Mind Blowing Facts About space | Unusual Space Facts

Space is a subject that attracts everyone. The beauty and vastness of the space fascinate everyone. This is the reason that for thousands of years, humans have been trying to learn its secrets but even today, they could not even know its lace.

Earlier ancient people could not go to space at night, then they would have thought about it at night Were, gradually, science has progressed so that now humans can easily reach into space and can stay here for a few days. As beautiful as space (Mind Blowing Facts About space) lives in our thinking, it is really dangerous, if someone goes there without safety equipment, he will die in just two minutes and his body will not be found.

What is space?

If you are understanding the meaning of space as empty space then you are wrong. This is a place that is filled with dust, gas, or any other particle, radiation particles. Space is not the name as we see it. We are so small that the empty space we see becomes beyond imagination for us.

Space is not a hollow space, the distance between stars and planets is what we call space. As soon as we go out of the Earth's atmosphere, the space limit of space becomes operational and stays there until we find another planet.

But the distance between these planets is not completely empty or hollow, it contains many particles, small bodies, and meteors. Apart from this, there are many types of dangerous Radiation in it. (Mind Blowing Facts About space)

Such as - Infrared, Ultra-Violet Radiation coming from the Sun, X-rays, Gamma rays, Cosmic rays, etc. In addition, a magnetic field is also made in space.

Mind Blowing Facts About space | Unusual Space Facts

Definition of Space

There is nothing in space that is meant to be on the planet. If we look at space or space, we get to see millions, billions of stars, planets, and sky guards in it, along with which we see many more strange things which we have not understood.

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Type of space

According to Earth, space is divided into different layers or types -
Geospace - This is the region of space that is closest to our planet. It consists of the upper surface and magnetic fields of the atmosphere. (Mind Blowing Facts About space)

Interplanetary Space - The area between the Sun and planets is called Interplanetary Space. In this area, the solar wind coming from the Sun affects all the planets, only the particles of the Sun are filled in the empty space here. In this way, the Sun leaves a lot of matter from its surface through particles.

Interstellar Space - If all the stars and their planets are in the Milky Way (Solar System), then the distance that is the distance from one star to another star or planet of one solar system from another star or planet of another solar system is the same. it is said.

The nearest star to the Sun is the distance in our solar system, so the distance in which all the space is called interstellar space.

Intergalactic Space - This is the region of space that lies between two galaxies. The galaxies are very large, consisting of billions of stars and planets, the Intergalactic Space is an empty space in its own sense or a space that is very large, and even in this space, the particles float from here and there. The causes combine to form planets, stars, or bodies.

Mind Blowing Facts About space | Unusual Space Facts

There is radiation in space that we cannot see

The sun and all the stars in space are always radiating, all stars are ignited due to Nuclear Fusion, so it is common to get radiation from them.

Apart from this, there is also radiation in space which comes from the sky songs that are known as radiation. Both these radiations are fatal for us due to which we cannot travel long in space yet.

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There are billions of sky-high galaxies in space, a galaxy is a giant form in which there is a combination of the solar system as well as dust particles, many gases. The galaxy is fully connected to the force of gravity. (Mind Blowing Facts About space)

There is also a very huge black hole in the very middle of our galaxy. Whenever you look at the open sky at night, you get a chance to see many stars, in which we can see other stars in the galaxy in front of our eyes. is.

Mind Blowing Facts About space | Unusual Space Facts

Black Hole

A black hole is an unseen sea of gravity that absorbs everything that comes towards it, it does not leave even light. A black hole is formed only after the death of a huge star. These can happen in many places in our space and we cannot see them only because of gravity.

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Some interesting facts about space

The more beautiful space is in our mind, the more dangerous it is, if someone goes there without safety equipment, he will die in just two minutes and his body will not be found. (Mind Blowing Facts About space)

In space, you cannot even cry nor talk to anyone, you cannot eat right here. The reason for all this is the lack of gravity like the Earth in space. There is also no atmosphere in space.

A cloud of wine in space

People who like to drink wine, they would surely think in their dreams that if there were clouds of wine in this world, then how great this world would be. Space has not disappointed such dreamers, there is a huge cloud of ethyl alcohol in the star system named Aquila. This is not an ordinary cloud. It is so big that it never fits in your dream.

Actually, this cloud is 1000 times bigger than our solar system. But alas, this cloud of huge liquor will remain a dream for alcoholics, because it is 10 thousand light-years away from the earth, it will take 10 thousand years for the light to reach here. Until the future there is no technology for sparse travel, then this cloud is visible only to you in your dreams

How does space smell?

When you think about space, the first thing that comes to mind is what space looks like, how it feels, and what is heard in it. But you would have never paid attention to how space smells, whether it smells or smells bad.

In space, no astronaut takes off his spacesuit nor does he try to do so because even if he does, he will not be alive to tell us the smell. We only know about the smell of space and only through the suits of astronauts and their tools, when they are examined, then only the smell of them is told.

Scientists of Max Planck Institute have said in one of their research that the center of Akash Ganga looks like a strawberry. Which means that the scent that comes in a bari comes from the center of our galaxy. The reasoning behind this is that the ethyl formate is formed in the center of the galaxy which itself is found in these sweet berries. (Mind Blowing Facts About space)

Mind Blowing Facts About space | Unusual Space Facts

A planet where it always rains in glass

It is scary to think that you are in a place where there is only glass rain. Only and only glass on each side. There is one such planet in our universe that by seeing it you will miss the stories of hell. (Mind Blowing Facts About space)

Known from HD 189733b, this planet is 63 light-years away from our Earth. The speed of winds on this planet can reach 8700 kilometers per hour. They are 20 times faster than the Bali winds flowing on the earth.

The secret of glass rain on this planet is the Atmosphere made of silica. Silica is a glass-like substance. Clouds of this silica are formed in the planet's Atmosphere and when it rains, this silicon cools and falls in the shape of the glass. It is faster than the speed of the bullet, imagine if someone leaves you on this planet, what will happen to you.

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