Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal

Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal


1. The hippopotamus or the aquatic horse is a giant chubby mammal.

2. The hippopotamus is considered native to Africa.

3. The word horse is associated with the name Hariya horse and the word "hippopotamus" means "water horse" which means "water horse".

4. You will be surprised to know that a female hippopotamus gives birth to her survivors in water.

5. 5. The hippopotamus can also be called the world's second-heaviest land animal.

6. An average hippopotamus is around 46 years of age.

7. A male hippopotamus is about 3.5 meters wide and 1.5 meters long and can weigh up to 3,200 kg which is equal to the weight of three small cars.

8. Horses are vegetarian and mostly eat grass.

9. Horses like to spend their time in water like rivers, lakes, and marshes, whereas they do not like to live outside the water at all.

10. The hippopotamus is considered close to the boar species in modern science. Their body texture is similar to that of boar.

Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal

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Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal


1. The camel is called the ship of the desert, it can walk for twenty-one days without drinking water in the sandy plains.

2. The average lifespan or average life of a camel is 40 to 50 years.

3. The height of a fully grown standing adult camel is 1.85 m to the shoulder and 2.15 m to the hump.

4. The hump of a camel grows about thirty inches above the body for which the camel is known.

5. The maximum escape speed of the camel is around 65 km / h.

6. You will be surprised to know that the hump of a camel is not only one but also of two humps.

7. Camel was domesticated by humans around 2000 BC.

8. When camels drink water, then about 150 liters of water is consumed at a time, it can travel for a very long time without drinking water.

9. There are three types of camel eyelids that help to protect them from dust in the desert.

10. Camel has a very high ability to hear and see.

11. When camels are born, they do not hump, but with age, the hump size increases and the hump becomes very strong.

12. Do you know what camels eat in food, it leaves, plants, flowers, etc. for their food.

13. You may be surprised to know that camels can travel with a weight of 400 kg.

14. Camels are able to walk on sand easily due to the special shape of their feet. Because a camel has two claws at its foot, which spreads by placing it on the ground and does not sink into the sand.

15. There are estimated to be over 14 million camels worldwide.

16. You will be surprised to know that the urine of a camel does not contain much liquid, it is thick like a syrup.
17. Camel is a quiet animal species, probably the reason why the camel is considered a symbol of patience, tolerance, and endurance in Arab cultures.

18. A camel usually travels 40 kilometers in a day.

19. In history, camels were used during the war (especially in desert areas) because they are capable of traveling long distances without water and food.

20. A large camel can drink about 113 liters of water in just 13 minutes.

Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal

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Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal


1. The first species of turtles were born 15.7 million years ago, which was earlier than snakes and crocodiles.

2. Although many species of turtles have become extinct but 326 species are still in existence today.

3. The tortoise is such an organism which is the oldest of all animals and animals, it is more than 300 years old.

4. India's only turtle conservation project started in 1989 in Bhitarkanika, Odisha.

5. Due to the unusually large number of cells in the retina of the turtle's eye, it can be seen easily in the dark of night.

6. Turtles are herbivores and carnivores, although some months all turtles are able to move their heads rapidly.

7. If the turtles live in hot weather, then the color of their body armor is very light, but the turtle whose color of armor is darker, they live in cold areas.

8. Like snake birds and other egg-laying creatures, tortoises also give birth to their baby with the help of eggs, female tortoises dig first and then lay about 1 to 30 eggs at a time.

9. It takes 90 to 120 days for a baby to emerge from a turtle egg, ie three months.

10. Turtles do not have teeth in the mouth, but rather have a bone plate like a sharp plate which plays an important role for chewing food.

12. Turtles are cold-blooded creatures, their body freezes in the cold, after which they go into hibernation.

13. The sea turtle shell is sensitive and can feel every bruise and scratch from here.

14. Turtles move very slowly. Is the fourth slowest moving organism on Earth.

15. All turtles move at a speed of 270 meters per hour (6.4km / day).

16. The oldest living organism on earth so far is a turtle named 'Jonathan'. When he was 50 years old, the Governor of Saint Helena received a gift from a small island in Africa. Today it is 187 years old.

Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal

Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal


1. Deer are members of the Cervidae family. A female deer is called a doe. A male is called a reindeer.

2. Deer are found in all continents and dense forests except Antarctica.

3. You will be surprised to know that deer are not found in one species but more than 60 species are found all over the world.

4. Deer inhabit areas ranging from mountainous areas to hot and Andhra rain forests.

5. In the spring, the female deer gives birth to children whose numbers are 1 or 2.

6. Surprised to know you, a deer starts walking only hours after birth.

7. Do you know what deer eat? This is a vegetarian organism that eats grass, green leaves etc. as food.

8. According to the forest charge, there are 3 horns of black deer, 2 horns of chital and 2 horns of reindeer.

9. They are brown in color and have white spots on top. These can be seen in numbers from 100 to 150.

10. What is the cost of deer antlers? The weight of the recovered deer horn is said to be 1.7 kg. According to SSB sources, its price in the international market is estimated to be around 45 lakh rupees.

11. A male deer attracts female deer with its horns.

12. A person found hunting black deer is sentenced to life imprisonment Salman Khan was also found hunting black deer for which he was jailed for 10 days.

13. Bishnoi societies worship black deer.

14. According to Hindu society, black deer are seen pulling the chariot of Lord Krishna, they are very important in Hinduism.

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Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal

Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal


1. Surprising to know you, more than 2000 species of scorpions are found all over the world.

2. Scorpions generally hide under stones etc. in warm regions and come out at night.

3. Scorpions are found in all parts of the world except New Zealand and the Antarctic.

4. Scorpions generally prefer to live in areas where the temperature is between 20 and 385 centigrade.

5. Most scorpions are not harmful to humans. By the way, a scorpion sting is very painful and needs treatment.

6. According to the researchers, if the chlorotoxin, a chemical found in scorpion venom, is applied to the tumor site, healthy and cancerous cells can be easily identified.

7. Scorpion venom can prove to be helpful for surgeons performing cancer operations.

8. During intercourse a few days later the female scorpion gives birth to 4 to 8 scorpions.

9. You may be surprised to know that a scorpion can run at a speed of about 19 kilometers per hour.

10. The Indian Red Scorpion is the most dangerous and poisonous deadly scorpion in the world, due to its sting, it can make you sleep in death.

Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal

Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal


1. It is found in suitable habitats in northern Australia, the east coast of India, and southeast Asia.

2. You will be surprised to know that the snout of a saltwater crocodile is longer than a crocodile called a crocodile.

3. Compared to other types of crocodiles, saltwater crocodiles have a smaller number of armor plates on their necks.

4. The largest size of saltwater crocodile is a matter of considerable controversy. The longest crocodile ever measured from the muzzle to the tail was 6.1 meters (20 ft), which was actually the skin of a dead crocodile.

5. A 7-meter (23 ft) male saltwater crocodile lives in Bhitarkanika Park in the state of Orissa, India, which has been accepted by the Guinness World Record

6. The saltwater crocodile is one of the three species of crocodile found in India, apart from this, crocodile and crocodile are also known.

7. You would be surprised to know the Australian saltwater crocodile population is estimated to be between 100,000 and 200,000 adults.

8. The saltwater crocodile was historically found throughout South East Asia but is now extinct from this range.

9. Generally, they are very sluggish - this is a feature that can survive for many months without food.

10. Saltwater crocodiles can eat any animal in their range, including monkeys, kangaroos, wild boars, dingoes (a type of dog), goannas, birds, domestic animals, pets, humans, water buffalo, Gaur, bats, and even sharks.

11. On February 19, 1945, when Japanese soldiers were returning at the Battle of Ramadi Island, saltwater crocodiles attacked them and 400 Japanese soldiers were killed.

12. Saltwater crocodiles are very dangerous.

Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal

Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal


1. Bear whose scientific name is Ursidae.

2. Bear is found mostly in the continents of Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.

3. Bears prefer to be alone instead of herds, only males and females are together to give birth to children.

4. A bear is one of the intelligent creatures, if a hunter has given a bait to hunt them, then the bears understand it well and feed carefully.

5. The smell of bears is very strong, sometimes it can be found even during night wandering or looking for food.

6. Bears are well-versed with climbing fast and climbing trees and swimming in water.

7. Some bears may walk on their hind legs. Therefore, when seen from a distance, they seem as if some humans are walking strangely.

8 You will be surprised to know that polar bears can swim 160 kilometers without any hindrance.

9. The largest species of bear is the polar bear. A polar bear weighs up to 480 kg.

10. Bears take very good care of their family members, they will risk their lives and even fight to the death to save a cub or from danger.

11. The heaviest polar bear weighed 1002 kg.

12. Now presently only eight species of bears are alive.

13. A polar bear can swim at speeds up to 100 mph without resting.

14. Bears live up to 30 years in the forest while a brown bear lives up to the age of 47 in captivity.

15. About 98 percent of US grizzly bears are found in Alaska.

16. The claws of the front foot of the bear are larger than the claws of the previous leg.

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Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal

Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal


1) The dead head of a dead snake can bite a few hours after death. At that time there is usually a large amount of venom in the bite.

2) The most dangerous snake in the world is the saw-scaled viper, which kills more people every year than any other snake.

3) Snakes live everywhere except Ireland, Iceland, New Zealand, and the northern and southern poles.

4) Out of about 725 species of poisonous snakes worldwide, 250 species can bite humans.

5) The top 5 most venomous snakes in the world are inland Taipan, eastern brown snake, coastal Taipan, tiger snake, and the black tiger snake.

6) The warmer the snake's body, the sooner it can digest its prey. Typically, the snake takes 3 to 5 days to digest its food. For very large snakes, such as anaconda, digestion takes weeks.

7) Have you heard about the lion snake? The horned snake is called a wiper snake. It is a horned Viper snake found in South Africa.

8) To avoid predators, some snakes can attack whenever they want. They make themselves so dirty and smelly that the hunters will run away. These are interesting facts about snakes

9) The fastest attacking snake in the world is the Death Adder. This snake has the ability to attack again in the blink of an eye, it is found mostly in Australia, Indonesia, and around it.

10) Anaconda is the heaviest snake in the world. It weighs 595 pounds (270 kg) and can grow to over 30 feet (9 m). It is known for eating caimans, capybaras, and jaguars.

12) While inland Taipan is the most venomous snake in the world, it is actually quite shy and calm.

13) Inland Taipan is the most poisonous snake in the world, which means that it is the most venomous venom and it gives the most poisonous injection on the bite. Its poison bag holds enough poison to kill 80 people.

14) Snakes do not have external ears, their skin, muscles, and bones carry sound vibrations to their inner ears.

14) The word "snake" is from the proto-Indo-European root * sneg-, which means "crawling, creeping thing." The word "snake" is from the Proto-Indo-European root * serpent-, which means "to crawl". crawling.

15) There are five species of flying snakes. They grow up to 4 feet long, which can fly up to 330 feet through the air. These are interesting facts about snakes.

16) Snakes do not lick water as mammals do. Instead, they submerge their muzzle underwater and use their throat to pump water into their stomachs.

17) Snakes cannot chew, so they have to swallow their food whole. They are able to widen their mouths because they have a very small lower jaw. Snakes can eat other animals that are 75% -100% larger than their body.

18) The longest snake is the reticulated dragon. It can reach 33 feet long, which is enough to swallow a pig, deer, or even a person. These are interesting facts about Python snakes

19) Paddle shaped tail sea snakes can dive up to 300 feet in the sea.

Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal

21) Most of the snakes are around 15 to 20 years old but some of these species of snakes are such that live for more than 50 years.

22) Leptotyphlops Carlae is the world's smallest snake, this snake is only 4 inches in length, this snake was first found in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

23) Green Anaconda is the world's heaviest snake, it weighs from about 270 kg to more than it is an interesting fact of green anaconda snakes.

24) Black Mamba is the fastest moving snake in the world. This snake easily covers a distance of 23 km in 1 hour and is a very angry snake.
25) Do you know that many snakes can stay hungry for many days. Take king cobra as an example. the king cobra can last for months without eating

26) Maybe you know snakes do not like winter at all, so in the clear winter, very few are seen.

27) Do you know that the snake does not have an eyelid, so the snake sleeps with open eyes so that he can see everything in front of him

28) You will be surprised to know that every year more than 2.5 lakh people die due to snake bite, out of which about 50,000 are Indians.

29) The snake smells not with its nose but with its tongue. He can hear the movement in his surroundings and the environment with the tongue

30) Every year a snake gives up its skin thrice after which its skin does not come.

30) Every year the snake gives up its skin thrice after which its new skin comes.

Unbelievable Animal Facts Interesting Facts Fun Facts About Animal

31) You will be surprised to know that snake is very vicious in hunting case when a snake attacks one of its prey, it is 100% successful. His attack never goes empty.

32) Although a snake has more than 200 teeth, it does not use these teeth to chew prey, but to swallow prey.

33) Do you know that the number of people who die every year due to snake bite can be more than that of bees.

34) There are more than 300 species of snakes in India, out of which 50 are more poisonous.

35) No snake ever bites a human without being pierced. Most bites occur due to accidental footing.

36) Snake fear in humans is one of the most common phobias around the world known as Ophiophobia.

37) Do you know that some species of snakes, such as Cobras and Black Mambas, use venom to kill their prey.

38) The snake's skin is smooth and dry, which the snake comes out of the small hole.

39) The most poisonous snake in the world is the King Cobra of Asia which is found in the whole of Asia from India, in India, it is known as Kala Nag, Snake God, etc.

40) A snake can open its mouth up to 150 degrees, which it swallows a larger organism than its size.

41) Snakes open their eyes and sleep; Snakes do not have eyelids; Rather, a transparent scale called Braille protects their eyes. Most snakes see very well, especially if an animal is moving.

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