Our nature is full of many puzzles. Most of the puzzles have been solved by science. From the human body to space, there is constantly new research. The efforts of scientists continue to search for all the things that can be useful to humans. During this investigation, they come to know some facts which every person should know. Therefore, Facttours has brought a long list of some fun facts of science. These facts will increase children's knowledge and will also give them a chance to show their understanding among friends.

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun Science Facts

Interesting Facts About Science - Interesting facts of physics

It is an important branch of science, which helps us understand the world in which we live. Below we are giving some special facts related to physics, which are related to subjects like energy, force and electricity.

1. Due to the difference in gravity, a 90 kg person remains only 34 kg on Mars.

2. Electric eels can kill both prey and predator. Its current is equal to a 500-volt electric shock.

3. Energy from food is usually measured in joules or calories.

4. It takes only 1.255 seconds for the light from the Moon to reach the Earth.

5. Sound can travel at a speed of about 767 mph (1,230 kilometers per hour).

6. The car uses about half of its fuel to overcome air resistance while running at speeds up to 80 kmph (50 mph). This means that the fuel burns less when the speed of the vehicle is high.

7. Water can work against gravity. If you put a tube in a vessel filled with water, then the water starts climbing up the tube without any mechanism. This action is called capillary action.

8. Venus (Venus) is the only planet that rotates in the opposite direction of the Earth.

9. The fastest running animal in the world is the cheetah, which has a maximum speed of about 113 km per hour (70 mph).

10. Uranus (Arun planet) has 27 known moons, most of which are named after literary characters.

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun Science Facts

Interesting Facts About Science - Some interesting facts about space

Our space boasts many mysteries. Even the scientists who remove the curtain from these mysteries have not yet been able to gather information about the entire space. Let us tell you some fun things related to space.

11. The Sun is 3 million times larger than the Earth.

12. Halley’s Comet was last seen in the Solar System from Earth in 1986. It will now be able to reappear from Earth around the year 2061.

13. Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system with a surface temperature of over 450 degrees Celsius.

14. Many scientists believe that a space tragedy occurred about 6.5 million years ago, which led to the extinction of dinosaurs.

15. Scientists believe that the solar system was formed about 460 million years ago.

16. The Moon shows more spots than the Earth. There is very little natural activity going on here. Earth is constantly improving its surface through earthquakes, erosion, rain, wind, and plants, while the weather on the moon remains constant.

17. Saturn is not the only ring planet, there are rings around other planets like Jupiter, Arun, and Varuna, but they are less clear, hence less visible.

18. Footprints and tires left by astronauts on the moon remain there forever, as there is no air to erase them.

19. A planet was renamed by astronomers in 2006. Pluto is now known as a dwarf planet, the Dwarf Planet.

20. The 4 largest moons of Jupiter are named Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, and Lou.

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun Science Facts

Interesting Facts About Science - Some interesting facts related to Earth

Our planet ie Earth also has its own separate science, which is known as GeoScience. Apart from minerals and gas there is much hidden in the womb of the earth. Let's find out about them.

22. Magma is a hot liquid stone found below the surface of the Earth. It is known as lava after erupting from a volcano.

23. Natural gas does not have an odor, so the smell is added to it so that it can be detected when leaking.

24. Hawaii is a well-known tourist place. He is moving towards Japan at a speed of 10 cm per year. This is because both of these are located on different tectonic plates.

25. The Sahara Desert is considered to be the largest desert in the world. It is estimated that one-third of Africa is included in the Sahara Desert.

26. The volcanic rock known as Pumice is the only rock that can swim in the water.

27. Earthquakes that are inside the ocean can cause great tsunamis, which can cause great devastation on Earth.

28. Mount Everest is considered the largest mountain. Its peak is 8,848 meters (29029 ft) high above sea level.

29. Regarding the Bermuda Triangle, scientists speculate that the Earth's strong gravitational force is behind the accidents here.

30. It looks blue when looking at Earth from space, hence it is called Blue Planet.

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun Science Facts

Interesting Facts About Science - Facts related to animals and birds

Animals and birds have their own world and strange facts are seen here too. Let's know some special things.

31. Do you know that a giraffe's tongue is 21 inches long and he can clean it from his ear.

32. Polar bears prefer to work with the left hand ie they are lofty.

33. Elephant's trunk does not have a single bone, whereas it has 4 thousand muscles.

34. Infectious diseases such as colds and colds can also spread to gorillas.

35. The age of a squirrel can be up to 9 years old.

36. You would be surprised to know that the lizard's heart beats 1000 times in 1 minute.

37. You will be surprised to know that whale fish cannot swim in the opposite direction.

38. Ants do not have lungs.
39. Butterflies cannot hear, but they can feel the vibration.

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun Science Facts

Interesting Facts About Science - Interesting information about planets

We all know that there is life on Earth, but scientists are exploring the possibility of life on other planets as well. The information gained about other planets through many space missions also includes some interesting facts, such as -

40. Venus is the hottest planet known.

41. The coldest planet is Uranus.

42. Uranus is so large that 63 planets can accommodate as many as Earth.

43. Jupiter is such a big planet that it can contain the entire solar system.

44. Earth is the only planet in the solar system on which three states of water, liquid, solid and gas are found.

45. The red mark seen on Jupiter is a severe storm, which is three times larger than the Earth.

46. Sulfuric acid is spread like clouds on the surface of Venus.

47. Due to excess of ferric oxide, Mars appears red.

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun Science Facts

Interesting Facts About Science - Interesting facts about technology

The whole world is constantly making progress in technology. The use of technology has also increased compared to earlier. Come, let's know some facts about this area.

48. 570 new websites are created every minute.

49. More than 350 crore different types of searches are done on Google every day.

50. 3,40,000 tweets are sent per minute.

51. Printer ink can be saved by changing the font.

52. Currently, 92 percent of the world's currency is digital.

53. Domain registration was free before 1995.

54. The E-mail was invented before the World Wide Website (WWW).

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun Science Facts

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun Engineering Facts

Engineering is an interesting science in itself. This is the reason why youngsters want to study engineering despite stiff competition in engineering. Here we are going to tell some things, which are related to engineering.

55. The word engineer comes from the Latin word ingenator, meaning clever.

56. Alyssa Leonida is the first female engineer in the world to get a degree in engineering.

57. The highest salary is found in petroleum engineering in India and worldwide.

58. In addition, petroleum and chemical engineers are also in high demand.

59. Mechanical engineering is considered to be the most difficult and computer science the easiest engineering branch.

60. The Titanic was 882 feet (269 m) long. It is still known for superb engineering.

61. Aerospace engineers design space vehicles or airplanes.

62. Biomedical engineers design and operate medical devices.

63. Environmental engineers create improvements in the environment and solutions to problems associated with it.

64. Professional Intelligence and Robotics is a fast-growing engineering field.

65. In the next 10 years, artificial intelligence can overtake humans in many cases.

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun Science Facts

Interesting Facts About Science - Interesting information about the human body

The human body is the most complex structure in the world. Many scientific studies have been done about this, while many research is yet to be done. At the moment, we know some fun facts related to the human body.

66. Light comes out of the human body, which is not possible to see with the eyes.

67. 67 different species of bacteria are found in the human navel.

68. Every year about 4 kg of skin cells dies in the human body.

69. Children do not shed tears until they are at least one month old.

70. Scientists predict that the nose can detect one trillion different smells.

71. Man is the only species that knows shyness.

72. Blood accounts for about eight percent of body weight.

73. There are so many blood vessels in the human body that if all are combined, then the earth can be wrapped four times.

74. Amygdalohippocampectomy is a brain surgery that can remove some parts of the brain as well as eliminate the feeling of fear.

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun Science Facts

Interesting Facts About Science - Some fun facts related to chemistry

One of the major branches of science is chemistry. It gives information about the nature and reaction of the elements. There are millions of elements and chemicals in the world, which make chemistry an interesting subject.

75. The highest hardened metal in the world is platinum.

76. If chloroform is added to the atmosphere, it immediately forms toxic gas phosphine (COCL2).

77. 20 percent of the oxygen found in the atmosphere is obtained from the Amazon forest.

78. Helium gas is filled in the flying balloons because it is lighter than air. Helium is also used in airplane tires.

79. A substance called gallium is melted by keeping it on the palm because it is very sensitive to temperature.

80. Such acid is found in the stomach, which can also melt steel.

81. Copper does not allow bacteria to grow on copper.

82. A large amount of carbon is found in the human body, so much that 9,000 graphite pencils can be made from it.

83. Diamond does not melt in acid.

84. Oxygen is blue in color and can be seen only in the liquid and solid-state.

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun Science Facts

Interesting Facts About Science - food Facts

We all know well that the body gets energy from food, but there are so many choices of food that it can be a long topic in itself. Learn here some facts about food.

85. Soup is made from bird's saliva and nests and is a costly and healthy food in China.

86. Food in airplanes seems less tasty, as there is a slight decrease in the ability to smell and test at altitude.

87. Honey does not spoil for 300 years.

88. McDonald's sells 75 burgers every second.

89. Honey is digested very quickly because bees digest it beforehand.

90. Milkshake has the most calories.

91. Coconut water can be used in an emergency instead of blood plasma.

92. If the pearl is added to the vinegar, it will melt.

93. Lemon is the most beneficial fruit in the world.

Fun facts about water

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun facts about water

Water not only needs all the creatures of the world, but it plays a big role in the geography and environment of the earth. Some unheard facts about it are given below.

94. 1.7% of the world's water is frozen and hence it is useless for use.

95. Approximately 40,000 million gallons of water are used daily in the United States.

96. About half of the water used by Americans is used for thermoelectric power generation.

97. Water can dissolve more elements than acid. It is also more soluble than sulfuric acid.

98. 78 crore people in the world lack a good water source.

99. 200 children die every hour from contaminated water.

100. A jellyfish and a cucumber contain 95% water.

101. Water keeps the temperature of the Earth under control.

102. There is more fresh water in the atmosphere than all rivers.

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun Science Facts

Interesting Facts About Science - Interesting facts related to fire

The invention of fire is considered one of the important inventions of the world. The fire has been used to cook food to obtain mechanical energy. Let us know what science says about it.

103. Fuel, oxygen, and heat are required to ignite a fire.

104. If the water inside the tree quickly turns into steam during a forest fire, the tree can burst.

105. After a forest fire, it can spread at a speed of 25 kmph and destroy whatever comes on the way.

106. It can take less than 30 seconds to ignite and it can be difficult to handle.

107. Fire fighting was actually a sport during the 1900 Olympics in Paris.

108. More people die due to smoke entering the body than flames.

109. Lightning falls on the earth 1 million times a day. The risk of fire from this lightning can be up to 20%.

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun Science Facts

Interesting Facts About Science - Exciting facts about sound

Here are some interesting facts about the sound that you may not know. What is the speed of sound and how it is heard, all these are explained in the following points. Together are some interesting facts related to it.

110. The fear of music is called melophobia.

111. The sound travels at a speed of 767 mi / h or 1,230 km / h.

112. Sound travels 4.3 times faster than water.

113. There is no sound of the wind. It produces sound due to obstacles in its path.

114. The natural and loudest sound on Earth can be caused by a volcanic eruption.

115. The volcano eruption called Krakota in 1883 was the most sound-generating eruption in the world. The sound emanating from it was heard for a distance of 4 thousand miles.

116. A medium is needed to speed up the sound. The sound floats through the air on the earth. No sound can be heard where there is no wind.

117. There is no medium for sound in space, so no sound is heard in space.

118. Flies are not able to hear any sound.

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun Science Facts

Interesting Facts About Science - Exciting electrical facts

Electricity is a type of energy that can give technology the ability to function. It has received much acclaim as a fuel substitute. Children are very keen to learn about electricity, so we have brought some interesting facts related to it.

119. Lightning travels at the speed of light i.e. around 3 lakh km per second.

120. Coal is the world's largest source of electricity generation.

121. Electricity is also found in the human body and electricity is helpful in working the heart.

122. Apart from biofuel, air, water, and the sun can also produce electricity.

123. When lightning strikes the ground, it flows from the cloud towards the ground, but when it is visible, it is going back from the ground to the cloud.

124. Electric shock is given for the treatment of mental illnesses.

125. The world's largest light bulb is named Edison and is located in New Jersey. It is 14 feet tall. It weighs eight tons and is located atop the Thomas Edison Memorial Tower.

Interesting Facts About Science - Fun Science Facts

Interesting Facts About Science - Famous scientific facts

There have been many great scientists in the world, who have shown a new way for the human species to progress. The life of these heroes who open the secrets of science is no less thrilling. Some facts related to great scientists are given below.

126. Marie Curie has received the Nobel Prize in both Physics and Chemistry. She is the only scientist to have received the Nobel Prize twice.

127. After death, he was taken before the funeral to study Einstein's mind.

128. Newton believed that sometime after the year 2060, there would be a catastrophe in the world.

129. Galileo first reported that there are moons on other planets as well.

130. Marie Curie died in 1934, but her objects are still radioactive. Therefore, it would take another 1,500 years to securely store the items that Curie used.

131. Homi Jahangir Bhabha is considered the father of nuclear power in India.

132. Two types of molecules are found Bosan and Fermion. Out of this, the name of Bosan is inspired by the famous Indian scientist Satyendranath Bose.

133. Abdul Kalam is known as "Missile Man".

134. The great scientist Albert Einstein thought that "education is not to know things, but to train the mind to think".

135. Along with science, Aristotle has written on many other subjects including poetry, music, theater, logic, metaphysics, ethics, and politics. Aristotle is not known as a philosopher, but a philosopher.

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In this article, you learned how interesting science is. And how many fun facts are hidden in it. Hope you like this article Interesting Facts About Science. These facts can increase children's interest in science and inculcate in them the curiosity to learn more. Share this article as much as possible so that all your friends know these exciting things about science.


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