actually, he suffered a heart attack while racing. And he died instantly… but despite this, his horse Sweet Kiss continued to run and topped the race. … .Thus Frank became the only human in the world to win the race even after he died.

35 Amazing Facts Super Funny Facts and Interesting Facts

24. All of you must have seen the octopus on television or in front of you… We find it very interesting to have eight hands. But you will be surprised to know that there are many more interesting things about octopus… .Octopus has 3 hearts and nine brains… His blood color is not red blue and if one of his hands is cut, he can grow again. goes. And many species of octopus are cannibals, that is, they kill and kill their own companions.

25. When the cold gets very high, bears and many other animals keep sleeping throughout the winter season, we call it hibernation… but you might not know that there are many animals that go to sleep in the summer season, for example - snails, turtles, and crocodiles spend many days of summer sleeping…. And just like sleeping in winter is called hibernation, similarly, in summer, sleeping is called estivation.

26. From childhood, till today, whenever you have gone to the shoe-sandal shop, you must have seen the device measuring foot size there. But can you name the device or device… Yes, that device also has a name, it is called Brannock Device because it was invented by Charles Brannock of America in 1926.

27. In the English alphabet there are only two such letters with a dot on them… .they are I and j. Well, we all know this… .But do you know that the dots which are placed above I and j have a specific name… Yes, these dots are called t i t t l e - tittle. Which is probably made up of tiny and little words in English, which means little.

                      35 Amazing Facts Super Funny Facts and Interesting Facts

28. Most of you must have used email or you must have done it at some time…. But do you know who sent the world's first email and when? According to Business Insider, the credit for the email goes to Ray Tomlinson and he sent the first email to himself in 1971. According to him, he had typed something randomly in the email… most probably it was QWERTYUIOP, the first line of the keyboard.

35 Amazing Facts Super Funny Facts and Interesting Facts

29. The thought of dogs barking loudly comes in their mind… but can there be any dog ​​who does not bark…. Yes, Basenji is such a breed of dogs that do not bark at all. But this also does not mean that they do not make any sound…. They extract but that voice is like a melodious song…

30. Today everyone picks up the phone and says hello… but you will be surprised to know that when the phone was invented in 1876, people used to pick up the phone and say hello. In fact, Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the phone, believed that the phone should be raised and spoken. But Bell's rival, the great scientist Thomas Edison, wanted people to pick up the phone and say hello, and by the 1880s hello began to be liked more than Ahoy, and eventually, everyone started calling him on the phone.

35 Amazing Facts Super Funny Facts and Interesting Facts

31. Although the alphabet "A" is one of the most commonly used alphabets in English, can you tell when we start writing numbers in English… one 1, two 2… three 3 so alphabet for the first time in writing which number Have to use 'a'? That number is 1 Thousand… Yes, one does not need to write any number from 1 to 999.

32. You must have played Ludo, but do you want to know what is the sum of any two opposite sides of the dice or dice that is in Ludo…. It is 7. There are 6 faces in total in Dice. Opposite 6 of 1, opposite 5 of 2, and, opposite 4 of 3, if you add any of these pairs then SUM will come NUMBER 7.

33. When the First World War was at its peak and the armies were thirsty for each other's blood… then suddenly the war came to a standstill one day without a treaty or declaration… .even the soldiers on both sides came to No Man’s Land. Eaten and ate and played football with another….But the next day the war started again…. The special day to stop the war was 25 December 1914, ie, the birthday of Jesus Christ, even in the midst of a fierce battle, awakened the human humanity and forced them to treat each other lovingly.

34. Boys propose to give girls a ring, we all know this, but can animals do something similar in the middle .. Yes, something similar happens between penguins. Penguins of most species choose only one partner for the whole life, and to get their favorite penguin, mail penguins give it the smoothest and spherical stones. If the femme likes that stone, she puts it in her nest and soon both start living together… as if married after propose.

35. Whenever there is talk of pirates or pirates, the image of a blindfolded man is made in the mind but you will be surprised to know that the World's Most Successful Pirate was not a man but a Chinese woman… her name was Ching Xi And she was the widow of a dangerous pirate named Cheng 1st. It is believed that at one time 1800 pirate ships were under his rule and eighty thousand men worked inside him.

35 Amazing Facts Super Funny Facts and Interesting Facts

In the end, I would like to ask you, which of these facts did you find most interesting and surprising? Please comment and tell us. And if you also want to add some interesting facts here, please share with us through the comment.


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