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Bigg Boss has been running for 11 years. This reality show has become The Most Popular Reality TV Show on the Indian TV Channel. Although its addresses are also enough. But amidst the success of this TV show, its host is a very large region. Salman Khan, who is called Dabang Khan of Bollywood, will not miss his fans. However, in Bigg Boss, which is shown on TV, it is not so in reality. The show's editors tamper with the show's main video before the show airs. Because if you know everything then your interest may be reduced in watching this reality show. Therefore, only those things are highlighted in this show so that the TRP of this show increases. Let's know some of the Interesting and unknown facts about bigg boss 14 that might be interesting to know you.

To make this reality show interesting, some international artist is called here from time to time. And they are kept in the "Bigg Boss" house for two-three days. Friends, the first international artist came to sleep. His name was "Jade Goody". Jade Goody is a reality TV show presenter. 

She was a participant in the reality show Big Brother. So that Bigg Boss is also inspired. She first came to highlight when she had a fight with Shilpa Shetty on the show Big Brother. But she could not stay in Bigg Boss's house for long. He was sent back home the next day. He had cancer. And he died in 2009. (bigg boss unknown facts)

Season 5 winner Pooja Mishra is a video jockey. And she is also a model. Apart from this, he has also done an item number in the film "Dil Deke Dekho" released in 2006. Stay in Bigg Boss house for "Pooja Mishra" for 8 weeks. And during this, he also got 35 expelled votes. 

Which are given by fellow participants. In the history of Bigg Boss, no contestant has got so many expelled votes to date. On the other hand, "Navjot Singh Sidhu" was a participant who spent the most days in Bigg Boss house. (bigg boss unknown facts)

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And the amazing thing is that during this whole time he did not get single negative voting. However, he could not win the show as he had to leave Bigg Boss' house due to some personal reasons.

Friends, you must have seen the contestants of this show quarreling over the pot in the reality show of Bigg Boss. But do you think that in such a big house where there is a disturbance with only utensils.

Who is responsible for cleaning that shining house? Yes, it is the responsibility of the employees there to clean up there. Those who come there and clean it and go away. Which is removed during the final editing of the show. Therefore it is said that everything that appears is not true. (bigg boss unknown facts)

 In Bigg Boss, you are actually shown what he wants to show. You can understand that if the responsibility of cleaning this entire house is put on the participant, then there will be riots every day in Bigg Boss house.

Every type of celebrity comes to the Bigg Boss house. Some quarrel for the act, some merge in love, some merge with God, and so do some celebrities who merge with alcohol. When any participants take alcohol, you cannot even see them drinking alcohol.

There are some participants who need alcohol. But they cannot show on National TV because Bigg Boss is a family show. However, Bigg Boss is now the only family show named. So let me tell you that these celebrities are often mixed with juice and given alcohol. (bigg boss unknown facts)

So that the audience can see that they are drinking juice. In this way, the demand for those celebrities is also fulfilled, and this show of Bigg Boss also keeps going.

"Sonika Kaliraman" was the only contestant who came to the Bigg Boss house, then she was pregnant. But at 8, he had to leave the house of Bigg Boss, because the makers of Bigg Boss hoped that their child would not get harmed due to mental pressure.

Before every season, it is rumored that Salman Khan will not do Bigg Boss season this time. But somehow, the channel manages to convince Salman Khan. Salman Khan shoots for Bigg Boss just 1 day a week. And for that, they charge a hefty amount.

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Which is in crores. And this amount to crores between 3 to 6 crores. A scriptwriter is also put on the Bigg Boss show for Salman Khan. Who writes the line for their speaking. But Salman Khan does not allow him to speak much. And speaking on the show itself.

In the Bigg Boss house, participants often talk about Salman Khan among themselves. Which is removed at the final editing table of Bigg Boss. After editing each episode, Salman Khan is first shown the entire episode. In that, they sort the cut according to their own.

Only then the Bigg Boss show is shown on TV. Friends, a Total of 80 cameras are installed in Bigg Boss house. Which has not been used to make any Indian reality show to date. (bigg boss unknown facts).

bigg boss unknown facts You Should Know

Radhe Maa's involvement in Bigg Boss 14 is in full swing. Such discussions are held every year about the contestants of Colors TV's most controversial and famous show 'Bigg Boss 14'. Also, some such faces are given space.

But until the Bigg Boss team finalizes their names. It cannot be called a final decision. However, media reports are writing that Radhe Maa is being contacted on behalf of Bigg Boss. But the matter has not been made yet. However, before this, the names of four stars were revealed for Bigg Boss 14.

You know this woman known as Radhe Maa till now only because of people's faith. Now we know about Radhe Maa's real name, house, husband, etc. (bigg boss unknown facts)

According to Dainik Jagran, the real name of a woman known as Radhe Maa is Sukhwinder Kaur. But the mention of this name has not been seen in the poster-banner in public places. Not only this, he is hardly known as a devotee by the name Sukhwinder.

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Radhe Ma i.e. Sukhwinder Kaur is said to be originally from Punjab province. He was born in a Sikh family in the Hoshiarpur district of Punjab. After birth, she became attracted to religious things.

Radhe Maa also got married in the traditional way. According to the news, he is married to Punjab businessman Sardar Mohan Singh. After marriage, his life was going normal, in the meantime one day Radhe Ma met Mahant Shri Ramdin Das near Shiva temple. Religious trends increased from there.

According to the information received, Radhe Maa gained fame after Mahant Ramdin came under the influence. Reportedly, Radhe Maa has become recognized in the country and abroad by addressing the personal, business, and family problems of the people.

After getting in touch with the Mahant, she jumped into the religion market. Radhe Maa became the woman to say 'I love you from the bottom of my heart', wearing a red rose to devotees, who is believed to be an incarnation of Durga, a goddess who is suffering in her dress, strange and poor way. (bigg boss unknown facts)

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